The Complications In A Family Setting English Literature Essay

Two novels that were extremely praised because of their word picture of the complications in a household scene ; foremost, Henry James ‘ Washington Square which talks about the complicated relationship of a male parent and his girl. Second, Tennessee William ‘s The Glass Menagerie which talks about the relationship of a boy, his female parent and his sister. A brief treatment of both novels will be needed to better understand the points that the author wants to stress.

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The Glass Menagerie is about a household that is trapped in a complicated state of affairs. Each character has its ain ordeal. Amanda, the female parent, is a middle-aged adult female who was abandoned by her hubby. She takes attention of her two kids, Laura and Tom. She is trapped in her dreamy yesteryear, her gentleman companies, etc. At the present, she is dependent on Tom ‘s occupation for her and Laura ‘s hereafter. Laura, on the other manus, is a really diffident miss. She merely spends her clip basking watching her glass menagerie. She is excessively delicate to fall in the outside universe. She merely spends her clip in their flat. Tom is an adventurer, but Amanda does non O.K. of that. She believes that there is more to life than being a worker or a poet. The force per unit areas that Amanda gave him made him runaway like what their male parent did to them. But, he did non bury Laura wherever he went. Laura was ever in his head.

Washington Square is about a complicated state of affairs of a dull but sweet girl and his fantastic but tyrannizing father. Catherine is considered as a letdown by his male parent, Dr. Sloper, who is a superb physician. After the decease of his married woman and boy, he thought approximately Catherine as physically field and mentally dull. Besides, Morris Townsend who courted Catherine was perceived to be a not-so-bad cat, but really, he is the existent scoundrel in the narrative.

The points that I have found to be interesting is the unusual intervention of parents to their kids. In The Glass Menagerie, Amanda restricted Tom from making what he wants. She pressured him to be more than what he is now, without taking into considerations the things that he wanted for himself. Therefore, Tom was pressured to run off from them even if it costs go forthing his hapless sister with their delusional female parent. On the other manus, in the Washington Square, a similar secret plan is portrayed ; Catherine was treated by his male parent, Dr. Sloper, in the same manner that Amanda treated Tom. Dr. Sloper idea of Catherine as a doormat. He does non O.K. of what she wants with his life – get marrieding Townsend. There is the same portraiture in both narratives. The parents restrict their kids to accomplish their wants and dreams because they believe that what they want for their kids is the best for them.

Researching topics such as love, past and psychological injury for both of the narratives ; The Glass Menagerie portrays love in the relationship of Laura and Tom. It was argued that possibly Tom and Laura had a relationship that is non of brotherlike love but that of the lovers. But it was besides argued that Tom was merely rocked by his scruples and guilt for go forthing his darling sister with his female parent. Washington Square portrayed love in the relationship of Catherine and Townsend. This love is non true love, but it is a fallacious feeling that Catherine felt with Townsend. His male parent was right wholly along that Townsend was merely interested on the wealth of their household. Another subject is in covering with the yesteryear ; The Glass Menagerie portrays the past as a trap. For Amanda, the yesteryear trapped her. That is why she spent her clip woolgathering about what her yesteryear was, about her gentleman companies. She forgot her kids ‘s dreams. She was trapped in the semblance of the clip that was manner manner past. In the Washington ‘s Square, the yesteryear was portrayed in the head of Catherine. After her male parent died, she had realized that Townsend trifled her fondnesss. She became cognizant of what her state of affairs truly is. In the terminal, she had a clearer position of what had happened and a clearer position in the hereafter. Last subject that I would wish to discourse is the psychological injury. The Glass Menagerie portrayed psychological injury in the character of Amanda. She was traumatized by the fact that her hubby left them with merely a hullo and adieu. This led to the lunacy inside of her personality. She was stuck in the yesteryear, she ever thinks of the yesteryear. Not merely thinks of the past, but lives in the yesteryear. On the other manus, Washington ‘s Square portrays psychological injury in the character of Dr. Sloper. He was traumatized by the fact that his married woman and other kid had died. His head remained superb, but his bosom died along with his married woman and boy.

The portraiture of household relationships is really realistic. I believe that it happens in existent life today. That is why both works deserve the congratulations that they have received for the past decennary.


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