Terms and techniques in the operations of construction management

Undertaking 1

There are two method to be after work that is frequently used in the building of LSM ( Linear Scheduling Method ) and LOB ( Line Of Balance Technique )

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In the building industry, NGOs are frequently used because it is easy to see the continuance of the undertaking. This means that NGOs are used to seeing each undertaking has been completed and connected to the other undertaking. For illustration pile works undertaking. Each stacking cultivation requires clip and if it is completed will go on to be connected with the other heap. It will non get down from the beginning and will be connected straight after the completion of the other.


Picture 1.1 show the LSM agenda.


LOB was foremost used in the fabrication industry and Productivity control. LOB has three signifiers that can be used,

  • Production Diagram
  • Objective Diagram
  • Advancement Diagram

Production Diagram

shows the relationships of the assembly operations for individual unit. Similar to AOA, except that it shows merely one unit of production. AOA is activity on pointer that ‘s means dealingss measure by measure to be a success. Example how to accomplish good trough? ? there are hold some stairss to accomplish that ‘s purposes like ever show good public presentation, active and so on. AOA we can see relation following procedure to following procedure.


image 1.2 illustration AOA.

Objective Diagram

Used to plot the planned or existent figure of units produced poetries clip. LSM diagram resembles this diagram. Objective diagram is difference with LSM because O.D ( nonsubjective diagram ) used to schedule or enter the cumulative events of units completion.


image 1.3

Advancement Diagram

shows the figure of units for which each of the subassembly operations has been completed. Progress Chart is an illustration to reflect the addition or for the betterment of the procedure can be seen in the diagram. For illustration, the company ‘s advancement in footings of net incomes that can be in a specified period.


image 1.4

Undertaking 2


Estimated Cost.

  1. The estimated cost is forecast in finding the cost of building or get down a concern. For illustration in the start of building, we must foretell the cost that should be used to get down a undertaking or building.

Actual Cost.

  1. The existent sum of the estimated cost should be borne in projected costs before get downing building. This means the existent cost is the entire cost of the existent sums received after the completion of building and is likely to be is greater than our prognosis of costs prior to building. This is because of the cost involved building workers, edifice stuffs, and the direct cost of the advertizement.

Cost Planning.

  1. Cost planning is be aftering in progress to command costs, command the flow of money in the undertaking and command the quality in every undertaking. This means that the cost of planning is made to guarantee the money available for these undertakings is provided in witting and economically to the assorted constituents and coatings. Always involve the measuring of the estimated measures and monetary values in the procedure.

Cost Control

  1. Cost control is the control that controls all costs incurred in the start of each concern or building. As an illustration of cost control is to command every stuff monetary values needed to measure each of the monetary value with other providers. This can salvage you more money for the usage of undertaking costs.


  1. JIT ( Just In Time ) is a scheme that reduces an object to utilize it once more if needed. This will cut down the cost of stock list. It is besides used to improved efficiency.

Undertaking 2 ( B )

Among the three subjects of stuffs, programs and labour, I choose my stuff to explicate the program, agenda and supply direction. Purpose of the program is made for the stuff is to anticipate or cipher ingestion of building. For illustration, the bricks used in the building. We must provide or buy in conformity with the planning done and needed for illustration we ordered 3 home bases of bricks to be used in building must get the better of it adequate or excessively much order does non count but if the bricks in surplus of the needed message, bricks may be damaged and if we order less than that required it will besides do a loss to our lights-outs have to pass money to purchase the material that is non plenty. Scheduling besides seeks to schedule the usage of stuffs and attending points ordered. Items ordered are non needfully on the same twenty-four hours as engagement. It took some clip to come. Sample telling bricks ordered today, likely after 3 yearss subsequently will be geting at the building site. Table cheque usage was to be made to guarantee that the stuff is in the highest grade before usage. Tables made aˆ‹aˆ‹to hasten the procedure for the readying of building stuffs. FOR direction is overcome it involves transit and waste direction are available at the building site. In this direction, transit direction to convey building stuffs ordered to be running swimmingly so that building work can be completed. For waste direction, it can be reassembled and used once more as a brick is no longer used can be collected and reused for landscaping intents. This can salvage you money from purchasing the bricks for landscape gardening.

Undertaking 3

Undertaking 3 ( A )

Quality Standard

quality criterions is a fabrication procedure where merchandises are made free from any defects. Quality criterions are to improved client satisfaction subscribe to the merchandise. For illustration, a company car find any merchandise they have a disability vehicle it will draw back. Quality criterion have technique and activities used to carry through demand for quality which includes

  • Quality criterion
  • Testing
  • Sampling

Statutory Conformity

Statutory conformity is a statutory ordinances where conformity with statutory ordinances must be observed and followed. Statutory Conformity of Statutory means “ of or associating to the jurisprudence, ” or what we usually name Torahs or ordinances. Conformity merely means to follow with or adhere to. So statutory conformity agencies you are following the jurisprudence on peculiar issues or things that have been set by top direction. The term is most frequently used with organisations who must follow tonss of ordinances.

