Teenagers on the Rails

Max Mills
11/11/14 There was this Great Depression going around that people have been telling me about. I never believed it at first until things around me started to change. The next day, school closed two hours after it opened for the day and no one knew what was happening. After school was closed, a couple of friends and I all walked down to the corner store to get a snack for the afternoon. When we arrived we saw a sign in the door window, the sign stated that the store was closed due to insufficient funds to rent the store. My friends and I all were pretty bummed about the corner store closing, so I suggested we play football down at the old field to try and make everyone feel better. After we all finished playing a strong game of football it started to get dark. We all said our goodbyes and walked home. When I arrived home after the game of football, I saw my mother sitting on the front porch sobbing. I asked her what was wrong and she asked me to go and get my father. I did as she told me to do. My father went outside to my mother; he was out there for a long time. My father took his hat off and started pacing back and forth as if he was in a panic. He finished pacing and sat down next to my mother and started to cry. It was the first time I ever saw my father cry so I knew something bad has happened. A little while later, at the dinner table, my mother and father told me they had to tell me something important. While I started to eat my dinner, my father and mother told me that all the money we have been saving is gone. They told me to cut back on food and necessities. When my father said he needed to find a new job, I knew no money was coming in so I knew I had to fend for myself. I will always remember what my mother and father said that night. So after knowing I had to fend for myself, I wrote a note telling my parents I would be leaving to find a job and future for myself. I told them I would send back money for them and finished the note…

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