The Beauties Of Nature In Poems English Literature Essay

Sentimentalists celebrated nature. They loved nature and enjoyed being out-of-doorss. Their Hagiographas were nature inspired. I, like the romantics love nature and being out-of-doorss. I besides enjoy the beautiful scenes in nature that God creates. I have chosen two pieces to discourse. The first is Ode to the West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The 2nd is The World is excessively much with us by William Wordsworth. In these two pieces I will discourse the beauties of nature that each author is passionate about.

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Ode to the West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley is a lyrical verse form that addresses the West air current as a powerful force. Shelley uses the air current and nature as an inspiration for this ode. Shelley wants “ to scatteraˆ¦ my words among world. Just as foliages are scattered as the fall air current blows. As we discussed in category, Shelley saw the West air current as a symbol of true inspiration. It is addressed in the first three stanzas the influence that the air current has on the sky, sea and land. Shelley wants people to recognize that the air current can be a refinisher and a destroyer, “ Wild Spirit, which are traveling everyplace ; Destroyer and Preserver ; hear, O hear! ” This is non merely a soft zephyr it is fierce, blowing things around.

In the first stanza he is turn toing the West air current as a human. The homo is “ pestilence-

afflicted battalions ” . It is speaking about being infected with diseases. It is besides mentioning to the dead leaves break uping on the land. I think that the battalions that Shelley is speaking about in this stanza, is society. He sees how society is merely out to acquire material things. They do non care about nature and how they are damaging it. Shelley was concerned about nature and the effects that we have on it.

In the following stanza Shelley is speaking about the consequence the air current has on the clouds. “ Loose clouds like Earth ‘s decaying foliages are shed. ” It besides talks about how the clouds erupt with rain. In this stanza, Shelley negotiations about the lighting against the dark sky. It looks like a bright shaft of hair from the caput of Maenad.

In stanza five the poet asks the air current to “ disperse, as from an unextinguished fireplace ashes and flickers, my words among world! ” He wanted his words to be spread around the universe, as if they were ashes from a combustion fire. Shelley besides speaks in the last line of winter and spring. “ The cornet of prognostication! O Wind, If winter comes, can Spring be far behind? ” Even though winter is here, you can still look frontward to spring to come once more. Just like in life, there may be dark and blue times in your life but there is ever tomorrow. Every twenty-four hours comes with a new start and everything that lives must decease. That is a portion of the life rhythm. I think that the subjects in this piece are linking life and decease.

The following piece that I want to look at is The World Is Too Much With Us. It is written by William Wordsworth. Like many other Romantic authors, Wordsworth saw nature as an emblem of God and the godly nature of him. His poesy celebrates the beauty and religious nature of the universe. In The World Is Too Much With Us, Wordsworth contrasts nature with the universe and their lecherousness for philistinism. They were merely worried about the “ acquiring and disbursement ” . This sounds merely like our universe today. So many people are caught up in mercenary things that they do non halt and look about at the simple beauties of the universe. They do non even halt long plenty to hear the birds sing.

The World Is Too Much with Us is a sonnet by William Wordsworth. In this piece he is knocking the universe for the Industrial Revolution. They were absorbing themselves in philistinism and distancing themselves from nature. We, as a society, have so many modern comfortss today that most of us do non trust on the Earth for any of our demands. Most people do non utilize the Earth as a natural resource. I feel that we should acquire back to utilizing our Earth as a resource and take better attention of it. My household and I garden and love making it. My boy is in the 2nd class and they are learning him about recycling. I feel that it is of import that we recycle and help cut down the sum of rubbish that we produce.

The words ” tardily and shortly ” depict how the past and future coevalss are included in his positions of world. He views them as greedy. Wordsworth sees the potency of our “ powers ” but knows it is hindered by the outlook of “ acquiring and disbursement ” . The poet knows what they were capable of and what they could make, but that was affected by the lecherousness of the flesh. We have the same job in society today. Peoples are disquieted about maintaining up with the Jones ‘ . They are disquieted about what they can acquire out of the universe, non what they can give back. I think that the society today is much like the society that Mr. Wordsworth is talking of.

“ Small we see in Nature that is ours. ” The Earth and nature is really of import to our being. We must make everything that we can to take the best attention of it. “ We have given our bosom off, a seamy blessing! ” This line refers to the mercenary advancement of world. Merely as Mr. Wordsworth dealt with philistinism so we deal with it today. In lines 10s and eleven Mr. Wordsworth speaks “ I, standing on this pleasant lea, have glances that would do me less forlorn. ” He reveals his perceptual experience of himself in society. He is a romantic with touch with nature. In Mr. Wordsworth ‘s sonnet This World Is Too Much With Us. We can associate with many of the things that Wordsworth speaks about.

I enjoyed analyzing the Romanticism Era. They truly understood nature and the portion that God plays in it. They realized that he created it and everything good in it. I think that we struggle with some of the same issues that these authors were fighting with. Peoples are mercenary and do non decelerate down plenty to bask the simple things in life.


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