Undertaking 3 ( B )

schemes that will be used is to construct or chalk out a design that meets the gustatory sensations of the client or the proprietor wish to buy. This is because if you want to maintain the merchandise quality possible, the design must run into the gustatory sensations of the populace. Develop a more structured model as if the model can be made decently, so each occupation in programs run swimmingly. Third is the monitoring of the day-to-day work performed by an employee or a professional squad in the readying of stamps, or work quality possible to guarantee that every merchandise can be improved and maintained.

Undertaking 4

Undertaking 4 ( A ) .

There are five chief types of procurance methods is:

  • Traditional
  • Construction Management
  • Management Catching
  • Design and Mange
  • Design and Construct


traditional method is better because there are three parties involved, viz. the client, contractor and professional squad. Professional squad consists of designers, applied scientists and measure surveyors where this squad will supply design fit client demands. After completion, the design is sent to a contractor for building. squad and contractor professionals to acquiring back in touch if there is a job in the current design or building procedure. Under the domestic sub-contractors are made aˆ‹aˆ‹up of electrical contractor, mechanical, and landscape gardening and providers. Client will supply financess in the building of edifices.

Construction Management

Construction direction is a edifice design which has made by the client itself in a new edifice. Possible client has a wealth of experience in edifice design. If a client has a new edifice and design was completed and the design of their ain, for the intent of building, the client will travel to a adviser who is represented by designers, civil applied scientists and measure surveyors to measure the design. After that, the adviser will measure the entire cost of building.

Management Catching

direction where contractors are in the procedure of building, the squad of professionals dwelling of designers, measure surveyors and civil applied scientists no relationship with the contractor. Client merely has a contract with a professional squad as a point of mention if there are jobs during the procedure of building. Client has a direction contract where the contractor building activities carried out by the contractor awarded the contract by the client. Under the direction of labour contractors are contractors who are given a impermanent contract which if building is completed, they will automatically halt and if there is more building, opportunities are they will be connected to their contract. Merely professional squad no relationship with contractors and workers contractor in the procedure of building.

Design and Manage

design and direction is a method where the design made aˆ‹aˆ‹by the contractor will besides pull off the building undertaking or as requested by the client. . Under design and manage contracts, the contractor is paid a fee to pull off and take duty, non merely for contractor work, but besides for the design squad. This has the advantage that as there is possible to salvage a reasonably good clip for the full undertaking, because the convergence of design and building in advancement. The contractor assumes the hazard and duty for the integrating of design with building.

Design and Construct

design and building is the most fantastic as each design studies and the procedure of building or committed by a group which comprises civil applied scientist assess the construction and stuffs, designers and measure surveyors sketch measure the estimated cost for the building undertaking. In contrast to traditional methods, all this procedure is done by a group or squad of professional versus traditional methods which merely sketch the professional squad, and measure each design, but the contractor who will construct it. For the design and building merely a professional squad that will command all of the procedure flow from design to construct.

Undertaking 4 ( B )

Malaysia -use procurement methods normally adopted by the Construction Industry in Malaysia is the traditional method. The traditional method has three constituents, viz. , confer withing, client and contractor. This Malaya utilizing this method because this method is more convenient and orderly as before building, the client should run into with advisers dwelling of a measure surveyor, designer and civil applied scientist, Client will confer with openly and will subject sentiment or thought to construct a edifice or undertaking. Client will inquire the adviser squad under the designer to make a design that fits the desire of the client. After that designers will take the design applied scientist to look at the construction of the appliance by a measure surveyor to measure and analyze the country and the entire cost for each construction and edifice stuffs. After completion, the stamp will be unfastened to the contractor and the contractor selected to construct the right design they have bid. If there are any jobs the squad of advisers and contractors will pass on with each other in the procedure of building is complete if there are defects. Here, the ground why this tradition because

  • advisers and contractors were able to speak good if there is a job.
  • client retains duty and control of the design squad if
  • there is a direct study to the design squad for clients to guarantee quality control is maintained.
  • Client has the power to supervise building activities.
  • Finance can be controlled by the client.

Measure monetary values provide a valuable footing for the fluctuation in the rates submitted ;

as all monetary values are based on the same information:

  • There is no demand for a contractor to build the hazard premium ;
  • It is easier to analyse the monetary value ;
  • The lowest monetary value is normally the best value for money ;
  • Where the elements are non to the full designed the edifice, while the sum of money that can be used to enable the concluding design elements.

Undertaking 5 ( A )

Agreement affecting two or more parties homes per understanding signed. This understanding will take to contracts where the day of the month, clip and so it was agreed by both parties. There are other parts of the contract but the chief thing to maintain in head when looking for information from the contract paperss is that they come as a bundle and hence all should be read in concurrence with each other. This is because what is mentioned in one of the contracts that can be denied on the other side of the contract. Contracts are understandings made aˆ‹aˆ‹through stamps illustration, the client makes a development undertaking where the client made aˆ‹aˆ‹a command for the contractor to tender and hold to the footings of the deepest in the stamp called as a contract between two parties, the client and the contractor.

