Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India Marketing Essay

Harmonizing to a study from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, about 5 million new nomadic endorsers join the of all time turning population of nomadic phone users every month. Nokia Corporation, a Finnish multinational communications has played a major function in growing of cellular engineering. It is the universe ‘s largest maker of nomadic telephones: its planetary device market portion was approximately 33 % in Q2 201. However, in recent times Nokia has been invariably losing its market portion due to upcoming of rivals which provide low cost French telephones to the consumers. The consumers on the other manus have non merely going cost witting but besides tech understanding. Hey look for trades which provide them maximal benefits at sensible costs. The major menaces so far have been Sony Erricson, Micromax etc. which have reduced the gross revenues of Nokia ‘s dearly-won Mobiles. In order to acquire back the market portion, Nokia is be aftering to establish two new French telephones viz. C6 and E5. These Mobiles are priced lower than the rivals so as to pull the clients and recover them.

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The accent of our selling program is to establish Nokia C6 into the Indian market. Nokia C6 is a high terminal French telephone which provides characteristics like Social Networking, GPRS, Internet Connectivity among high sound and picture applications. Based on the market research and consumers willingness to manner, the program is to launch merchandise in the scope of Rs 12000-13000. The rivals monetary value for similar French telephones were besides kept in head. The French telephone will be positioned as a high terminal merchandise at an low-cost cost. The mark section wil be concern users and lifestyle witting people who see Mobiles as representation of personality. The societal networking witting people would besides be lured because of societal networking abilities of Nokia C6. The cleavage chiefly derives its base from 2 dimensions – engagement and attitude of consumers. Nokia C6 lies in Explore and Achievers class.

Nokia C6 will be launched in urban and semi urban centres chiefly. Subsequently on this will be farther expanded to Rural markets. Nokia has coactions with assorted traders and retail ironss which will be leveraged for distribution every bit good as publicity. The publicities campiag will be launched in assorted signifiers like Advertisement, Gross saless and Promotion methods like supplying free accoutrements etc, Online Ads and Blogs, Replacemnet of Old French telephones for new among others. This publicity scheme was decided maintaining in head the study consequences which included outlooks and demands of consumers and their primary beginning of information. Nokia has a high trade name consciousness so C6 will leverage the cover household name.

The financials project the gross revenues of Nokia in India market and how impactful it will be to recover the doomed market portion. The hereafter of Nokia C6 lies in rural markets and client customization of characteristics. The monetary value distinction can be applied based on the applications needed by the consumer.

With this study, the underlying rule has been to establish Nokia C6 in the best possible manner with a forced set of information. The accent is laid on recovering the market portion.

NOKIA – Short Introduction

Nokia Corporation is a Finnish transnational communications corporation that is headquartered in Espoo, a metropolis neighbouring Finland ‘s capital Helsinki. Nokia is engaged in the fabrication of nomadic devices and in meeting Internet and communications industries, with over 123,000 employees in 120 states, gross revenues in more than 150 states and planetary one-year gross of EUR 41 billion and runing net income of a‚¬1.2 billion as of 2009. It is the universe ‘s largest maker of nomadic telephones: its planetary device market portion was approximately 33 % in Q2 2010, down from 35 % in Q2 2009 and unchanged from Q1 2010. Nokia produces nomadic devices for every major market section and protocol, including GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA. Nokia offers Internet services such as applications, games, music, maps, media and messaging through its Ovi platform. Nokia ‘s subordinate Nokia Siemens Networks produces telecommunications web equipment, solutions and services. Nokia is besides engaged in supplying free digital map information and pilotage services through its wholly-owned subordinate Navteq.

NOKIA – India

Nokia has played a pioneering function in the growing of cellular engineering in India, get downing with the first-ever cellular name a decennary ago, made on a Nokia Mobile phone over a Nokia-deployed web.

Nokia started its India operations in 1995, and soon operates out of offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad. The Indian operations comprise of the French telephones concern ; R & A ; D installations in Bangalore and Mumbai ; a fabrication works in Chennai and a Design Studio in Bangalore.

Over the old ages, the company has grown manifold with its work force strength increasing from 450 people in the twelvemonth 2004 to over 15000 employees in March 2008 ( including Nokia Siemens Networks ) . Today, India holds the differentiation of being the 2nd largest market for the company globally.

