Telecommunication Corporations A Orange Company Uganda Marketing Essay

This is a cardinal trade name of France Telecom Company and its one of the taking telecommunications operators in the universe. Orange has approximately 131 million clients ; it provides cyberspace, telecasting and nomadic services in many states where it operates and among those states, Uganda is inclusive. At the terminal of 2009, France telecom had gross revenues of 44.8 billion Euros ( 22.1 billion Euros for the first half of 2010 ) . Then, in June 30th 2010, Orange group had client base of 182 million clients in 32 states which include 123.1 million which is for nomadic clients and 13.2 million for wide set cyberspace ( ADSL ) clients in the whole universe.

Orange ranks the 3rd place in nomadic operating and supplying cyberspace services in Europe and under the trade name orange concern, its one of the taking suppliers of telecommunication services in transnational companies ( Uganda inclusive ) .

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With its “ conquerings 2015 ” this company ever addresses its employees, clients and stakeholders and stockholders and the society at big through its set program of actions. This is where it shows its committednesss through a vision of human resources for employees, through deployment of infrastructural web upon which the company will construct its hereafter growing, through aspiration to offer a superior client experience thanks in peculiar to improved quality of service and through speed uping international development ( beginning: ) .

a. Warid Telecom Uganda

Warid Telecom International is an Abu Dhabi based nomadic telecommunication company which provides telephone services in states ; Bangladesh, Pakistan, Congo and Uganda. It besides expected to get down operating in other states like Ivory Coast and Georgia shortly.

In 2004, Warid Telecom International LLC, bought a licence for operating in Pakistan in nomadic telephone web, and Long distance international ( LDI ) for $ 291 million US dollars and it was the first venture of Warid telecom international LLC.

In December 2005, Warid Telecom International LLC obtained a 15 twelvemonth GSM license to run as the 6th nomadic phone operator in Bangladesh for US $ 50 million. Then, in 2006, the company started widening its web, so in 2007 about 26 territories were covered. In the 4ht one-fourth of 2007, Warid launched its services in Uganda. It was besides set to deploy a WIMAX web throughout the state ( Uganda through its sister concern-Wateen Telecom. Its web has been active since February 2008.

Then, in early 2008, it launched in the Republic of Congo, and so in early 2009, it reached Ivory Coast. ( Beginning: )

C. Zain Uganda

Zain is a Uganda ‘s most advanced nomadic phone operator which was established in Uganda in 1995. This company has introduced many “ number ones ” in the telecommunications sectors such as ; prepaid programs, station paid programs, station paid programs, dedicated client attention, call forwarding, international roaming, per 2nd charge, revenue enhancement and information, one rate to all webs and Mobile top up.

This telecommunications company operates in Africa and the Middle East and its committedness is to make a “ fantastic universe “ for clients in the states where it operates.

As it started its operations in Uganda, it has been involved in many enterprises to guarantee the society reach their demands. Therefore, Ugandans appreciate Zain ‘s services in wellness, environment, concern accomplishments and development instruction facets and this company was introduced by Indians. ( Beginning: )

d. Mtn Uganda

This is a taking telecommunications company which was launched in Uganda in October 21st 1998, after geting and sign language of the licence. It is serving more about 4 million clients in Uganda and it is still turning.

MTN foremost got a licence which acquired 5 old ages of operation that is when about 89000 lines were provided and there MTN adopted a radio web to supply its services to Ugandans.

Although Uganda has a job of deficient substructure ( power, roads ) MTN has managed to cover approximately 90 % of the urban population, supplying services in over 150 Ugandan towns and small towns and their immediate environments.

MTN Uganda offers fixed and nomadic radio telecommunication services, shared entree services-payphones ( over 2500 wage phones which were installed in less than 24 months, MTN ‘s web coverage advantage became one of the company ‘s characteristics, the company besides provides good quality services, offers employment chances to the populace and ensures client attention which is its cardinal constituent of the company ‘s operations in Uganda. That is why MTN is the first company to set up a dedicated client attention centre in Uganda. ( Beginning: )

2. Banking ( fiscal establishments )

a. Bank of Baroda-Uganda ( BOBU )

This is a commercial bank is a subordinate of Bank of Baroda ( BBI ) , an international bank whose caput quarters are in Mumbai, India. This Bank of Baroda International has got over 2750 subdivisions in 17 states and among those states, Uganda is inclusive.

