The Banking Concept of Education Essay

Students have mastered the scientific discipline of memory. The ability to remember facts from category is the manner to success in most signifiers of schooling. Memorization of vocabulary cards. overhead notes. lineations. and harvested constructs will take to students’ expected accomplishment of ‘A’ Markss. Many pedagogues and pupils do non cognize that this system of instruction is non merely uneffective. but it is harmful.

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Paulo Freire negotiations about the “banking construct of education” . explicating that pupils in this system are “ ‘receptacles’ ” that are to be “ ‘filled’ ” with the “content of the instructors narration” . ( Freire. 1 ) These “receptacles” are expected to regurgitate information given in category. on trials. quizzes. and anything that requires an reply that is “word for word” what the instructor says. In a banking schoolroom. the instructor is the authorization and the pupils are oppressed. Freire writes. “The more pupils work at hive awaying sedimentations entrusted to them. the less they develop the critical consciousness which would ensue from their intercession in the universe as transformers of that universe. ” ( Freire. 2 ) .

To get away this system of pupils endeavoring to lose critical consciousness. Freire argues. and I agree that “mutual humanization” must happen. Students and instructors must go spouses in critical thought. Freire argues that banking educational ends must be forgotten. and instructors should. “replace it with the sitting of the jobs of human existences in their dealingss with the world” . ( Freire. 5 )

Problem presenting instruction focal points on constructs that have “praxis” . practical application of theories or constructs learned through instruction. Students must be able to see that what they learn in the schoolroom can assist them alter the universe. This realisation enables them to prosecute in “praxis” . When pupils are given jobs as opposed to merely information. the procedure becomes less anomic and more practical.

When there is no right reply. pupils are pitted with the undertaking of critical thought. and practice. The bottom line is that instruction should supply tools and pattern in critical thought for pupils. non absolute replies. I wholly agree with Freire’s statement in this chapter. In fact. I feel that it is one of the most meaningful pieces of educational literature that I have of all time encountered.


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