The Commonwealth Banks Online Marketing Service Strategy

Since the debut of the cyberspace, there has been rapid alterations and growing in its utilizations. Today, consumers use the cyberspace as a tool for a assortment of undertakings, such as ; reading the intelligence, contact household and friends, online shopping, amusement ( film and music ) and most late banking minutess. ‘In 1997, the fiscal System Inquiry predicted that the cyberspace had the possible to transform both operations within fiscal establishments and communications between consumers. This anticipation now seems to going true ‘ ( Harte. M, 2010 ) . Not merely consumers but concerns now rely to a great extent on making their banking via the cyberspace. More than half of Australians surveyed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia ( CBA ) ‘ ( 58 per cent ) rated that cyberspace banking as one of the best consumer engineering progresss ‘ ( Walker, Gountas, Mavonda and Mullins, 2009 ) that have made the most important betterment in their lives.


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Technology: As the ‘1997 Financial System Enquiry predicted the debut of the cyberspace has transformed both operations within fiscal establishments and communications between clients. Falling 2nd to look intoing electronic mails, today, cyberspace banking is the 2nd most popular activity that Australians conduct whilst online. ‘ ( Harte. M, 2010 ) . The Commonwealth Bank was the first bank in Australia to present cyberspace banking called ‘NetBank ‘ . The debut of online banking was driven by CBA ‘s desire to offer clients an extra channel to do their fiscal minutess with convenience. This engineering complemented the already bing ATM ‘s and telephone banking systems. The debut of the Iphone has been another major milepost of technological promotions in banking. In December 2009, CBA launched its Mobile banking application for smart phones. CBA has ever taken advantage of such promotion to supply the best possible banking experience for their clients.

Rivals: The CBA ‘s major rivals include the major Bankss such as ANZ, NAB and Westpac. However with on-line banking CBA is at a conference of its ain, as NetBank leads all the major three Bankss in on-line banking. Over 2 million NetBank users are registered in which is nowhere near the rivals Numberss. ( About Us, 2010 )

Suppliers: In 2007, CBA renewed a five twelvemonth contract with the IT Company EDS ( Enterprise Processing Services ) for $ US310 million. The services-based contract includes all end-user calculating services such as desktop, service desk, ATM services, managed end product, electronic mail, messaging, Outlook Web entree and nomadic information protection. Vice President of EDS Chris Mitchell said “ The EDS squads continue to work with the Commonwealth Bank to guarantee it achieves its strategic vision of stand outing in client service. ” CBA continues to procure its partnership with EDS as its chief beginning of IT support. ( Rossi, S. 2007 )

Customer Section: The CBA bank has over 11 million clients Australia broad. The Commonwealth bank ‘s clients sections are split into three major classs, which are ; personal, concern and securities/investments client section. With the turning laterality of engineering ( therefore online banking ) CBA ‘s mark market has changed to younger sections ( such as coevals X and Y ) every bit good as babe boomers. Recent survey by CBA has found that ‘baby boomers ( 50 old ages and over ) is one of the fastest turning users of on-line banking ‘ . ( Walker, Gountas, Mavonda and Mullins, 2009 )

Economy: The recent Global Financial Crisis ( GFC ) affected all Bankss around the universe every bit good as shattering consumer assurance around the universe. Although some economic expert say the GFC is over some believe we are still in it. ‘Mr Turner president of CBA said while Australia is good placed comparative to most of other developed counties, the planetary recovery remains “ uneven ” and recent uncertainness over the gait of recovery in the US and Europe “ highlights the downside hazards still in drama ” . ‘ ( Shareholder Review, 2010 ) ,