Nokia has established itself as the market and trade name leader in the nomadic devices market in India. The company has built a diverse merchandise portfolio to run into the demands of different consumer sections.


Nokia is one of the most sought after and trusted trade names in the nomadic French telephone market class about throughout the universe. The Nokia trade name, valued at $ 34.9 billion, is listed as the fifth most valuable planetary trade name in the Interbrand/BusinessWeek Best Global Brands list of 2009 ( first non-US company ) . It is ranked No 1 Most Trusted Brand in the Brand Survey by Brand Equity. It is the figure one trade name in Asia and Europe, the 41st most admirable company worldwide in Fortune ‘s World ‘s Most Admired Companies list of 2010 and the universe ‘s 85th largest company as measured by gross in Fortune Global 500 list of 2009. As of 2010, AMR Research ranks Nokia ‘s planetary supply concatenation figure 19 in the universe.

All these accomplishments mean how the Nokia trade name is trusted by clients non merely in India but besides throughout the universe. Hence, clients are by and large ready to pay a small premium to guarantee that the trade name they buy is trusty and dependable.


Nokia has built a diverse merchandise portfolio to run into the demands of different consumer sections and therefore offers devices across five classs i.e. Entry, Live, Connect, Explore and Achieve. These include merchandises that cater to first clip endorsers to progress concern devices and high public presentation multimedia devices for imagination, music and gambling.

The Nokia C6 French telephone is coming into the market shortly, so it will be placed in the entry class for now. Besides, it is a smart-phone with multiple functionalities. There are a figure of high terminal characteristics incorporated into the phone. However, the distinguishing characteristic is that the C6 is priced well lower than other Nokia phones holding similar characteristics. Therefore, Nokia is seeking to vie with other cheaper French telephones in the market by coming out with a theoretical account that offers high-end characteristics under the sure trade name name of Nokia at highly sensible monetary values. Due to these features, Nokia C6 can be classified as a high-end value offering.

Porter ‘s 5 forces analysis is done to understand the industry attraction

Menace of Entry:

Huge Capital demand ( Low ) : High fabrication cost, high R & A ; D cost. Can non force to introduce and establish new merchandise.

Economies of graduated table ( Low ) : Fixed cost is high, so economic systems of graduated table have to be achieved to increase net income borders.

Merchandise Differentiation ( Low ) : Mobile rivers are going a trade good, and their distinction is fast being diluted owing to the ferocious competition, which has resulted in bundling of characteristics. Furthermore the bargaining power of the purchaser is high, so merchandise distinction is an ideal manner to add value to the purchaser

Distribution Channel ( Low ) : Alliances with nomadic phone operators is an indispensable factor for merchandise success.

Absolute Cost Advantage: Nokia being in the concern for long and owing to its larning curve and experience enjoys a border of around 30 % unlike other makers who have a border of around 15 % .

Government and Legal Barriers ( Low ) : The industry is to a great extent regulated, particularly the FDI into the state.

Retaliation ( Low ) : Ferociously competitory environment to derive market portion, therefore turn outing a heavy revenge on new entry.

Brand ( Low ) : Strong trade name acknowledgment is required to sell Nokia devices.

Supplier Power:

Software Provider ( Moderate ) : Many packages and Operating systems available. Besides the handiness of unfastened beginning sotwares has reduced the bargaining power of dickering power

Hardware Provider ( Moderate ) : The association with the providers has been for long owing to the fact that these providers have been providing to Nokia for long. Besides the competitory hardware industry has reduced the bargaining power of clients even been farther reduced.


The power of susbtitutes is moderate due to the assortment of similar merchandises available, which can take the replace the Nokia merchandise really easy and efficaciously.

Buyer Power

Buyer power is really high because:

The consumer has greater pick and really limited distinction of merchandises

Highly Elastic demand, extremely sensitive to economic system. Buyers can detain the purchase of Mobiles till they feel the clip is right.

Buyers have entree to a broad scope of informations and can compare good among different undertakings.


There is intense competition amongst trade names

With the coming up of more new Indian trade names which are capturing greater market portion.

Differentiation in footings of merchandises has decreased, nevertheless distinctions are now made on the applications and services provided.

Exit barriers have to be evaluated in correlativity with the value concatenation analysis. Exit barriers are low for makers that occupy merely a portion of the value concatenation against the maker who occupy most of the value concatenation.


