The Brita Products Company Marketing Essay

Propose strategic and tactical market definitions for Brita filtered H2O merchandises. Why is it of import for Brita to understand this differentiation in their market arena? How does your definition impact the size of the possible market and likely competitory scheme Brita should follow? Be explicit about how the rivals change across your definitions and how this impacts Brita scheme.

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Brita should near their market definitions in a manner that supports continued growing throughout the drink industry. At present, they have some tactical determinations to do sing mark markets and the possibility of a new merchandise all together. The family incursion of the Brita hurler is decelerating so a new action program must be made to manage the changing fortunes. I propose two tactical market definitions that will take Brita Products Company into future.

The first will be a freshly focused run utilizing the current Brita hurler targeted towards immature persons who care about their H2O and the gustatory sensation of it. This will be a vernal mark market that is excessively price-sensitive for bottled H2O and other shop bought drink picks. The age group will run between 18 and 34.

The 2nd tactical market definition will present Brita Faucet Filters. This merchandise will carry through the demand of the wellness witting consumer. These consumers are willing to pay more for the safety of what they ‘re consuming and what they ‘re giving to the people they care about. The mark market will be 25 and 44 and will include households. We build upon the respected Brita name to derive preliminary exposure and credibleness.

The strategic market Brita should concentrate on consists of the full population. Everyone must imbibe H2O. Their current end is to ‘put a hurler on every kitchen counter top ‘ and that still applies. Every family is possible purchaser of a Brita merchandise and as of 1999 merely one in seven really was. See Exhibit 1 for a break down of the market definitions.

The differentiation in this market sphere is the understanding what your company is making now, where it is headed in the hereafter, and who will be at that place to vie with. When you set a tactical selling definition you are sketching a smaller part of your strategic selling place leting for a focussed attack that will non overpower your selling strategy. By easy puting tactical selling definitions you are puting up a comprehensive program of onslaught for your full market sphere.

If Brita were to make up one’s mind to concentrate on the full H2O imbibing population all at one time so their company would fall in under the tremendous budget. They would hold to vie non merely against their substitutes-in-kind rivals such as PUR, Rubbermaid and Teledyne, but besides their substitutes-in-use rivals such as bottled H2O and even kick tap H2O. Besides, by trying to pull everyone at one time so you lose market portion to companies who focus on one peculiar group. The old proverb of ‘a doodly-squat of all trades is a maestro of nil ‘ applies in this scenario.

Exhibit 1

Tactical Definition Potential Tactical Definition

for Brita Pitchers for Brita Faucet Filters

Aestheticss Concerned Quality Concerned

Consumers Consumers

A gustatory sensation of Nature

The better manner to filtrate

Brita PUR Brita PUR

Rubbermaid Teledyne


Strategic Definition

for Brita filtered

H2O merchandises

All families

( 103 million in 1999 )

Clean H2O for everyone

Brita Bottled Water

Tap H2O


Assume Brita asked you to steer them in the behavior of a competitory analysis. Write a brief lineation for them that a ) discusses why it is worthwhile to put in developing a competitory information system, B ) recommends and justifies the type of client, rival, and company informations that should be collected, and degree Celsius ) describes how this information would probably be used in developing competitory scheme.

There are five stairss that are quintessential for a competitory analysis:

Knowing your rivals

Identifying their schemes

Measuring their strengths and failings

Estimating their reactions to your attempts

Choosing which rivals to dispute and avoid

In a competitory analysis one must roll up a good assortment of information non merely about your rivals but besides about your consumers. A company needs to cognize which needs they are prosecuting to run into for their consumers and which other company is trying to run into those same demands. A company needs to be cognizant of the possible rivals coming into the market. This would let for a lead clip to antagonize any alone offerings or benefits of your rival ‘s merchandise. In add-on, a close oculus on rivals can assist in the development of new merchandises or accoutrements for your current merchandise. This is another manner for Brita to derive advantage in the engineering race for H2O filtering merchandises.

Investing in a competitory information system will non merely supply the above, but besides put your company in an action province instead than invariably on the defence of new viing merchandises.

