The Cement Garden By Ian Mcewan English Literature Essay

To be honest I am non much of a reader but I am a good hearer. Almost all the books which I have read till now were portion of school activities. I prefer listening and watching than reading. However, I ever have been fascinated by narratives possibly that ‘s why I watch tonss and tonss of films. Watching films is decidedly one my avocations.

I went to get oning school in Nepal so the school system was like in United Kingdom. When I was in nursery my instructors used to sing rimes for us and we had to reiterate it. My favourite one was “ twinkle scintillation small star ” but I besides liked “ ba Ba black sheep ” and “ wheel on the coach ” . When I was in Elementary school I have listened and read faery narratives and narratives like Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Hansel en Gretel, the narrative of King Midas, The toad and the princess, The gingerbread adult male, Ali Baba and the 40 stealers, the aureate egg, Gulliver ‘s travel, I can travel on and on but these are my favourites. My male parent used to borrow many books for me and we used to read together. My male parent was simple school teacher so he knew how to state narratives in interesting manner. I have ever liked hearing to my male parent. Most of those narratives were moral narratives.

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When I came to Holland I was 11 old ages old. The first school I went was in Nijmegen where I learned Dutch. There I read some books from book series ‘De Griezelbus ‘ by Paul new wave Loon. When I was in ISK in Edithstein, every hebdomad at that place was a school period of 90 proceedingss where we had to read books in group of four. I do n’t retrieve the rubrics of all those books but one which I liked the most was ‘Polleke ‘ by Guus Kuijer. It was about a small miss who falls in love with a Maroc male child and the jobs created by their cultural differences.

In the first three old ages of the secondary school, I have read many books by celebrated Dutch author Carry Slee. Those books deal with the jobs of striplings.

In the 4th twelvemonth I had to read 5 books for Dutch ( Nederlands ) . ‘Het Gouden Ei ‘ by Tim Krabbe is decidedly the best book I have of all time read. I love thriller books and movies. After reading ‘Het Gouden Ei ‘ I have frequently selected thriller books to read for school for illustration De Donkere Kamer new wave Damokles, De Aanslag, Specht en Zoon etc. For English I besides have selected books of genre psychological thriller: The Collector and The Cement Garden.

The Collector


I had to read two books this twelvemonth for English topic. I got a list of books from my instructor signifier where I could take. I had already made my mid to take a book of thriller genre so I marked some rubrics of that genre and searched on the cyberspace. The secret plan of this book truly fascinated me so I searched further for some reappraisals. The evaluation was truly high and remarks by readers were really positive. Another ground to take this book was that it was non that old and it was besides thin. It was reasonably astonishing that this was John Fowles ‘ ( the author ) first book and was already renowned for this book. The book screen was besides attractive.

Bibliographic entry

John Fowles, The Collector, London: Cape 1963,


The Collector revolves around the chief character, Frederick Clegg. He is 21 old ages old.His male parent died in accident and his female parent eloped with other adult male so he was raised by his uncle Dick and aunt Annie together with his cousin Mabel. He is non societal, he does n’t hold friends and he is about unseeable to everyone. You can state he is mentally sick. He works in a bank at Town Hall Annexe. He has a avocation of roll uping butterflies ( he calls himself bugologist ) . He is obsessed with a beautiful miss ( Miranda ) . He in secret observes her and woolgather about her. One twenty-four hours, he wins 73 thousand lbs from football pools ( football betting ) and moves to London. He finds out that Miranda is analyzing humanistic disciplines in London. One twenty-four hours, he dreams of kidnaping her after salvaging her. After aunt Annie and Mable move to Australia he plans to do his dream existent. He finds a alone house in Sussex and he prepares and plans everything. Then he kidnaps Miranda and locks her in the basement where cipher can hear or deliver her.

Miranda request him to allow her travel but he says he has to maintain her at that place. She goes on hungriness work stoppage so He agrees to allow her free after 4 hebdomads ( a month ) .He thinks she will understand him and love him back. He buys what she wants and brings her mundane breakfast and repasts. They spent tonss of clip together in the basement. Miranda paints him and he photographs her.