Complements are critical merchandises for merchandise distinction and they have a really moderate bargaining power. The power of complementary merchandises ( Applications ) will be farther subsidized with the increasing web outwardnesss. We do non see complements deriving more power until all the nomadic platforms coverage under some common criterions.

Some compelments include:

Electronic mail

GPRS and Maps


Music & A ; Other media related applications

Utility applications

Internet based applications, etc.



Labour Torahs, working civilization and political scenario is different in India as compared to the different markets or fabricating installations in the universe. The nomadic market in India is reasonably regulated with the authorities non step ining much. The oversing organic structure is TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India )


This determines the profitableness of the venture in the state. India has had a good growing in its GDP and the tendency continues. The addition in GDP can straight be translated into addition in per capita incoime of the people and therefore increasein the buying power and therefore the per capita outgo. The demand for nomadic phones is elastic and economic turns and bends have a ruffling consequence on the sale of nomadic phones.


The nomadic phone industry is non so much affected by Social impacts. Rather it has been a positive factor as telecommunications has going progressively of import to consumers.


The nomadic phone industry is a really dynamic industry and owing to the ferocious competition and demand for distinction, invention and new merchandise design are a necessity.


The nomadic phone industry does non hold any environmental impact as such


The industry is regulated by TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Ltd. ) . Recently inexpensive Chinese made Mobiles were banned in India as they did non hold proper IMEI Numberss and posed security jobs in designation. BlackBErry besides faced legal fusss after being asked to portion the information about the BlackBerry users with the Govt. for security grounds.


High Brand consciousness and established Brand Image

Superior quality

Technology leaders in the market

Enjoys highest market portion non merely in India but besides Globally

Has presence in over 150 states

Has been in the Industry for long

Established distribution channels – Retail mercantile establishments, Franchisees ( Nokia Care )

Well established After Sales-Service web in India

Has a diverse Product line and Product assortment and caters to each and every section of the society

Product assortment customized towards fulfilment of specific demands of Indian clients


Nokia ‘s operating system – Symbian is non excessively appreciated as compared to the assorted new OS available today e.g. Android, etc. Critics feel that it should be changed

Market for high terminal phones still in its nacent phases

Lack of merchandise distinction


Huge loyal client base

Well established concern substructure can be used for farther growing.

Addition in GDP and therefore the buying power of people can be tapped to accomplish coveted growing rate.

The Indian clients are easy traveling off from text-based nomadic phones towards higher terminal phones

Market incursion of the rural market is still low but has a great potency


Quickly altering Industry

Menaces of new participants in the market, particularly Indian participants like Micromax, Karbonn, Spice, Lava, etc.

Mobile phone engineering and characteristics are easy to copy and retroflex which is being harnessed by the other low cost makers

Consumer Behaviors

Indian consumers can be divided into three classs – one, who will pay more and acquire more ( 50 million ) , 2nd, value purchasers ( 150 million ) and 3rd, will pay less and acquire less ( the remainder of the consumers ) . The 3rd class is alone to India. Rich people buy large trade names for amour propre and hapless people buy it for security. It is therefore a challenge for the Indian economic system and advertizers to take this set of consumers to a higher degree of disbursement.

The nomadic French telephone users of age group of 18-30 old ages are less monetary value medium than consumers of other groups ; instead they consider ‘physical visual aspect ‘ , ‘brand ‘ , ‘value added characteristics ‘ , and ‘core proficient characteristics ‘ more of import than users of any other age groups. On the contrary, the consumers of age group 50 old ages and supra hold given greater importance to ‘price ‘ than consumers of other age groups. There were important differences between different age groups as respects to the importance given to all the factors except ‘post – purchase services ‘ . The difference was highest for the ‘brand ‘ closely followed by ‘core proficient characteristics ‘ of the French telephone. Gender differences have besides existed for these factors.

Cleavage, Targeting and Positioning


The cleavage scheme of Nokia is based upon specific demands of the consumers. This is more of psychographic division which ranges from first clip endorsers to high terminal users. The consumers are plotted on two dimensions:

Involvement ( how much they make usage of Mobile )

Attitude ( running from rational to aspirational: pragmatism, usage of phone as a manner accoutrement )

Based on this, there are chiefly four groups:

Consumer Classs


Consumers Attitude


Segment Size

Income / Buying Capacity


Sharing find

Early adoptive parents

N Series

Well Represented



Inspiring self-expression

Use phone as an extension to personality

8800/5000 scope

Well Represented



Progressive simpleness

Balancing manner with end-user benefits like battery life, etc.

