Thai people are consuming harmful media

Thai people are consuming harmful media.
People are now exposed to media every day. Statistic data from survey of Chulalongkorn University graduate students in 2013 shows that 66.7% of source of daily news come from online media. Take BTS train at any time of the day and one could see that almost everyone on the train would be looking at their mobile phones, it is now an online-content-oriented society – they look up for information on the internet. Change in media consumption behavior changes people’s perception of information at more extent and more easily to harmful content than before. Thai people should be more aware when they consume media. They are spending more time social networking, reading blogs and news than ever before.
Social networks contain a lot of misleading information. While a lot of content created by professional journalists, many of it is generated by amateur citizen bloggers and anonymous internet users. This aspect should be concerned because when the content is published, it can be rapidly shared. People on Facebook and Twitter are being swarmed by many hoax stories rather than a real news. They are not trustable but still got a lot of likes. As a result, social networks entice people with its variety of contents and change their behavior.
The change in media consumption behavior makes people spend more time looking at screen than ever before. According to Zocial inc., Thai people are spending 3.7 hours per day on social media. There are a lot of misleading and irrelevant information in mainstream news and people are now more exposed to harmful information.
There are blurred lines between news and entertainment., famously known as the largest internet community in Thailand. It contain all sort of subjects one could imagine of. Numerous stories on have been shared through Facebook recently. Most of them are debates concerning about social etiquettes and current issues. There are many people who understand…

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