Teenage crimes Essay

Adolescent offenses as we all know are those offenses which are performed by people aging between 13-19 old ages old. These offenses are performed all over the universe but unluckily these offenses have been on the rise in Pakistan for the last 5 old ages. Our aim was to happen out who are responsible for the addition in adolescent offenses.

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For this intent we Conducted a study from our fellow pupils besides we interviewed a Deputy Supretendant of Police to acquire his positions about this peculiar issue. The consequences we found showed that teenage offenses are a ground behind many jobs of our state and stairss should be taken to cut down this every bit shortly as possible otherwise status of our state will go much worse because a state can non develop without its young person. “The Young person of today are the hereafter of tomorrow and a state can non thrive and develop without the part of its youth” : – ( Bill Gates )

Teenage Crimes
Adolescent Crimes or Juvenile offenses are those offenses which are performed by people whose ages are between 13-19 Years. Expert says that the offenses performed by this age group are the most unsafe because the head is non mature plenty to cognize the full effects. This age is the most sensitive as it decides the whole life of a individual whether he will go a civilised individual or a condemnable.

Peer Pressure:
Peer force per unit area is one of the factors lending to delinquency among teens. Most of the teenage felons belong to one group or the other. Teen’s group tend to organize a subculture that has a consolidative subject of rejection of grownup values. Teen’s equal group s normally exert a degree of influence on their members to move in ways that may be antisocial. Normally teens get involved in such groups to acquire accepted in the society. Belonging to teen condemnable group is frequently taken as a portion of socialising. Poverty:

Poverty is frequently blamed for taking to offense. nevertheless underneath is something more critical – Society bombards us with commercial values. doing us desire more and more material things. to carry through such demands one will make anything ( including condemnable Acts of the Apostless ) to acquire satisfied. Poverty is the chief economic factor that plays a large function in adolescent offenses.

A high rate of teenage offenses is seen in low-income communities. Teenss who live in hapless vicinities have significantly higher hazard of prosecuting in adolescent condemnable activities than those who do non. they are besides more likely to drop-out of schools. engage in substance maltreatment and advancement to adult condemnable Acts of the Apostless. Media / T. V force:

Another factor taking to teenage offenses is commercialised mass media and civilization. For case. watching violent films and playing violent games may cut down the abomination of some teens toward barbarous Acts of the Apostless. doing it easier for them to perpetrate such discourtesies.

Besides. the amusement industry sometimes nowadayss unachievable life styles to susceptible young persons doing it seem like the ideal thing to make. A normally cited statistic says that a kid watches 16. 000 slayings and 200. 000 violent Acts of the Apostless on T. V by the clip the kid reaches the age of 18. Exposure to Television force makes kids less empathic to others. more fearful. more aggressive and accepting force. Poor Rearing Skills:

Childs who come from broken households that do non include frequent entree to their male parent or a positive male function theoretical account have greater case of take parting in some condemnable act. The deficiency of counsel that a male parent or positive male function theoretical account can supply frequently consequences in behavioural issues and deficiency of counsel in finding right and incorrect. This deficiency of counsel frequently leads to greater incidences of violent Acts of the Apostless than with kids who reside with both parents. Findingss

Our Survey was conducted in FAST-NU. The age group was 18 to 25 old ages. We conducted our study from 13 males and 12 females. Some of our inquiries were whether adolescent offenses are on the rise in Pakistan. Majority of the people said yes. Another inquiry was that what the biggest teenage offense is. The pupils had to take from Abuse. Street Crimes and illegal drugs. The huge bulk chose Illegal drugs as the biggest offense. Another inquiry was that is it a societal duty of the society to halt adolescents from offense. Majority of the people said yes. Interview

We conducted an interview from Deputy Supretendant of Police to acquire his positions on this subject. Some of the inquiries which were asked were Are Teenage offenses increased or decreased in the Past five old ages? There is no uncertainty in this that adolescent offenses are on the rise in Pakistan over the last five old ages What is the cause for this addition?

The chief cause is poverty. Media besides plays an of import function. When a kid tickers violent films his head does non understand the effects of making it in the existent universe. What is the authorities making about this?

Our Government Does non understand the gravitation of this state of affairs. Other than doing a useless section who is making nil the authorities has non taken any major stairss. In your sentiment what steps should be taken?

The authorities should do a clear policy about this because this is the young person we are speaking about it’s a major issue. Besides the media is a great pillar of power for conveying a message. They should besides play their function. But the biggest function is of the parents they should up convey their kids in such a manner that they should non travel towards the incorrect way.

After carry oning the study and the interview we came to decision that adolescent offenses are a critical issue in our state. Adolescent offenses should be considered earnestly because it is that period where the head is immature. So we should “Nip the Evil in the Bud”

Because these wonts will go lasting with clip and so it would be really hard to rectify them. Our darling fatherland is in great danger and its lone hope is the young person of this state. So we should make everything in our power to halt this. As Kurt Cobain Said “The responsibility of the young person is to dispute corruptness as they themselves make their ain future”

Mr. Zaheer Ahmad

1: Do you believe teen-age offenses are increasing in Pakistan?
a ) Yes B ) No
2: Is the ratio of teen-age offenses is greater in Pakistan than other states? a ) Yes B ) No
3: Is fiscal ground a factor to go a teen-age felon? a ) Yes B ) No
4: Do you believe peer force per unit area plays an of import function in teen-age offenses? a ) Yes B ) No
5: Are belligerencies ( off from place ) are more involved in such offenses? a ) Yes B ) No
6: Does deficiency of parental attending lead them to offense universe? a ) Yes B ) No
7: Department of energies films with condemnable material promote teen-age condemnable activities? a ) Yes B ) No
8: In your sentiment. which one is the biggest teen-age offense? a ) Abuse B ) Street-crimes degree Celsius ) Illegal Drugs
9: Do you believe household life of teen-age felons besides impact due to their activities? a ) Yes B ) No
10: Do you believe. it is a societal duty to forestall teens from such activities? a ) Yes B ) No

Bar Chart of the Questionnaire

Q8: In Your sentiment which one is the biggest teen-age Crime? Abuse 10 %
Street Crimes 30 %
Illegal Drugs 60 %


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