Undertaking 5 ( B )


Undertaking directors should increase employees ‘ occupation public presentation and the public presentation of his ain work in order to travel frontward. If public presentation can be improved, so each undertaking can be run without any jobs. As a undertaking director, a right that must be done is to invariably supervise the undertakings undertaken so that the public presentation of each employee and the undertaking running swimmingly. This is a responsibility that must be done by each undertaking director at every building site. With this monitoring hopes to heighten public presentation in all undertakings and employees. The undertaking director should hold at all times in covering with all kinds of things that might happen during building undertakings in advancement.


As a undertaking director, clip is really of import because every undertaking is managed the primary duty in finishing building on clip. The undertaking director should play a function in directing and actuate each employee to the building procedure went swimmingly and was completed on clip by the client. This is the right and responsibility of a undertaking director in a timely mode to complete undertakings. For illustration, the building of the span, the undertaking director should run into the clip stipulated in the contract where the span should be completed within 29 months get downing on the first twenty-four hours of the undertaking begins. If unsuccessful in the completion of the span, this means that the undertaking director had failed in his responsibility and the right timing.


Undertaking director must cognize each outgo for each purchase of edifice stuffs. These costs must be sensible and in conformity with the demands. This is because if the possibility of cost overproductions will be lost and as a undertaking director, a responsibility that must be done is to command production costs and fiscal inclusion in order to avoid losingss. Examples can be concluded is that the undertaking director should measure the monetary value or monetary values for each set of stuffs used in building. The difference has to be made aˆ‹aˆ‹by comparing the monetary values in each edifice stuff providers. The best monetary value possible to salvage costs for each edifice. This is a right and a responsibility to make for undertaking directors in commanding costs.


Quality is a concern that should be looked into earnestly for a Project Manager who covers all facets of the quality of labour, stuffs used and the quality of building after the completion of building. This is really of import because the client will be concerned with the quality of the building of the coveted consequence. Duty as a undertaking director needs to guarantee the quality of building in good status and acquire the satisfaction of the client.


Task ( A )

Company CSC implement policies “ best patterns ” and “ benchmarking “ is to collaborate with local contractors where possible coaction with CSC as a partnership between the client company with local contractors in put to deathing the undertaking as stated in the contract. With this, the squad could be built while working to find the clear duty between client and contractor in the contractor. An illustration is the duty of the client to assist financially while the contractor is to construct or develop undertakings such as the footings of the contract. This squad will work to better the public presentation and undertakings run swimmingly. In implementing the policy of “ best patterns ” and “ benchmarking “ , the CSC is to utilize Cardinal Performance Indicators KPI. This is a method for mensurating the public presentation and consequences for comparing. This KPI can be used for comparing between companies with another company in which KPIs will bespeak the existent degree experienced by the company. By doing this comparing, the CSC can some thought of aˆ‹aˆ‹their existent degree. Then they can do betterments in the services provided by the CSC. KPI is a benchmark for the degree and public presentation. This will be done for workers in the CSC for them to better their public presentation. For illustration, the Company CSC evaluate their public presentation with other companies, as they can better their public presentation in a broad scope of services. For illustration, the Company CSC evaluate their public presentation with other companies, as they can better their public presentation in a broad scope of services. For illustration, in the building procedure, if the CSC build undertakings with high costs and take a long clip, they have to compare the cost and clip in constructing undertakings with other companies, if there is a difference, they need to alter and better in order to cut down costs and salvage clip in footings of edifice building.

Task ( B )

Sustainable building

Consequence of issue happens to the organisation and operation of the CSC in measuring sustainable building is the decrease of energy ingestion, waste of resources and environmental sustainability. Effectss happening at CSC organisation is likely to cut down the company ‘s building activities which build demands to the hurt of the environment. The following consequence of the operation is that they have to cut down the geographic expedition for new building. This will do the operation is non capable of running every bit planned. In add-on, the Agreements are face to keep economic growing and employment and other policies that ‘s Affect countries of the societal environment. This includes the Regeneration of lodging and Restoration of town centres.

Environment direction / preservation issues

the impact of organisational and operational issues related to environmental direction issues where there is waste in the building country should be collected once more. This operation reduces the cost to purchase the stuff for intents such as landscape gardening or so. For illustration brick or plyboard which is collected for and put the remainder in a topographic point. It can be hammer-back to landscape and CSC organisation should non pass money to purchase more stuffs. They merely need to utilize the waste collected. It is besides able to pull off the environment from waste. For preservation, the CSC organisation should look for other options in the usage of stuffs that have ever been the impact on the environment in order to protect the environment environmentalists. As illustration.they merely mending the topographic point where the country can be rebuilt from those researching the jungle for the new development. Besides that, the impact to operation and organisation is can salvage more budget.


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