Bank of Baroda is listed on the Uganda Security Exchange and this bank is the 8th largest bank in Uganda whose maps are as follow ; Involving in commercial banking, concentrating on serving big, medium and little concern endeavors every bit good as persons.

This bank was established in East Africa -Uganda in 1953 and it started runing in December 18th 1953 in Uganda. Refering the ownership of this bank, approximately 80 % of the Bank of Baroda-Uganda ( BOBU ) is owned by the institutional and private investors in Uganda. ( Source ; hypertext transfer protocol: // ( Uganda )

b. Diamond Trust Bank

This is a banking establishment whose operations were launched in Uganda in 1995. This bank originated from the DTB Kenya which was incorporated in 1946 as the Diamond Jubilee Investment Trust ( DJIT ) to mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Ascension to the Imamat by the late Aga Khan III. DJIT ‘s portion was subscribed by the Ismail community every bit good as Aga Khan.

Then, in 1972, the name was changed to Diamond Trust of Kenya ( DTK ) which transformed itself from a community based finance house into a Non Bank Financing Institution ( NBFI ) to function the Kenyan general populace. In 1997, DTK acquired a licence to run as a commercial bank and its name changed to Diamond Trust Bank of Kenya, therefore started commercial services in July 1997.

Diamond Trust Tanzania and Diamond Trust Uganda were besides converted from NBFI ‘s to commercial Bankss and named Diamond Trust bank Tanzania Ltd and Diamond Trust Bank Uganda Ltd ( DTB Uganda ) .

In 2004, the bank broadened its banking service by presenting retail banking to optimise on the chances to retail banking markets. But, Uganda operation is a little size commercial banking concern. It should be noted that the Diamond trusted Bank Kenya Ltd owns 51 % portions of Diamond Trust Bank Uganda Ltd. The staying 49 % portions are owned by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development. ( Beginning: ) .

C. Stanbic Bank-Uganda

The Stanbic and standard bank are portion of standard Bank Group, the taking supplier of fiscal services in Africa which is based in Johannesburg securities exchange. Standard established in 1969 as a standard Bank Investment corporation -the keeping company of SBSA ( Standard Bank of South Africa ) . Then, in 1987, the criterion chartered sold its 39 % interest in standard bank group in order to reassign the complete ownership of the bank to South Africa.

Today, standard Bank group is a taking banking and fiscal services group in Africa and it operates as stanbic bank in Uganda and throughout Africa except in some African countries like South Africa, Namibia, Mauritius, Mozambique and Swaziland where it trades as standard Bank.

Its aims are such as ; supplying fiscal services to make comprehensive wholesale or retail services available throughout the bank offices in Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique and as Standard bank in Lesotho, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Swaziland. Another aim is to supply hard currency direction and related services to the clients. ( Source ; frontward )

3. Procedure or Fabrication Company

British American Tobacco -Uganda ( BAT-U )

This is the most international Tobacco group which operates in 180 markets and responsible attack to making concern from harvest to consumer.Among those BAT markets, Uganda is inclusive, that is why BAT offices were opened at that place.

The British American Tobacco concern has spent more than 100 old ages in operation trading through the turbulency of wars, revolutions and nationalisations every bit good as all the contention environing smoke. This concern was started in 1902, a joint venture which was between ( UK ) United Kingdom ‘s Imperial Tobacco company and the American Tobacco which was founded by James “ Buck ” Duke.

This company was established to merchandise outside both the United Kingdom ( UK ) and the United States of America ( USA ) and laid its web in African states, Asiatic states, Latin America and Continental Europe.

The vision of BAT is to take the baccy Industry growing, productiveness and duty. Whereas its end is “ to turn the trade names and the value of the concern, to better productiveness and to implant the rules of corporate duty around the group, ” by Paul Adams, Chief Executive. ( Source ; ) .

4. Logisticss and mail service company


DHL is portion of Deutsche Post DHL which generated gross of more than 46 billion Euros in 2009 and this company operates under the specialised divisions such as ; express, mail, supply concatenation and planetary forwarding, cargo.

Therefore, DHL is committed on International express expertness, air, route and rail transit without burying ocean cargo. It besides deals in contract logistics and international mail services to its clients.

DHL besides has a planetary web which is made of more than 220 states and districts and 300000 employees universe broad offers clients superior service quality and local cognition to fulfill their supply concatenation demands and this company is portion of the universe ‘s prima logistics group, Deutsche Post DHL. ( Beginning: ) .


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