The Cask Of Amontillado Edgar Allan Poes Poem English Literature Essay

Edgar Allan Poe ‘s, “ The Cask of Amontillado, ” draws the reader, who enjoys dark and morbid narratives, into sing the devilish strategies of a liquidator ‘s head and psyche. He shows us that dissing words can carve at a adult male ‘s saneness. “ The 1000 hurts of Fortunato I had borne as best I could, but when he ventured upon abuse, I vowed retaliation. ” These are the gap words of Montresor, a crafty and despicable animal, who carries a score against Fortunato. On the eventide during carnival season, the rummy Fortunato greets Montresor with excessively much of a good nature. Montresor is pleased to happen his friend, or should I say adversary, in such good liquors. Fortunato is incognizant to Montresor ‘s true feelings as he is led through a series of, “ insufferably muffle, ” catacombs beneath Montresor ‘s palazzo for a promise of a gustatory sensation of cherished Amontillado vino that Montresor says he has merely purchased. The moistness and potassium nitrate that fill the air causes Fortunato to hold a cough tantrum. Montresor offers a bottle of Medoc to alleviate Fortunato ‘s cough, but it is to maintain him imbibe. “ At the most distant terminal of the crypt at that place appeared another less broad. ” It was here that Montresor tells Fortunato that the Amontillado is kept in the catacombs. At this point Fortunato was highly intoxicated, and unable to defy Montresor ‘s strength as Montresor easy chains him to two Fe basics on the wall. Fortunato ‘s lone answer is, “ the Amontillado. ” Montresor echoes back, “ the Amontillado. ” Now in the concluding phase of his program, Montresor uncovers the “ rock and howitzer ” that he uses to shut up the entryway of the topographic point. “ Fortunato ‘s poisoning begins to have on off as Montresor finishes the 7th grade of the wall. ” Fortunato makes, “ A sequence of loud and sharp shrieks, ” doing Montresor to hold 2nd ideas, “ merely to give up immediately to the remorseless and satisfaction of the wickedness of his offense. ” Fortunato begins to express joy within the, “ deepness of the deferral, ” trusting this all to be a gag. At the terminal Montresor forces the last rock into the wall and conceals it with the heap of castanetss that lay on the moist land. Fortunato is left to decease, a really bad decease.

The subject of this narrative is that, dissing the incorrect individual will hold a cost. Poe makes this clear from the beginning as the sinister Montresor states his vow of retaliation after being insulted my Fortunato. He goes on to state, ” You, who so good cognize the nature of my psyche, will non say, nevertheless, that I gave vocalization to a menace. ” The score that he holds toward Fortunato has become so bad over clip, that he plans the most awful offense against world, by burying a life individual. It is apparent that Montresor takes pleasance in aching Fortunato with the promise of a gustatory sensation of the Amontillado, and besides teasing him as Fortunato is chained to the wall. Montresor hears the reverberations that of a, “ loud and sharp picks, ” of Fortunato, and eventually he pleads for his life. Fortunato says, “ For the love of God, Montresor! ” and Montresor answers reiterating the really same words, “ Yes, for the love of God! ”

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Poe has this piece utilize a narrative manner mixed with the a specific portion of sarcasm. Irony plays an of import and necessary function to do this narrative interesting. It covers the facts that Montresor is able to maintain Fortunato wholly unmindful to his true purposes of his retaliation that he has waited many old ages to cpmplete. This will enable Montresor to easy take Fortunato to his shocking decease. Poe uses verbal sarcasm instead good, in fact as Montresor expresses concern for Fortunato ‘s wellness. “ Montresor pleads several times to return back for fright that Fortunato ‘s cough will decline as a consequence of the cold and moistness of the catacombs, yet he has no purpose of turning back at all. Reacting to Montresor ‘s concerns Fortunato provinces, “ the cough is mere nil ; it will non kill me. Poe ‘s usage of sarcasm continues on, morbid as it be, when Montresor toasts to Fortunato ‘s long life, and finishes the narrative with the words of, “ In gait requiescat! ”

The words in this piece is much more like the construction and the subject, which uses sarcasm all the manner through the narrative for the exclusive intent of Montresor ‘s program of retaliation. In the start, Poe focuses on the words used to warrant Montresor ‘s ground for retaliation. Montresor provinces, “ The 1000 hurts of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon abuse I vowed retaliation. ” Retaliation for an abuse, this lone lets this shows the reader what a awful or brainsick character Montresor must be. Poe uses this sarcasm so that Montresor is able to successfully draw off such a travesty that will take Fortunato to the terminal of his life. Such tell tail words are besides of import to state this narrative. Wordss such as, “ inordinate heat, insufferably moistness, beads of wet drip among the castanetss, and sequence of loud and sharp shrieks, ” all express what the characters went throiugh as the program of retaliation unvailed through out the full narrative.

I feel that the tone of this piece is wholly out at that place, dark and gloomy. Throughout the narrative Poe shocks the reader with Montresor ‘s horrific program to take his friend down to his decease because of something he said. Montresor declares in the beginning that he, “ must non merely punish, but punish with impunity. ” Montresor lacks emotion and commiseration for the destiny of Fortunato. It ‘s as if he enjoys each phase of this slaying he has planned. Poe besides sets a tone of unhappiness, in which Fortunato perseveres with his ailment wellness through the, ” insufferably moistness, ” vaults that are, “ incrusted with potassium nitrate, ” merely for the promise of savoring his particular vino “ The Cask of Amontillado ” . The reader must besides maintain in head that Poe gives a bold like portion to Montresor, for he is really much like the snake represented in his household ‘s “ coat of weaponries ” .


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