The Caliban Treatment Of The Tempest English Literature Essay

‘The Tempest ‘ is the charming narrative of the ship-wrecked dwellers of an island. It deals with many serious subjects such as ; nature/nurture, power, thaumaturgy and perfidy. Many of these subjects are still relevant today. The Tempest is a drama, in consequence, a fairytale complete with charming happenings, suspension of the Torahs of nature and a happy stoping. Caliban is an interesting and of import character in ‘The Tempest ‘ . He brings to the drama issues that have a humourous side but are besides serious, for illustration the intervention of inferiors. Shakespeare wrote “ The Tempest ” in about 1610-1611 and he was a major dramatist for his clip.

From Act one Scene two we learn about Caliban ‘s history and how he came to be on the island and in service to Prospero. Caliban is really angry with Prospero, he says “ first was mine ain male monarch ; and here you sty me, ” Caliban believes that he has been taken advantage of by Prospero. Miranda is besides upset with Caliban as she says, ”Tis a scoundrel, sir, that I do non love to look upon, ‘ we assume that Caliban must be genuinely bad if person as sympathetic and loving as Miranda thinks so severely of him. The intervention of Caliban can slightly be justified by Miranda at this point because Prospero says, “ 1000 didst seek to go against the honor of my kid ” . Miranda has every right to thoroughly dislike Caliban as he tried to ravish her. Caliban is besides resentful of Prospero and Miranda being his Masterss because when they call him out to chop wood he says, ‘There ‘s wood plenty within ‘ . From this scene we besides know that Caliban is acrimonious that Prospero and Miranda have taken over ‘his ‘ island, ‘This island ‘s mine by Sycorax, my female parent, which thou tak’st from me. ‘ This scene does non truly state you about Caliban ‘s visual aspect, nevertheless from the reaction of the other supporters we can state he is monstrously ugly, ‘a thing most beastly ‘ .

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This scene shows the audience that Caliban is non happy in servitude and is acrimonious and aggressive towards Prospero another mark that shows that Caliban believes that his intervention is indefensible. Caliban ‘s rough temper may explicate why he acts in the animalistic manner he does, as an act of rebellion. In Act one Scene two Caliban provinces how Prospero and Miranda tried to learn and assist him, ‘When 1000 camest foremost, 1000 strok’dst me and made much of me ; would’st give me, H2O with berries i n’t ; and learn me how, to call the bigger visible radiation. ‘ This shows that Prospero and Miranda tried to foster Caliban, but so when he tried to ravish Miranda he threw off all their work. This is similar to how Stephano and Trinculo are handling Caliban in act two scene two, but replacing berries with spirits. It besides gives an indicant that Stephano and Trinculo will stop up mistreating Caliban and turning him into their slave, as Prospero did.

Caliban reacts so volitionally to Stephano being his maestro ( unlike Prospero ) because Stephano offers comfort in a friend, a new life and spirits. Stephano besides plots to kill Prospero, because Caliban wants him to make so and Caliban has thought about for old ages but it was ne’er a realistic possibility for him. Stephano and Trinculo are non likely to be better Masterss than Prospero because although they are handling him good and giving him spirits in Act two Scene two. When Act four Scene one begins, Stephano threatens to, ‘turn him out of his land ‘ . The audience gets the feeling that Stephano will be an untrusty maestro because he merely likes Caliban because he is traveling to take him to a award in the terminal ( Miranda and the island ) . On the other manus Prospero, although on juncture petit larceny and harsh, is a just maestro and wagess Caliban ‘s good behavior as seen in Act five when Prospero says “ to hold my forgiveness ” when he exonerates Caliban for his old actions against him and Miranda.

We learn a batch about Caliban from Act two Scene two. It alters the audience ‘s first feelings of Caliban because his gap monologue is spoken good, in rather a poetic, contrite manner which makes you think that there is more to Caliban than meets the oculus. It is besides dry because he is cussing Prospero with linguistic communication that Prospero taught to him. Act two Scene two besides changes the audience ‘s sentiments of Caliban because you start to experience commiseration him when he describes how Prospero ‘s liquors annoyer and twit him, as it says ‘But they ‘ll nor squeeze me, fright me with urchin shows, pitch me I ‘ the quag ‘ . This scene besides reinforces the sentiment that Caliban is guiltless and childish because he thinks that if he hides under his coat and lies level on the land, Prospero ‘s liquors would non be able to happen him. From this scene we besides learn that there is a certain naivete and exposure to Caliban and he is non merely an evil monster. I think that although Caliban is basal and can non command his carnal impulses, he is non evil, hence he is non to be hated, although Prospero and Miranda have ground to make so. I think he is merely an stupid animal who does n’t cognize better than his carnal impulses. Caliban needs a leader whether to idolize or arise against. Caliban ‘s nature makes it hard for him to populate in society and is grounds towards his opinion nature and inability to be nurtured.