6000 or 3000




Achieving together

Serious concern devices

Tocopherol Seriess

Non Existent


( PIE CHART.. Calculation )


The Target section for Nokia C6 would chiefly be Middle Level and High end users who want branded French telephones at low-cost monetary values.

Nokia C6 belongs to Achieve and Explore class due to its high terminal characteristics. This section caters largely to company executive and lifestyle users. The market in these sections is good represented. The section Explore is peculiarly mensurable section and has a good buying power which makes it ideal to aim. Emphasis will besides be laid on young person who are lifestyle witting and are looking for Mobiles suited to their personality. It will besides turn to societal networking witting people due to its specialized societal networking characteristics.


Nokia C6 can be positioned as:

The above placement statement summarizes the thought of stand foring Nokia C6 in market. The mark section as mentioned will be high terminal users who look for Mobile within their budget and Nokia C6 will carry through this desire of such consumers. This will include even the lifestyle witting people who are tech understanding and are invariably looking for inventions.


Nokia has made its place as the universe ‘s prima mobile-phone trade name. It is known for its value for money and high quality. The Nokia C6 French telephone besides are in-line with Nokia ‘s trade name as it provides high terminal characteristics for low-cost cost therefore giving value to its consumers. The NokiaA trade name, valued at $ 34.9 billion, is listed as the fifth most valuable planetary trade name in the Business Week Brands list of 2009. A The company ‘s doctrine of the ‘Nokia Way ‘ called for four trade name values – creative, inspiring, human, and accessible.

Tagline for Nokia C6: “ Everyone Connect ”

Low-cost Monetary value

Qwerty Keypad/ Touchscreen

Marketing Mix


The Nokia C6 is the latest touch screen handset from Nokia. This contains a full sliding QWERTY computer keyboard and Nokia ‘s Symbian S60 5th Edition OS. It has a 5MP camera, car focal point and flash. The French telephone works as a mini cyberspace browse device because of its skiding keyboard and 3.2 inch large screen size. Installation of Multiple applications is besides possible. It supports a full suite of electronic mail and societal networking sites. Supported WCDMA frequences depend on part where the device is available.A With a organic structure mensurating 113 ten 53 ten 16.9mm, the Nokia C6 is thicker by 1.4mm than the 5800 due to its half-shell QWERTY skidder that besides adds 41g to the weight to convey its 150g organic structure to N97 district. It supports up to 10 electronic mail histories from your favorite email hosts including Yokel! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Ovi Mail.

Merchandise Specifications


To get down with, C6 comes with all the necessities. It consists of a courser, a information overseas telegram, a one-piece headset and a 2 GB microSD card ( C6 supports cards up to 16 GB ) .The C6 is sized 113 ten 53 ten 16.8 millimeter and weighs 150 g. Seems to be a heavy phone. It is a 3.2 ” touch screen and a side skiding QWERTY phone. The touch screen is resistive of nHD declaration. The resistive show is good plenty but when compared to the capacitive shows it fails. Using C6 under sunshine requires screening of the show. The receiving system and bill of fare keys are placed below this screen. Above the screen lies a group of detectors around the earphone and a QVGA video-call camera. On the sides of the phone, there is the volume rocker, the lock/hold key and the shutter key on the right and a protected microSD card slot on the left. On the top of the phone are a micro USB port and a 3.5 millimeter audio doodly-squat and at the underside are a 2 millimeter courser stopper and the lanyard mercantile establishment. At the dorsum of C6 there is a 5 MP camera a LED flash, and a individual speaker unit. The battery is BL-4J rated at 1200mAh and can standby for 384 hours with a talk clip of 7 to 5 hours. Under this battery is the SIM card slot. The physique and design of the phone is satisfactory. The QWERTY keyboard is comfy to utilize and has ample backlighting.

