The Brutality of Prison

The Brutality of Prison

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Prison is a topographic point that cipher wants to travel ; nevertheless, many will stop up at that place for neglecting to obey and esteem the jurisprudence. There are many grounds why people do non travel to prison ; they are afraid of holding a offense on their permanent record, they don’t want to lose their freedom and or the chance to do money, they don’t want anything violent to go on to them, or they don’t peculiarly feel like being raped. While Reading the book “Newjack” , the topic of colza was brought to the reader’s attending. It created a barbarous image in the heads of readers that reeked of horror narratives you hear on the intelligence. Rape is a viciously barbarous act that frequently occurs inside the prison walls due to the yearning of sexual contact with a male or female comrade. That being said, it’s merely good for one individual. To the other individual, it is a atrocious experience.Rape is the largest factor impacting the reformation procedure that prison is supposed to be.

Rape has many definitions, but there is one such definition that suits prison colza absolutely. “Sexual assault [ is ] physical contact of a sexual sort, where your engagement is forced upon you, such as unwanted anal sex, unwritten sex, masturbating or caressing. The force may be by menace of or existent, physical harm” ( Wortley 101 ) . It is a barbarous act that is committed rather frequently in prison and will ever be a portion of the prison system. Rape in a prison society can go on with adult females merely as it can happen with work forces. Often times, the flagitious act of colza is committed non for the interest of holding sex, but it is “more a offense of force and power” ( Rape in Prison 2001 ) . This is done to demo who the dominant people are in prison. “Sexual aggression can be a agency of demanding retaliation, racial hatred, homophobia, or demoing laterality over the physical and psychological parts of an inmate’s self” ( Rape in Prison 2001 ) .

While most people wholly abhor the thought of prison colza, it is non condemned by all. Some people think that it is a fitting penalty to travel along with a captives original sentencing as seen in a vocal called “Date Rape” by Sublime on their40 Oz. to Freedom,the chief secret plan of the vocal is a adult male gets a miss he meets rummy in a saloon, takes her place and day of the month colzas her. The wordss portray an act of colza that happened to him while in prison for his offense, “One dark in gaol it was acquiring tardily He was butt raped by a big inmate And he screamed But the guard paid no attending to his cries… I can’t take commiseration on work forces of his sort even though he now takes it in the behind” ( Sublime ) . These wordss help to set into topographic point the thought that this is non a human rights issue chiefly because it happens to those who deserve it.

Prison Rape affects the reformation procedure in more than merely the emotional and physical hurting brought upon by it. “Based on a survey of the National Commission on Correctional Health, in 1997: around 35k– 47k inmates had HIV, 46k – 76k had Syphilis, 43k had Chlamydia, 18k had Gonorrhea, 36k had Hepatitis B, and 303k – 332k had Hepatitis C” ( Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape ) . All of those diseases are easy and readily transmitted through bodily fluids which are exchanged during sex. These sexually transmitted diseases can do all sorts wellness jobs for inmates who have them even when they leave prison.

There is decidedly a “type” that captives go for when choosing a colza victim.

Han dynasties Toch wrote that a individual may hold a physical stigma that increase his opportunities of victimization. One “stigmatized” inmate notes that, “they judge a cat on his facial visual aspect, if he has—it doesn’t needfully have to be girlish, but if he has smooth tegument, and it truly doesn’t do a difference, Black, White, Yellow, Indian. I know a batch of American indians have that job. And the cats that have the worse problems are the 1s with slender physiques. Holy Christ, they ne’er leave them entirely. You know, cats with thin physiques. And they are placed in this class. Particularly if the cat has a feminine voice. And it doesn’t have to be that feminine, but if it’s merely a small mild or something, you’re in problem, you’ve had it” ( Toch 279-280 ) .

Even though the normal colza victim is fiting the above description, it can go on to anyone. Keith DeBlasio is quoted stating, “I’M NOT little, ” “I was six pes two and two-hundred and 20 lbs when I went to prison” He was in prison for counterfeit and ended up being raped by a fellow inmate who had HIV. His sentence went from five old ages to life because he had contracted this disease ( Silent Horror, 2005 ) . This decidedly would do the reformation procedure an absolute incubus on person of a smaller physique and stature.

One of the largest jobs that cause colza to upset the reformation procedure is that the incidents barely of all time have any eventful penalty given to the attacker in the state of affairs. A adult male named merely as M.R. was raped by another inmate and reported the incident. Nothing was done about it. He was raped several times over the class of six more months and finally about beaten to decease by a masterlock before anything was done to the raper. The lone penalty that the raper was given 15 yearss in disciplinary segregation ( Hansen ) . In 2003 Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act. This act was supposed to undertake colza in both male and female prisons, “and despite its bold name” , the Prison Rape Elimination Act hasn’t made so much as a dent in the statistics so far. Congress estimated that 13 per centum of inmates have been raped or had a violent act of a sexual nature go on to them. Congress has besides estimated that as of 2006 the entire figure of inmates who have been sexually assaulted in the past 20 old ages exceeds 1,000,000 ( Bell, 18 ) .

The fact that Rape occurs within about every prison in America is non merely the captives mistake. The employees, the Warden, and the prison guards are merely every bit much to fault for this inhumane act as the captives are. The ground for this is because the prison employees about turn a blind oculus to what is traveling on in the prison. “Inmates who try to describe colza frequently find that the guards don’t want to hear about it.” Alternatively of making anything about it, the guards tell the captives, “to act like a adult male and fend for himself” or the guard merely calls the captive a homosexual ( Hansen ) . “Prison guards and wardens routinely turn a unsighted oculus as captives in their detention commit barbarous sexual assaults on their fellow inmates” ( Rape in Prison 2001 ) . Since the system is neglecting the inmates, The New York Times has really gone so far as to “characterize prisons as preparation sites for rapers, and these premises have gone for the most portion, unchallenged” ( Bennett, Inciardi, Saum, and Surratt ) . Sometimes the system does assist out those in danger of being raped.

An inmate who went by the initial “S” have had attackers doing comments to him since he arrive in prison two months prior. He started to merely go forth his cell when necessary. S came back to his cell one twenty-four hours and found a note in his cell that read as follows: “Yo S, Check this out if you don’t give me a peace of your buttocks I am traveling to take you off the count and that is my word.

I be down a really long clip So I need It really Bad I will give you 5 Pack’s of Smokes If you do it OK That is my word So if you Want to populate you Better make it and acquire it over with there are Three of us who need it. OK.

5 Pack of Smoke Each OK S

From? ( Toch 274 )

S went on and asked to be put in the protection unit. This protection unit consisted of being locked in his cell for 22 hours a twenty-four hours and two hours out in the pace. He eats, slumbers, relieves himself and washes himself in the bantam cell given to him. He found that this unit was difficult to acquire into and merely every bit difficult to go forth if he did non desire to be put into protective detention any longer ( Toch 275 ) . So sometimes the system works the manner that it is supposed to, but more times than non, it ends up really severely for the captives who are processed in prison.

Rape is non riant affair. It is an act against nature that is committed rather often throughout the penal system on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing. Prison colza has had an highly inauspicious consequence on how prison spits its captives back out one time it’s through with them and they have served their sentences. Prison may really work the manner it was intended to if Rape is eliminated from behind the bars that prison is.

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