The Best Journey In My Life Essay

Two old ages ago I went on a trip with my friend Paulina and her older brother. Max. I had to salvage a batch of money because I wanted really much to travel on this journey with my friends. We planned our trip to take us around Europe. We were traveling to halt in assorted parts of Europe with household members and friends. The first topographic point where we arrived was London. After a two hr flight we landed at Gatwick airdrome. of class we booked our tickets early which saved us quite a batch of money. At the airdrome my cousin and her hubby were at that place waiting for us which was antic as I had non seen them for such a long clip. In England we stayed with Mary and her hubby in a semi-detached house which was about a 10 minute auto thrust from the metropolis centre. Because we were lucky plenty to remain with household we could salvage our money to see some of the astonishing attractive forces on London. We visited the London Eye. Big Ben and Museum of Waxworks. In the eventides we tasted the night life in a metropolis that ne’er sleeps.

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On our last twenty-four hours me and Paulina we went to the shopping Centre because misss love to shop in any state. while Max went to a traditional English saloon. Our clip in London lasted five yearss. which went so rapidly and was non adequate clip make everything. We bought a batch of fantastic things and were so lucky to hold been at that place. On the 6th twenty-four hours of our journey we traveled by express train through the La Manche Channel to Paris. It was a long and deadening journey. but the train was really comfy. Trains in France and England are better and more sole than in Poland. We had a batch of baggage due to our shopping trip. and with Paris fast nearing merely more shopping was to come.

In Paris we lived in the metropolis centre at a close friend of Paulina’s brother. His flat was in a antic skyscraper. from which we could see the full metropolis. We were so impressed by the metropolis. We visited the Eiffel Tower. Louvre and Note dam Cathedral. At dark we went walking though Paris with all the bright visible radiations and passion that comes from this metropolis. We were at that place four yearss. Our clip there was a mixture of sightseeing. shopping and parties. It was a truly fantastic clip as in Paris. Our concluding portion of our journey was to the Azure Coast in France. we arrived there by train and met with bluish sea’s and astonishing sunlight. On the Azure Coast we lived with Paulina’s uncle. he was a truly nice and relax individual. He lived on the Coast in sign of the zodiac with his married woman and two kids.


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