Miranda tries to get away many times for illustration by feigning to be ill but everything goes in vain. He takes her to bathroom and delaies outdoors. One twenty-four hours, he shows her, his butterfly aggregation and Miranda says to him now you have collected me and claims he is non human.

One twenty-four hours Miranda truly becomes ill but he thinks she is feigning. She looks more and more sick but he thinks she has merely caught cold. She pledges for a physician but he bring her pills alternatively.

After this, the narrative changes the perspective signifier Ferdinand Clegg to Miranda Grey. The narrative is told by the journal that Miranda kept. It starts after the seven yearss of kidnaping ( 14th October ) and ends in December 7th. Then the narrative sketchs. He watches her die spot by spot every twenty-four hours and buries her under the apple tree. At the terminal he is believing of nobbling another miss called Marian ( another M ) merely to compare her with Miranda.

First Personal Chemical reaction

When I was reading the first pages I already knew this book was traveling to be really interesting and truly thrilling. When he wins the pools you straight think now he is traveling to nobble her and you merely read and wait how he is traveling to make. This waiting feeling supports you reading. When I was reading I did n’t cognize how fast the clip flew. One twenty-four hours I started reading about 9 autopsies and when I looked at the clock it was 4 am. This book is one of the most suspense books I have read ( after ‘Het Gouden Ei ‘ ) . This book was easy to read so you truly travel parallel with the narrative when you are reading. It makes you truly funny. You want cognize what he is traveling to make with Miranda whether he is traveling to give her freedom or maintain her collect like those butterflies. You ca n’t halt believing about this book until you read it to the terminal.

Harmonizing to me the book is pretty realistic, this could go on to anyone may be it has happened. The author tries to do it more and more realistic by utilizing existent topographic points like London and Sussex and depicting it every bit good as possible. The journal of Miranda besides gives the narrative realistic facet.

To be honest I was perfectly shocked by the terminal of the narrative. I was urgently trusting for a happy stoping but it was non to be. It is so lurid how Frederick watches her die twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and what truly insane is that he thinks it was after all her mistake that she was dead ( OMG! ! ! ! ) and he says ( quotation marks ) “ Not while she was populating, but when I knew she was dead, that was when I eventually forgave her ” . He does n’t fault himself for killing her and thinks about nobbling another miss. He is truly a sociopath. As a reader you truly detest him for what he had done. Miranda was write he is truly non human.

Book Assignment

I have selected the 5th undertaking for this assignment.

The chief character of this book is truly creepy and brainsick individual. He has no societal accomplishments ; he does n’t speak much and thinks he is a better individual. He truly likes Miranda but does n’t cognize how to come in contact her so he observes her from far. He wins 73 thousand lbs but that money does n’t do him much happy. It does n’t intend much for him but with that money he arranges to nobble Miranda and take her prisoner.

He is non sexual about Miranda. Hi thinks that sex is an animalistic thing and he is non that type. He says, “ If more people were like me, in my sentiment, the universe would be better. ”

He merely wants to maintain the beautiful adult female and love her but Miranda does n’t wish it and says he is inhumane and how he has collected her like all those hapless exanimate butterflies. Miranda frequently compares him to Caliban from Shakespeare ‘s Tempest because he is hopelessly haunted with her. He gives Miranda everything she wants apart from the one and merely things that she wants from him, freedom. At first, Frederick even introduces himself to Miranda as Ferdinand, who wins Miranda ‘s love in Tempest.

In Miranda ‘s diary she describes him like this “ He is solid ; immoveable, iron-willed. He showed me one twenty-four hours what he called his killing-bottle. I ‘m imprisoned in it. Fliting against the glass. Because I can see through it I still think I can get away. I have hope. But it ‘s all an semblance. A thick unit of ammunition wall of glass ”

Another quotation mark by Miranda describes a batch about Frederick. “ I am one in row of specimens. It ‘s when I try to flit out of line that he hates me. I ‘m meant to be dead, pinned, ever the same, ever beautiful. He knows that portion of my beauty is being alive, but it ‘s the dead me he wants. He wants me populating – but dead. ”

He does n’t believe he committed a offense, which shows that he ca n’t separate between right and incorrect. On top of it all, he considers Miranda to be his guest, non his victim.