Caliban ‘s temper alterations periodically throughout the drama, nevertheless when it does, it to a great extent influences his actions. At the terminal of Act two Scene two Caliban is in a positive temper, the best we see him in throughout the drama, because he is intoxicated and he has got the promise of new Masterss and a better life. Caliban is hopeful for the hereafter because he believes that he has escaped Prospero ‘s ‘tyrannical ‘ command. He has become loud, objectionable and infantile in his intoxicated province. From Act three Scene two we learn new things about Caliban. Caliban ‘s character besides develops in this scene, because of the spirits. The spirits makes Caliban an extravert instead than an introvert, good humoured compared to his old black temper and it makes him unfastened with his emotions. He tells Stephano everything about Prospero and Miranda without a 2nd idea. Caliban ‘s trueness is to Stephano and non Trinculo because Stephano is the 1 with the spirits, which is the existent ground that Caliban is following them. Besides Stephano is kinder to Caliban than Trinculo and calls him his ‘poor monster ‘ whereas Trinculo mocks him and calls him a ‘very weak monster ‘ . Stephano besides tells him how he will give him more spirits and he can be his lieutenant. He besides beats Trinculo when he mocks Caliban. There is sarcasm here as Caliban is angry with Prospero about him commanding the island but now he will efficaciously give control of the island to Stephano. Caliban besides treats Stephano as a God, “ I ‘ll snog they foot ; I ‘ll curse by thy topic ” . Stephano is leting Caliban to go on to praise him in this manner as he plans on working him. Exploitation is a major subject of the drama as in Jacobean times chiefly people who has unfortunate disablements were exploited for their proprietors to do money out of them.

Caliban has lacked female company by being one of the lone dwellers of the island. He has merely of all time seen two adult females in his life, Sycorax, his female parent ( a disfigured beldam ) and Miranda. This explains why he is so impressed with Miranda ‘s beauty, ‘but that to be most profoundly considered is the beauty of his girl. He himself calls her a ideal… ‘ To some extent this explains why he tried to ravish Miranda, but it is besides because he can non command his nature ( carnal impulses ) . Caliban has besides lacked societal instruction, hence does n’t hold the societal accomplishments to cognize what to make around Prospero and Miranda. He has besides lacked friendly relationship and regard because he can non command his carnal impulses, so is non fit to be about people such as Prospero and Miranda who are educated and sophisticated. A Jacobean audience would hold with Prospero and Miranda ‘s current intervention of Caliban as many people were exploited in that clip.

The address of Caliban ‘s starting ; ‘Be non afeared. . . ‘ shows that Caliban can be sensitive and poetic and he speaks about the island tenderly. It besides shows that he is non wholly antipathetic to being nurtured, because he has learnt Miranda and Prospero ‘s linguistic communication. It besides makes you pity Caliban, that his world is so awful that he ‘cries to woolgather once more ‘ . It reveals that Caliban is non wholly basal and animalistic, if he notices the vegetations and zoologies of the island, i.e. ‘sounds and sweet poses that delight and hurt non. ‘ The address shows Caliban ‘s more human side because it reveals that he does take in the environment around him and can so be nurtured. This address reveals a batch about Caliban. It is written in poesy instead than prose, which shows that he has been nurtured to the extent of larning Prospero and Miranda ‘s linguistic communication. Dreams seem like the lone manner that Caliban can get away from his mundane servitude, which is a infantile manner of thought. This scene changes the audience ‘s attitude towards Caliban because it shows his more human side as it is a typical human trait ; to woolgather. At this point the chief character ‘s intervention of Caliban can non be justified as Caliban clearly some facets of human emotions, which is a mark that he feels great hurting when the characters, peculiarly Prospero exploit him.