User Interface

Nokia is known for being user friendly and so make they maintain up with C6 excessively. C6 is entitled to run with S60 5th edition. Scrolling is perfectly a clean expanse with no slowdown. Doodads are on board in C6aˆYs place screen. The chief bill of fare of the C6 is similar to the N97 mini. Apart from that you can besides hold entree to the connectivity which initiates the WLAN hunt. Now coming to the Widgets, the infinite on the screen occupies about 5 doodads. There a figure of doodads that you can take from. There are doodads like the WLAN ace, calendar, music participant controls, electronic mail, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bloomberg, CNN picture and few more. There is one doodad for favorite contacts and a cutoff doodad excessively. There is besides an OVI shop. The phone book has unlimited capacity of storage. It is customizable giving you full control over the options. The call log as known maintains a record of the calls received, dialled and missed. It non merely shops calls but besides shops messages and informations transportation for a period of 30days. The sound quality is efficient and the signal connexion has no problem. Smart dialling is implemented at its best and is a speedy entree. C6 besides has voice dialling and can be used by a imperativeness and hold operation on the call key. The messaging on C6 is QWERTY enabled. It supports SMS, MMS and electronic mail of all types. The phone has two other ways of inputs apart from the QWERTY keyboard: the on-screen figure tablet and handwriting acknowledgment. There is merely one game on this phone and that is Bejewelled Turn.

Audio and Video

The music participant of the C6 is similar to that of the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. The music participant is convenient with easy uploading of vocals. It supports about all the audio formats salvaging one from letdown. The music library is good sorted and organized and besides lets you custom-make it. The audio quality is clear but is non the loudest. It has low noise and deformation and a great stereo XT. It besides has a FM wireless with RDS and has a problem free response. Sing the image and picture quality, the camera is 5 megapixels with a flash bring forthing good quality images. Images have natural colorss and good balanced with contrast. The camera has a clump of options from white balance to ISO along with several effects. It besides allows for Geo-tagging and characteristics face sensing, smile sensing and even wink bar. The picture quality is merely about OK. Video recording can be performed by the screen declaration ( 640 x 352 post exchange ) declaration or VGA, camera at 30 Federal Protective Service.


The C6 is embedded with GPRS, EDGE and the 3G ( HSDPA ) at 3.6 Mbps. 3G is tri-band and the GSM/EDGE is quad set. Bluetooth version 2.0 back uping A2DP and besides USB of the same version is used. It has an internal storage of 240 MB and it besides has a 3.5 millimeter audio doodly-squat. The web browser on C6 is on an mean serviceability with comfy scrolling and the fact that it is user friendly. The browser page gives a good feel at usage with some characteristics to alter size of founts and a watchword director. There is besides a download director and a RSS reader, a pop- up blocker and a minimap. There is one flash support which is better than the old versions.


The organiser has a calendar with different formats and besides Microsoft Office application but it does n’t allow you redact your paperss and hence to enable redacting so you will hold to see the Ovi shop with some charges. Organizer besides includes reckoner, convertor, voice recording equipment and notes application. There is besides alarm application which lets you put as many dismaies as you want.

GPS and Ovi Store

The C6 has an inbuilt GPS which got onto the orbiter lock in a minute with the A-GPS off. It besides has Ovi Maps 3.3 Touch installed in it and Nokia offers a free voice guided pilotage on all its GPS French telephones for a life-time. Now that sounds great! Ovi shop is the topographic point for applications, games, pictures and audio files and many more. Along with these the Nokia C6 has other applications preinstalled. World Traveller offering conditions, currencies, universe clock, and a universe map ; Nokia drawing, Bloomberg app for fiscal information and an AP ( Associated Press ) Mobile application are few others that are preinstalled. Coming to the societal networking sites, there are chirrup, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and hi5.

Monetary value

The characteristics offered by rivals LG ‘s GW620, Sony Ericsson ‘s Vivaz pro, Sony Ericsson ‘s Xperia X10 mini pro and Motorola Backflip are comparable to the 1s offered by Nokia C6. The pricing can therefore be done in a competitory manner i.e. a small lower than what is offered by the other participants in the market. The determination is besides based on market study undertaken on client ‘s willingness to pay to buy such high terminal featured French telephones. Nokia C6 can be priced between Rs 12,000 – 13,000.

