Tertiary education should be compulsory for all students in Hong Kong.

Education and Hong Kong

Narrowed Subject: “Tertiary instruction should be compulsory for all pupils in Hong Kong.” To what extent do you hold with this position?

The enlargement of compulsory instruction, which includes preschool instruction and third instruction, in Hong Kong has beena controversial subject in the past few old ages. As employers requires their squads has higher instruction makings presents, itgaveriseto a treatment about the popularisation of third instruction. Third instruction have played an of import function for adolescents to detect their involvement for future calling and being as symbol of a ‘ticket’ to the upper category. It is said that extension of mandatory instruction could guarantee the equality of chance and rise the degrees in different position. However, it has been argued that third instruction could barely extenuate the job of skilled labour deficit in Hong Kong. To a big extent, I agree with the statement. This essay will discourse both for and against side of the third instruction being as portion of the compulsory.

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Third instruction refers to all post-secondary instruction, including but non limited to universities, like proficient preparation institutes, community colleges, research research labs and more ( World Bank Group, 2013 ) . Compulsory instruction is universally accepted as basic human rights but when the inquiry leads to the extension to third instruction, people ever doubt the necessary of the enlargement. Harmonizing to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 26, ‘Technical and professional instruction shall be made by and large available and higher instruction shall be every bit accessible to all on the footing of merit.’ This proves that third instruction is portion of the human rights that could guarantee the equality of chance for everyone. It could organize a linkage of establishments that support the industry of the higher-order capacity necessary for development. Since Hong Kong’s Gino Coefficient has reached to 0.537 ( Census and Statistics Department andSocial Welfare Department, 2011 ) , many pupils could non afford the tuition for colleges. These undergraduates, who do non get any fortes, would happen some low payment occupation and their societal mobility is limited. Even in the same coevals, their intra-generational societal mobility is besides severally less than the others because of the lower instruction making. A barbarous circle could be formed that they remain being as the bottom category of the society. It is unjust to the citizen since all of us could hold the tantamount opportunities. The chance of acquiring third instruction shall be equal, no affair the citizen is affluent or hapless.

Third instruction is non lone portion of the human rights, but besides could rise the degree on different facet in the society. In the industry position, Mundial ( 2003 ) mentioned that third instruction ‘s traditional character could be to develop pupils for employment through the transference of cognition and by supplying basic research and preparation to employees and back uping the sustained enlargement of cognition. It consequences more educated and productive labour force. Cities with great sums of academic alumnuss normally have upper ranks of invention and productiveness growing ( Tejvan P. , 2014 ) . Furthermore, in the authorities side, third instruction incorporate singular parts to society, with advanced instruction labours typically paying more revenue enhancement. Graduate degree’s proprietors are besides less likely to depend on public aid plans. Harmonizing to Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project ( Greenstone and Looney, 2011 ) , it shows merely 2 % life in families that rely on Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program ( SNAP ) welfares, analyze with 12 % of secondary school alumnuss. Other than higher parts, popularisation of third instruction could increase the city’s economic fight. Third instruction is a chief driver of economic parts in bit by bit more knowledge-driven to worldwide economic system. It has made advanced-level of third instruction more indispensable. The jussive mood for this metropoliss is to raise higher-level employer’s accomplishments, to prolong an internationally competitory research base and to increase larning airing to the advanced society ( OECD, 2008 ) .

On the contrary, it is discussed that third instruction unlikely to extenuate the job of skilled labour deficit in Hong Kong. The Robert Half Workplace Survey ( 2010 ) reveals that 61 % of employers surveyed in Hong Kong observed a skills deficit of in-between direction workers followed by junior degree ( 23 % ) and senior or manager degree crew ( 15 % ) , which includes proficient and gross revenues parts, motivate client relationships, computing machine and societal media accomplishments. This implies that deficiency of proficient accomplishments labour has become a serious job to the work force. Subsequently, it is doubted that the enlargement of compulsory instruction could non decrease the job since it could merely increase the ratio of higher instruction pupils. Nevertheless, I disagree with this sentiment. There could be varies of peculiar techniques developing in the third instruction. For illustration, Vocational Training Council ( VTC ) teaches practical, vocation instruction and preparation to undergrads, which provide manpower supports to industries for their development. Third instruction non merely refers to universities, but besides proficient preparation institutes. Well, skilled preparation is non sufficient in Hong Kong at this point. If the third instruction become portion of the compulsory instruction, extend of practical preparation is necessary for the sustainability of the occupation market. As a consequence, the popularisation of third instruction could likely better the labour deficit job.

Third instruction could be portion of the compulsory because the chance of acquiring instruction, which includes third instruction, shall be equal as it is portion of the human right and the popularisation of third instruction would rise the degree in different facet, like economic, industry and authorities. However, it has been discussed that the job of skilled labour deficit could non be mitigate unless there is an extension of third instruction. Taking under consideration, third instruction could convey much advantages to the community and develop an integral society.


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