Caliban and Antonio ‘s secret plans, although similar, are different because although they are both unreliable secret plans against their Masterss, Caliban ‘s is a base secret plan to kill Prospero with no existent idea behind it. Antonio ‘s secret plan, on the other manus, is pre-conceived and acerb. Besides, Caliban ‘s is non likely to be realisable, whereas Antonio ‘s could hold easy succeeded if Ariel had n’t intervened. When Caliban is plotting against Prospero it is really barbarous and despairing, as he has nil to lose. When Antonio is plotting, he already has a batch to lose, so needs to be wily and careful. This secret plan could be used as grounds that Caliban is non able to be nurtured and is ruled by his nature because even though Prospero has looked after him ( even after he mis-treated his girl ) for many old ages he still wants to kill him.

Caliban ‘s secret plan is more sensible, the island ‘s which is his has been taken off from him. Caliban feels that he has the right to hold the island because he should truly inherit it. The subject of colonization is evident here as Caliban truly inherited the island but it now is under his control, due to it being removed from him due to Prospero ‘s hungriness for power and control. Antonio is pure evil, but on both histories there is a distinguishable deficiency of guilt and his aspiration is a mark of his inhumaneness. Another difference between the two secret plans is that Caliban wants what he thinks is truly his, whereas Antonio is merely avaricious. We know that Caliban is disillusioned with his new maestro as he says, “ and idolize this dull sap ” . The existent ground why Caliban had liked Stephano was the spirits and the promise of autonomy that he gave him.

The last and most of import them of the drama is nature/nurture. In Shakespeare ‘s twenty-four hours people believed that if you came from an unknown topographic point you must be evil and Prospero and Miranda tried to alter Caliban, they about treated him like an experiment, their actions were common of people in the seventeenth century. Caliban did non desire to be nurtured as he ne’er sounds sorry for his incorrect actions. Prospero may hold been unsuccessful in fostering Caliban because the raising was intended to command him, non educate or liberate him. Magic is used kindly when Prospero sets up the secret plan with Miranda and Ferdinand, but is used to do injury when Prospero conjures the ‘Tempest ‘ to shipwreck the other characters on the island. Sycorax ne’er uses charming kindly, for illustration, she imprisoned Ariel in a tree. The usage of thaumaturgy in Shakespeare ‘s twenty-four hours was used often as people were invariably detecting facets of thaumaturgy and it fascinated them.

Prospero efforts to foster Caliban failed because the lovingness was intended to command him non free him. For illustration, Prospero taught Caliban his linguistic communication so he could state him what to make and he would understand. Another illustration is that they ( Prospero and Miranda ) were sort to Caliban so that he would demo them about and learn them how to last on the island. Caliban is perchance the lone character in ‘The Tempest ‘ that genuinely appreciates the nature of the island because he lived there for so long entirely after Sycorax died. After she died Caliban had no pick but to research the island and happen out everything he could about it. As it says in Act two Scene two “ I ‘ll demo thee the best springs ; I ‘ll tweak thee berries ” . Caliban knows everything about the island as he has been on it his full life.

Prospero by and large uses his power sagely but he sometimes uses it to command people excessively much, for illustration, Caliban. He makes Caliban into his slave by commanding him through his power as it says in Act two Scene two, “ here comes a spirit of his, and to torture me ” . Peoples like Caliban are ever looking for a leader because although Caliban complains about Prospero ( and even secret plans to kill him ) he still likes the comfort of holding a leader who will look after him. Although Caliban Rebels against Prospero he still stays with him because that is better than holding to fend for himself. In the seventeenth century people like Caliban were exploited because of disfiguration and disablement. Caliban has been exploited by Prospero as he did non cognize how to support himself. . Prospero says in Act five that Caliban is “ mine ” . Prospero says this as there was an compulsion in the Jacobean clip of holding and keeping power. Having power and control in the seventeenth century was critical if one planned on comfortable and fulfilling life, otherwise people like Prospero and subsequently Antonio will work you specifically now the ‘you ‘ being Caliban and take advantage of you.

I think that Caliban is perchance the most of import character ( excepting Prospero ) because he is so different from the other characters and that is why he is treated so contrastingly to how any other character is treated. He offers a visible radiation hearted unsimilarity to the acerb nature of characters such as Antonio. Rather than fright or hatred Caliban, the audience should see him a naA?ve animal that needs to be led. Caliban shows a side to human nature that some would desire to disinherit, and so name him a monster, but I think that he is a faintly scaring portion of the human mentality that can non be avoided.


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