Industry: Australia has a long history of safe and stable Bankss, for the last 100 old ages no Australian has lost their sedimentation in an Australian bank. ‘ ( Australian Bankers Association Inc, 2004 ) . In Australia today, fiscal establishments account for a sum of ‘ $ 2.4 trillion of capital assets ‘ . ( Australian Bankers Association Inc, 2004 ) . ‘In 2007, CBA managed a sum of $ 425 billion assets and as of 31 December 2009 had $ 625,476 million assets held and financess under disposal ‘ ( About Us, 2010 ) . However CBA ‘s rivals include major Bankss such as ANZ ( Australia and New Zealand bank ) , WBC and NAB ( National Australia bank ) , regional Bankss in some provinces, mortgage conceivers, life insurance companies and other wealth directors are besides rivals. In June 2010, CBA recorded a ‘cash net net income of $ 6.1 billion ‘ ( Shareholder Review, 2010 ) as ‘ANZ cashed in $ 3.6 billion ‘ ( Taylor.P, 2010 ) . CBA ‘s fiscal strength, big retail client base and strong distribution web mean that it is good placed to vie in the domestic fiscal services market.

Organisational Overview

The Commonwealth Bank is one of the taking Bankss in Australia, supplying a assortment of fiscal services such as retail, concern and institutional banking services every bit good as financess direction, old-age pension, insurance, investing and broking. The bank besides operates in abroad markets such as the ‘China, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Fiji, New Zealand and Europe. ‘ ( About Us, 2010 ) This fiscal twelvemonth, the CBA came up with a new vision for its full concern unit ; ‘determined to be better today than yesterday through universe category client service ‘ . By uniting the vision with their ‘determined to be different ‘ subject, CBA is on its manner to accomplishing its five strategic precedences. The five nucleus strategic precedences include ; 1. Customer service 2. Business banking 3.Technology and operational excellence, 4.Trust and squad spirit, 5.Profitable growing. ( Shareholder Review, 2010 ) .

Since Ralph Norris took his place as Chief executive officer at CBA, the bank has ‘invested more than $ 1 billion on a scope of enterprises ( such as Core Banking Modernisation programme ) to heighten client experience and thrust farther procedure and productiveness betterments ‘ . ( Shareholder Review, 2010 ) Launched in August 2010, ‘CommSee 24 ‘ is the new and improved version of the original CommSee package. CommSee 24 allows all CBA staff from any concern unit to finish client interactions all in the one hub ‘ ( Walker, Gountas, Mavonda and Mullins, 2009 ) . The new system besides provides existent clip updates banking minutess such as ; term sedimentation histories where backdowns, reclamations and sedimentations are now completed immediately. CommSee 24 is user friendlier and more ‘smarter ‘ . CommSee 24 collects informations on clients banking history and provides CBA staff to place clients needs more clearly and assist clients bank more efficaciously. CBA besides leads the Australian banking sector in on-line fiscal services. These installations include Australia ‘s figure one online banking installation NetBank, CommSec ( Commonwealth Securities ) , CommBiz ( cyberspace banking for concern clients ) etc. ‘Of CBA ‘s 11 million clients, over four million are registered to utilize on-line services and every month 60 000 new applications are registered for cyberspace banking. ‘ ( Harte, M. 2010 ) .

S.W.O.T Analysis


Fiscal Performance: The Commonwealth Bank recorded hard currency cyberspace net income after revenue enhancement for the twelvemonth ended 30 June 2010 of $ 6.1 billion ( 42 per centum higher than last twelvemonth ) . Although the GFC hit the universe economic system early 2009, CBA was still able to accomplish record breakage net income degrees. This accomplishment was recognised by Money Magazines as 2010 Bank of the twelvemonth. Other accomplishments include money magazines ‘Money Minder of the Year 2010 ‘ , Third Party Banking awarded ‘Lender of the Year 2010 ‘ ( 2nd twelvemonth running ) , Australian Financial Institution of the Year ( retail ) at the 2010 and five star evaluation to the full rated Retail Deposit merchandise suite by CANSTAR CANNEX. The Commonwealth Bankss strong fiscal place is reflected in its long term recognition evaluations with Standard and Poor ‘s and Moody ‘s Investor Services evaluation at AA and Aa1. AA evaluation is retained with merely a few Bankss around the universe. ( Shareholder Review, 2010 )