I would non see him as a sort individual. In fact, he is the least sympathetic character. He merely watches how Miranda dies and does nil to bring around her. He even gives false hope of Doctor coming to see her. The author besides wants to depict him as a sociopath who does n’t cognize what he is making.

Another of import character is Miranda Grey, an art pupil at the Slade Art School in London. She is 20 old ages old when Clegg kidnaps her, Miranda begins composing a diary that makes up the half of the novel. In her diary entries, she attempts to analyse Clegg and to understand her spiritual religion, her gender, her endowments as an creative person, and her relationships with her household and assorted work forces in her life, most specifically with G.P. He was an artist twice her age whom she had begun to see as her wise man but whom she had refused as a lover. When Clegg captures her, Miranda is a pacificist who believes in passive resistance at any cost. However, she physically attacks Clegg several hebdomads after her abduction.

Harmonizing to me you can see her as sympathetic individual. She tries to convert Clegg to assist him and non to state anyone about nobbling. She says, “ You could. We could be friends. I could assist you. ” Looking up at me there. “ It ‘s non excessively late. ” when she knows about the pools money, she asks him to donate some money to kids organisations. Being so beautiful she is non chesty. I truly pity her status in the narrative. The author wants to demo her as truly smart and gifted individual. For illustration, she has got a scholarship in an art school and she is truly good painter.

The Cement Garden


My first pick played a large portion for taking this book. I truly liked the first book ( The Collector ) and the genre was same so it was on my head when I finished reading my first book. My friends were speaking about how good ‘The Graduate ‘ was so I besides wanted to give that a attempt but many had already read that book so I decided non to take it. I besides was interested by ‘The Reader ‘ because I had seen the movie but the plot line of Cement Garden was strong and new for me and I like psychological narratives. My friends besides recommended it. I besides googled it and found really positive reappraisals so I decided to take this book but all book in the library were borrowed so I bought the eBook online at ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Bibliographic entry

Ian McEwan, The Cement Garden, First published in Great Britain by Jonathan Cape Ltd, 1978, Vintage authoritative 2004


The four kids, Julie, Jack, Sue, Tom have lost their male parent and shortly after, their female parent dies signifier malignant neoplastic disease, they are left as orphans. They hide her organic structure in the basement, by covering with cement, in fright of being taken apart and adopted by surrogate household. The household was non that societal, they hardly had visit, no existent relations and their male parent did n’t like conveying friends to his house. After their female parents decease they wholly isolate themselves form the outer universe.

The narrative begins with ‘I did non kill my male parent, but I sometimes felt I had helped him on his manner ‘ . The narrative is told by Jack. After the decease of their parents, Julie and Jack act as the caput of the household nevertheless, they are least parent like, for illustration they play foreign physician with their younger sister Sue by doing her bare. Jack adores his senior sister which subsequently develops into a tabu, sexual, relation between two siblings. Tom is bullied by his classmates so he wants to be like a miss because he thinks misss does n’t acquire bullied so they dress him like a miss and dainty him like a small babe.

Julie has a fellow named Derek whom she brings to the house. This disturbs their state of affairs and creates jobs. Jack does n’t wish this because he is in love with his senior sister. Derek shortly admirations form where the awful odor is coming and he finds out it is coming from the basement but he is told that the Canis familiaris is buried their so he even helps them to cover the cleft.

When Derek finds out about the sexual relation between the siblings, he begins to surmise what truly is in the cellar. He breaks the cement covering with sleigh cock and he finds out the truth but doodly-squat and Julie have noticed that so they lock the cellar door but Derek flights and tells the governments about it after some clip they are surrounded by constabulary vehicles.