Topographic point

Nokia has a strong distribution system so this strength can be leveraged. However, given the high terminal characteristics of Nokia and costs, it is best to establish it ab initio in urban and semi-urban countries. Traditional methods of bringing can be used that involves bureaus, jobbers, retail merchants and so consumers. Nokia C6 can be made available at Nokia ‘s salesroom, at authorized trader ‘s stores and in assorted electronic retail ironss like Croma and Ezone. The French telephone can be made available for on-line orders. The bureaus can besides use sales representatives for booth merchandising of Nokia C6.


Traditionally, Nokia has been advancing its merchandises maintaining in different parametric quantities like Customer Perception, Customer Needs and Expectations, Budget and environmental factors. Nokia promotes its merchandise via Push Strategy which involves retail merchants to advance. Personal merchandising and trade publicities are frequently the most effectual promotional tools for Nokia – for illustration offering subsidies on the French telephones to promote retail merchants to sell higher volumes.

With Nokia C6, the motivation is to sell a new merchandise to an bing market. The promotional scheme should be carried out via different mediums like:

Gross saless and Promotion

Nokia C6 is a new merchandise so to heighten incursion, assorted promotional price reductions and strategies can be launched so as to convert more and more consumers to purchase and utilize. This could include:

Supplying free accoutrements like earpieces, screen etc

Supplying two old ages of free service for usage of Navigator installation

Supplying excess memory cards


The Ads have been used by Nokia before to advance different merchandises. The same methodological analysis could be used to advance C6 every bit good. The particular accent should be advertisement based on the placement of C6 which focuses on affordability factor for high terminal characteristics. Newspaper Advertisement and Point of Purchase Advertisements can be carried out for mass consciousness of merchandise.

Web logs and Online Ads

Online promotion has become an of import tool to sell new offerings. This should be leveraged by Nokia every bit good since it is easier for GenX and corporate consumers to merely see the new launch online in signifier of ads and web logs. The Ads can be put up at portals that attract tech understanding crowd, immature audience and corporate people. Display Ads and Search Ads have become keys of the twenty-four hours.

Mouth of Word

This is one of the cheapest and easiest publicity tool which when done strategically can truly turn out beneficial. A random group of common people and mobile-seeking partisan ‘s could be called for a presentation of different characteristics of C6. This can move as a powerful tool to convert others to purchase.

Dealer Promotions

Assorted Traders can heighten gross revenues at their terminal by offering price reductions. Since the merchandise is already inexpensive in comparing to its characteristics, farther monetary value decrease will be added enticement for the cost witting client.

Exchange Old for New

The Nokia French telephones which are now old and are non produced by house any more can be called back in exchange of new C6 for an extra cost. This will increase the gross revenues of C6 without cannibalising Nokia ‘s market portion. The focal point can be on exchange of 2G phones for 3G Nokia C6.

Future Growth

In future, Mobile customization can be carried out to supply C6 even at farther lowered monetary value. This will include characteristics to provide to specific functionality demand by the consumer and monetary values can be charged consequently. Besides, Nokia C6 can be expanded to rural markets every bit good. The recent tendencies in rural telecom market have been interesting due to lifting demands of high terminal phones. This demand can be leveraged and publicity runs could hike up gross revenues of Nokia.

Market research

A study was conducted to analyse the consumer behaviour. The chief aims of the study were:

Designation of demands and outlooks of client from a High End Mobile Set

Primary Purchase Criteria

Preference Order of Features

Reasons for purchasing new high terminal Mobile

Designation of optimum monetary value set for merchandise

Brand Awareness

Brand Preference

Designation of Beginnings of Information


Major Findingss

This analysis showed that the on an norm a client is willing to pay between Rs 12000-13000 for Nokia C6.This was based on the characteristics stated.

Most of the people were incognizant of the launch of Nokia C6.This deduced that we should hold a better promotional scheme.

The Indian consumers have better trade name trueness for Nokia in comparing to competitor trade names.

The purchase determination is chiefly influenced by Peers sentiment. Television Advertisement and Online Information service as the other major beginnings.

The major participants of the study were in age group of 20-30 Old ages. This age group is less monetary value medium than consumers of other groups ; instead they consider ‘physical visual aspect ‘ , ‘brand ‘ , ‘value added characteristics ‘ , and ‘core proficient characteristics ‘ more of import than users of any other age groups. This helped us to find mark section.

The income group of Rs 4, 00,000-6, 00,000 is chiefly looking for upgradation of their existing French telephones. This makes them the possible purchasers for Nokia C6.