Distribution Network: The Commonwealth bank has Australia ‘s largest client base of ‘totalling 11 million ‘ ( Harte, M. 2010 ) , means that CBA has one of the largest market portion in the Australian banking industry. CBA besides has the largest fiscal services distribution web in the state with the most points of client entree. This is a strong competitory advantage over their rivals. Commonwealth bank has over 1000 subdivisions nationally, about 3800 Australia Post bureaus, over 4000 ATM ‘s and supports 171 000 EFTPOS terminuss Australia broad. In add-on, CBA has 10 call Centres distributed around Australia which take over 120 million calls per annum. ( About Us, 2010 ) .

Diversification Scheme: Commonwealth Bank is ever looking at new or improved merchandises and services to present or alter. This twelvemonth, CBA won an award for invention for their Travel Money Card which allows clients to upload the card with 6 different currencies which allows clients to utilize it while overseas without the hazard of currency fluctuations or high dealing fees. Commonwealth Bank has besides been diversifying its service scope. CBA was the first bank in Australia to present on-line banking, which allows clients to take control and do minutess more expeditiously. Another illustration is the debut of the Indigenous banking Team ( IBT ) is dedicated to supply CBA ‘s autochthonal clients high quality concern expertness and client service ( once more foremost major Australian bank to present such service ) ( Shareholder Review, 2010 )

Solid Brand: ‘The CBA trade name is the most recognized trade name in the Australian fiscal services industry. Its award winning trade name allows the CBA trade name to be seen as strong and a reputable fiscal services administration. Other creditable trade names of CBA include Colonial First State ( wealth direction ) and CommSec. ‘Determined to be different ‘ mottos, launched in January 2008, shows that CBA is determined to distinguish themselves from their rivals ‘ . ( About Us, 2010 ) .

Technology: The commonwealth bank has invested $ 1 billion over the last 12 months on bettering engineering used within the bank. The Core Banking Modernisation programme includes the migration of over 1 million term sedimentation histories to the new system, CommSee 24. This package provides existent clip banking minutess for both staff and clients ; such minutess that can now be made include shutting or gap histories immediately ( instead than waiting 24 on the job hours ) , directing required paperss to clients immediately electronically ( instead than 5-7 on the job yearss ) . It is expected that the new CommSee 24 will ensue in increased fiscal public presentation for CBA. CBA has maintained its place as Australia ‘s figure one supplier of online banking. It provides all its scope of clients online fiscal aid through its sites such as ; NetBank, CommSec, CommBiz, etc. All of CBA ‘s client sections can bask the benefits of e-relationships on-line banking provides. Baby boomers benefit as it provides to them more convenient ways of banking instead than traveling to a subdivision and waiting in ques. It besides allows them to track their banking in existent clip most significantly their old-age pension histories. Generation X can profit from e-relationship systems as it allows users to take control of their banking and they have control in retaining information about their banking the most clip efficient manner. As for coevals Y, the cyberspace is a portion of their day-to-day modus operandi ( such as networking on facebook ) therefore NetBank allows younger mark markets to make their banking in the most clip efficient and cost effectual manner.

Secure Internet Shopping Solution: Commonwealth bank has launched its NetCode and Secure Internet Shopping service. NetCode is portion of NetBank, it is used as an mandate codification to finalize a dealing made online. Already 3.8 million clients are satisfied with the NetCode security system. ( NetBank, 2010 )