First personal reaction

To get down with, I would state I had ne’er heard or seen this type of narrative. It was complete new to me and it came as a surprise. Though the book was simple and easy it was still hard to read, non by linguistic communication agencies, but by the state of affairs in the book. When I read a book I like to conceive of what I ‘m reading so that I get acquainted with the narrative but this clip I merely could n’t. The narrative is truly foul and carnal like. I do n’t intend I hate this book but I besides do n’t wish it that much. The relation between two siblings is apprehensible because they are isolate signifier outside, they do n’t cognize much about society and the norms and values but I merely could n’t accept the sex thing. The scene was described in inside informations that made me truly ill sometimes I had to jump some sentences.

The best manner to depict this is unusual and wicked narrative which has interesting secret plan but gets foul because of sex. This truly puzzles you and you ask yourself whether you like the narrative or non. To be hones I do n’t truly hold reply to that inquiry. One thing is certain it had some disgusting scenes. When I was reading this book I was be aftering to see the film based on this novel but when I finished I did n’t desire to. I think the movie would do me even sicker because when you see a movie it ‘s like everything is go oning in forepart of you and I was non ready for that. I merely could n’t see the merriment in watching household sexual relation. This book must hold been surrounded by many contentions because of its secret plan.

Book assignment

I have selected 8th assignment for this book.

First allow me explicate what ‘incest ‘ agencies. This is one of the subjects of this book.

There are many upseting and foul things in the universe, and incest is near the top of this list. Incest is when people who are related have sex. This can be, for illustration: a parent ravishing a kid is incest. Two first cousins get marrieding is besides incest. Different states and provinces have different regulations for how distantly related two people need to be to avoid incest, largely because kids born from incest frequently have serious wellness jobs.

I have searched the cyberspace on incest and I am truly shocked to meet so many articles. I have read many instances from different parts of the universe. I did n’t cognize how common this is in our universe. However, in most of the instances abuse plays a large portion but the status in the book is non opprobrious. When I read this book I thought this subject would non use to existent universe but after seeking on the cyberspace I have come to decision that it is rather common. Let ‘s take India as an illustration: particularly in south India it is legal to get married your cousin, though it is non that gross outing as the state of affairs in this book it is still Incest. I think is truly should be banned because it has no many side effects. There are many instances where kids are born as disability.

I would wish to discourse an article from BBC intelligence. This is one of the most known recent instances of opprobrious incest. I will merely cite the headline of the article. The undermentioned article is copied from

25 August 2011 Last updated at 15:28 GMT

New incest instance with Fritzl reverberations dazes Austrians

Polices in Austria have arrested a adult male suspected of imprisoning and sexually mistreating his two girls in his small town place over 40 old ages. Police are look intoing the alleged maltreatment at a house in the small town of St Peter am Hart.

The subject of this article, incest and isolation, could be compared with the book. However, in the book there is no maltreatment involved and this article is about complete and forced isolation but this is non the instance with the book. In the book they isolate themselves volitionally.

But the behaviour and character for these two girls could be compared. Jack and Julie did n’t cognize much about societal values so they did n’t see sibling relation as incorrect so they practiced it. These two girls besides did cognize much about societal values and they had mental upset and I think you can use this to Julie and Jack because merely mentally individual can make such things.

The undermentioned article is copied from ( I have merely copied headline for full narrative visit this web site )

Another incest colza in Kerala: 14-year-old miss sexually abused by brother, friend for 2 old ages

Kasaragod, Mon Dec 17 2012, 16:34 hour

In yet another incident of sexual maltreatment of bush leagues by their family in Kerala, a 14-year-old miss was allegedly despoiled by her brother and his friend over the last two old ages.

This article is besides approximately Incest but this article fits more with the book than the first 1. The similarity between this article and book is the relation between siblings and a difference is that the miss is forced. This is merely insane ; I mean how you can let you to hold sex with your sibling. I think these types of people should be hanged in forepart of everyone. They are disagrees to the human society.


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