The urban participants were interested in high terminal characteristics like multimedia applications, expressions and touchscreen whereas the rural participants were interested in easiness of usage and battery life.

Fiscal Projections of Nokia Global

Net gross revenues to external clients by geographic country by location of client ( in euros )





























United kingdom





















Soviet union







Dutch east indies





















Contribution of India to Net Gross saless of NokiaNote: Projections are provided for the twelvemonth of 2010, 2011 and 2012. Indian Market Share is fast worsening chiefly attributed to the ferocious competition from local and Chinese makers in the low-priced section.

Contribution of India to Net Gross saless of Nokia

Sl. No.





















Our analysis suggests that the net gross revenues part from India is fast worsening. This is chiefly attributed to the rise of intense competition in the Market.

Business Overview ( Indian Perspective )

During 2009, Nokia introduced Nokia Money, a new nomadic fiscal service. The service is targeted to be rolled out bit by bit to selected markets in 2010 and will be operated in cooperation with Obopay, a taking developer of nomadic payment solutions, in which Nokia has invested. Through the service, people will be able to utilize their nomadic device to pull off their personal fundss, wage for merchandises or services, every bit good as attention deficit disorder recognition to their nomadic history. In February 2010, Nokia commenced a commercial pilot in Pune, one of the largest metropolitan countries in India, in partnership with YES BANK.

More of such advanced offers and value added services are required to be introduced by Nokia to collar its falling diminution.

Certain salient characteristics to capitalise on are:

Gross saless: Nokia has one of the largest gross revenues and distribution systems established in India compared to its rivals

Production installation: Currently Nokia owns a production installation in Chennai, India

Research and Development: Bangalore, India

NAVTEQ: In July 2008, Nokia acquired NAVTEQ Corporation, a taking supplier of comprehensive digital map information and related location based content and services for automotive pilotage systems, nomadic pilotage devices, Internet based function applications, and authorities and concern solutions. India map now encompass 84 metropoliss doing it one of the assets to capitalise on to better its services.

Indian Handset Market Share


Fiscal Year




64 %

52.20 %


10 %

17.40 %


5.90 %

5.90 %

4.Sony Ericsson

6 %

3 %


3.50 %

1 %


5.60 %

1.90 %

7.Indian Handset Makers

3-4 %

14 %


4.10 %


3.90 %


3 %

Recent Entrants

1 % each

8.Other Players

1-2 %

4.60 %

Recent Entrants include Lava Mobile, Lemon Mobiles and Max Mobile

Primary grounds attributed to lift in Indian French telephone shapers are:

Falling telecom naming monetary values

Need for Dual-SIM Mobiles

High Grosss and feasibleness of publicity options such as athleticss or other mediums

As per Industry estimations, 108 million nomadic phones were sold in the state in 2009-10, ensuing in gross revenues of Rs 27,000 crore as against Rs 25,910 crore during the old twelvemonth.

Deductions of Launch of Nokia C6Nokia ‘s gross excessively fell from Rs16,567 crore to Rs14,100 crore and the company is now wagering large on services like messaging, life tools and digital music.

Nokia is doing a serious effort to win back its doomed portion due to debut of Samsung Corby and Star which earnestly hampered its ‘ portion market.

Nokia C6 is mini-version of Nokia N 97 and priced at a little higher rate than Corby and Star Mobiles ( this can be seen as an effort to capture the initial fad in the market ) . However, with transition of clip the monetary value would subsequently come down.

Consumer Behavior of Indian Market is of the nature where in people change Mobiles for every 2-3 months, which is so a good mark for Nokia

Nokia needs to pump up its promotional scheme, because of the comparative high disbursement of other participants in the market. Sponsoring events such as IPL made Micromax accomplish huge success from nowhere.

Other Deductions

Nokia is known for its quality and service, the premier factors on which it can bank on and hit on remainder of its rivals.

Nokia, nevertheless have n’t launched it ‘s nomadic in Dual-SIM market, a sector in Handset class which saw huge demand addition in recent times.

If launched, it is expected to be received good among the Indian Audience.

Nokia chiefly targets quality & A ; service sensitive clients ; nevertheless, Nokia reached its initial clients through First-Mover Advantage and established a name and trade name for itself.


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