Customer Satisfaction: A survey conducted by CANSTAR CANNEX ( 2009 ) on Bank Customer satisfaction found that Commonwealth ‘s ‘staff friendliness was ranked lowest in its rivals. Currently ANZ is figure one in client service satisfaction. CBA was besides ranked as one of the lowest marking in CANSTAR ‘s WOW-O-METER, followed by NAB and Citibank ( see appendix 1 for chart ) ‘ ( Canstar Cannax, 2009 ) . CBA found that every month 60 000 clients sign up for NetBank. As the bulk of clients start to trust strictly on e-relationship systems it will impact the overall client satisfaction. The CANSTAR CANNEX study in client satisfaction found that the Bankss that ranked the highest in client satisfaction were chiefly due to direct human contact. Other disadvantages include the loss of possible gross revenues or betterments on clients banking as clients will non be to the full cognizant of banking betterments as cyberspace banking is a get in get out installation clients do no really pass excessively much clip on NetBank.

Technology: Although CBA has invested $ 1 billion in technological promotions the clip it takes for the engineering to be implemented into the concern is seasonably and really dearly-won due to its big client base. Therefore rivals such as ANZ and NAB are able to implement technological alterations much quicker than CBA due to its smaller figure of clients. The unrecorded banking systems are already in usage by rivals ; therefore it is non an advantage for CBA.


Technology: Since the debut of smart phones, CBA clients are now able to make their cyberspace banking on their Mobile. Research found that nomadic banking attracts 60000 new users per month for CBA ( 75 per cent are iphone users ) ( Tindal, S. 2009 ) . The Commonwealth Bank has besides started tests on contactless payment solution utilizing NFC nomadic phone engineering, therefore doing the first bank in Australia to present this engineering.

Profitable Growth: In April this twelvemonth, CBA included a strategic partnership ( 15 per cent ownership ) with Vietnam International Bank ; a new strategic partnership was besides created with the Bank of Communications ( China ‘s 5th largest bank, of 38 per centum of ownership ) for CBA ‘s life insurance joint venture in Shanghai ; besides CBA opened its first subdivision in India ( Mumbai ) . ( Shareholder Review, 2010 ) .

Large client base: The CBA has a client base of 11 million, with enrollments for NetBank turning 60 000 every month. This is enables possible growing in increasing concern with clients further, by understanding and supplying merchandises and services that suit their demands. This besides means to further develop their e-relationship with their bing client base CBA does non lose clients to rivals such as ANZ. An enterprise to further develop CBA ‘s client e-relationship will be to farther educate non-users and bing users of NetBank the characteristics and benefits of online banking which will ensue in NetBank users to pass more clip on cyberspace banking.


Economic conditions: The GFC had a major impact on planetary banking systems nevertheless the recent ‘uncertainty over the gait of recovery in the US and Europe has increased the downside hazard of domestic economic system and has non helped domestic concern and consumer assurance, both of which remain delicate. This breakability manifested itself in a deceleration in the implicit in impulse of CBA ‘s public presentation in the 2nd half of the 2010 fiscal twelvemonth ‘ . Chairman of CBA David Turner said that 2011 will be ‘somewhat unsure ‘ for CBA due to these planetary issues. ( Shareholder Review, 2010 )

Globalization: Due to globalization CBA will put on the line losing clients on e-relationship systems as cheaper options for banking possibly easy available online. As engineering develops clients will hold a larger pick of buying banking merchandises every bit good as the easiness of altering Bankss has increased.

Rivals: Although CBA is in front of its rivals in net income borders they are falling behind in client satisfaction which is a turning menace for CBA. Due to its big client base, CBA lacks the clip that it needs to develop and develop its staff in bettering client satisfaction.


Merchandise enlargement and invention: By spread outing merchandise class, CBA can take advantage of it internal chances through the execution of originative scheme.

Improvement in productiveness and distribution capacity: Investing in research and development ( engineering ) that will better banking efficiency and let concern enlargement therefore bettering client satisfaction.

Improvement in capital efficiency: As CBA improves its capital efficiency it will ensue into its growing and value creative activity, such as enlargement into abroad markets.


CANSTAR CANNEX- ‘WOW-O-METER ‘ . ( Canstar Cannax, 2009 )


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