The type of client that Brita should concentrate on in their competitory analysis is the client that is non presently utilizing a Brita merchandise. More specifically is the client that is utilizing their current rival ‘s merchandise. By estimating their perceptual experiences of the rivals merchandise versus your merchandise so you can get down to understand their demands and better ways to run into them.

The rivals included in the analysis should non merely include your immediate obvious rivals, but anyone who may be go oning into your industry or market. Brita should be cognizant of the bottled H2O companies every bit good as Brita GmbH who has the engineering to take American merchandises abroad with the Brita name.

The company informations collected should include any patents granted and/or trade shows where the competition is making an exhibition. Any information sing new merchandise launches and outgos on research and development would be of involvement. All of this would let you to see the kineticss of the market and derive insight into rival ‘s scheme.

If Brita gathers all of this information and uses it consequently they will be able to hold an action scheme instead that a reaction scheme. They will be able to construct schemes around the awaited moves of their rivals. They can derive the first movers advantage in the market place. This will be cardinal to retaining market portion and avoiding holding to take down costs because of unforeseen competition underselling the Brita place.

Develop a behavioural theoretical account or description for how consumers interact with Brita Water Filter Pitchers. Be expressed about cardinal consumer behaviours, motives, and probably jobs consumers ‘ experience. You analysis should get down with behaviours that occur one time a merchandise is brought place and go on through disposal.

Based on your analysis of these behaviours, develop and warrant several new merchandise thoughts and selling tactics that would assist Brita increase gross revenues. Your thoughts can be based on your logical thinking and do non necessitate to be supported with existent consumer research or informations.

After the initial purchase of the Brita Water Filter Pitcher the consumer will get down to devour the merchandise or in Brita ‘s instance, use the hurler. The first behaviour is the gap of the box and analyzing this new merchandise. After the analyzing procedure it will likely travel directly into the dish washer of sink to be washed before the first usage. After the rinsing the hurler will eventually acquire a opportunity to turn out its worth. Finally a first test tally of make fulling the hurler will take topographic point taking to continued usage because the first few times of usage will be with exhilaration about the new merchandise and the better tasting H2O. The client will so get down to pass on about the merchandise to friends and household passing on the information they have gathered from their experiences about the hurler. As 80 % of users report utilizing their Brita Water Filter Pitcher a twelvemonth after purchase, I conclude that the disposal of the merchandise will be after the plastic hurler begins to demo wear. The consumer will so flip it out to buy a reflecting new hurler.

The overall behaviours lead to a positive word of oral cavity selling impact for the Brita Water Filter Pitcher. The motive to utilize the merchandise comes from exhilaration about the chance of this comparatively easy merchandise to utilize that produces recognizable benefits – better tasting H2O. There could be some negative feedback that Brita needs to be cognizant of.

Once the Brita Water Filter Pitcher is brought place there are several jobs clients could confront. The first that comes to mind is refrigerator infinite. A typical household of four, in my experience, normally takes up the full infinite with nutrient, milk and juice boxes. This could take to people go forthing it out on the counter where the H2O would rapidly go room temperature and free the chip, fresh gustatory sensation. Another job is the timing for a refill. It takes about five proceedingss for the H2O to travel through the filtering procedure. If you have company over or you are holding a repast with your household so you will likely travel through more than a hurler of H2O therefore making the an awkward minute when person ca n’t be refilled when there is a demand or be filled in the first topographic point.

I think a new merchandise discrepancy for no shelf infinite in the icebox could be an insulated hurler that kept the newly filtered H2O at a colder temperature. This would hold a dual benefit of appealing to possible clients who are on the spell and fright that they are non home plenty to profit from a Brita Water Filter Pitcher. They could market this as the busy household ‘s option to expensive bottles of H2O or the field tap H2O.

Another merchandise could be the faster hurler refill design. They are managing this issue in kernel with the spigot filter they are believing of establishing. Alas, any signifier of a faster signifier for the filtered H2O would be greatly profit the clients who merely do n’t hold the clip nor the forbearance to wait for the five proceedingss before another hurler of H2O is ready to be consumed.

How would you utilize the Brita name in branding the new spigot filter system? Why? Your reply should carefully see the viability of the different trade name architecture calling options discussed in category. For your chosen name, warrant why this option is preferred. Be certain to see large image issues such as Brita ‘s current trade name architecture and equity, rivals, and the clients you believe should be targeted.

I recommend calling the spigot filer system the Brita Water Faucet Filter. It is in line with the name of the Brita Water Filter Pitcher and would non confound consumers as to what they were purchasing. The retail industry reported in the instance that there was a distinguishable penchant for utilizing a well known name like Brita. Consumers will be able to associate the Brita name with another H2O filtrating device and have assurance in their purchase determination.

The trade name name of Brita is an arbitrary name that has no significance to a consumer if they did non cognize about the merchandises. The specific names given to the Brita merchandises are descriptive of what they are for. This allows clients to to the full understand what they are purchasing and decrease the hazard of the trade name name taking over the full industry such as the job that the Band Aid trade name faced.

The trade name Brita uses a branded house architecture that builds upon the Brita name. By go oning to utilize the Brita trade name you are leveraging their equity in your favour. They presently have an 80 % market portion that will impart itself to the credibleness of the new merchandise. Indicating out the cardinal differences in the two merchandises will assist ease cannibalization. The spigot system is ideal for people who can non wait five proceedingss every clip they use a hurler ‘s worth of H2O. It removes more contaminates so it is the ideal pick of for the wellness concerned clients.

Rivals will be speedy to fall in in on the spigot saddle horse enterprise, but Brita should be ready as they have already gone through that with the hurler merchandise. By remaining up with engineering and non engaging in the engineering war with the other companies Brita has maintained its best gustatory sensation place and that ‘s what the trade name means to people. Rivals ca n’t take that off.

The Vantis survey suggested that the relevant monetary value scope for the spigot mounted filter was between $ 39.99 and $ 34.99 and that both monetary values provided strong value.

Should this be the “ relevant scope ” for Brita ‘s pricing determinations? Why?

How could Brita go more market-based in their pricing? Be really specific about how you would near the monetary value determination for the spigot mounted filter if you were pull offing this merchandise.


An of import factor to see when finding a pricing scheme is merchandise positioning.A A Are you positioning your merchandise as a price reduction merchandise, a luxury merchandise, or someplace in the center?

Another factor is profitability.A A In most instances, the lower a merchandise is priced, the greater the measure of it will sell.A However, if net income borders are reduced to increase measure demanded, the extra measure demanded by the lower monetary value must do up for the lower net income margins.A

The most of import factor to see is to guarantee that the monetary value charged screens at the really least the direct cost of bring forthing the product.A A Then it is of import to look at guaranting that the expected measure sold at that monetary value will besides cover the other associated ( fixed ) costs in bring forthing the product.A

While it is easy to acquire caught up in looking at short term profitableness, it is of import to besides see the long term impact of a price.A A It can be hard to raise the monetary value of a merchandise one time consumers expect a certain monetary value ; it can be every bit damaging to the merchandise ‘s repute if monetary value demands to be dropped excessively rapidly as consumers can comprehend a defect in the product.A

Another of import consideration is that of Prospect Theory.A A As per Gerald E Smith and Thomas T Nagle in the California Management Review “ The Prospect theory argues that people evaluate purchases in footings of additions or losingss, relative to a mention point.A A Directors can hence, influence purchase determinations by how they present or frame, monetary value and benefits relative to a mention point ” .A A This emphasizes the point that possibly a wise pricingA attack is to bear down on the higher terminal of the monetary value scope, and offer a price reduction taking consumers to experience like they have “ won ” instead than they have lost.A

However, with all that being said, we are non able to find that the $ 34.99-39.99 is the relevant monetary value scope, as we are non certain how these Numberss were determined.A A This scope could either be excessively narrow, excessively low, or excessively high.A We are non certain, as in the survey consumers were non ask to trap point a monetary value, at which they would buy the merchandise, or a monetary value at which they would exchange to the lower cost alternate, or purchase from the competitor.A A Should Brita behavior another similar survey, they should non give consumers a scope as it may skew the consequences, but instead as respondents to supply a monetary value range.A

We can presume, nevertheless, that Brita did make their research and are giving us merely the relevant information in the instance and that the scopes given are in fact in the relevant monetary value scope.


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