Technology Case Essay

We have chosen to analyse the consumer electronic hardware industry and the companies that we will concentrate on as a representative of the industry are Samsung. LG. Sony and Panasonic. While we were seeking for companies to analyse. it was hard to pick a group of electronic companies that produces and competes on precisely the same merchandises and services. The companies that we have selected are the stopping points in their concern theoretical account. that each is involve in fabricating telecasting. audio equipment. nomadic phones. cameras. and computing machines. We will utilize the porter five-factor theoretical account to analyse the industry and besides concentrating on the companies that we have selected.

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These industries have low menace of entry as has an exceeding barrier to entry that will continue profitableness. The fabrication of these consumer hardware are really capital intensifier as it requires a high initial investing on the fabrication installations. Companies in the industry besides benefit from holding economic systems of graduated table. As a consequence of the high initial capital investing. which means that the mean cost of fabrication. these merchandises will cut down the more the company’s produces. The merchandise that is produce by the industry. typically have a reasonably high exchanging cost. Even though these are consumer electronics and are affordably to most consumers but it is still non something that most consumers would invariably alter unless there is a immense technological betterment.

Another barrier to entry is that the industry requires a high degree of technological know-how and proprietary invention and patents. Merchandises like smartphones. cameras and telecasting uses many high technological hardware that would requires the investing of one million millions of dollars in R & A ; D and besides many old ages of research to acquires executable development. These will do it about impossible for a new little company to readily come in the market without holding any patents and proprietary engineering to vie with.

The second of the porter’s five forces theoretical account is the competition between the companies in the industry. The competition between Samsung. Sony. LG and Panasonic are truly high. Because these company produces about on every merchandises that the other companies produces. they compete on every degree of their operation from marketing. R & A ; D. merchandise distinction and clients services. These companies besides need to strategically form confederations in order to stay in front of the competition and still doing certain that the confederation will be every bit advantageous to all of its members without doing any one member benefits more.

The companies besides suffer from holding a high fixed cost which makes these companies unable to react to short-run alterations. This makes it particularly of import for these companies to be more accurate in foretelling future alterations. both on the fiscal facet as to foretell proper investing chances and market stableness and besides current tendency of consumer so that they could expect appropriate investing for future merchandises. The companies viing in the industry do non hold to worry about outside replacements but there are typically many replacements among the companies within the industry.

The bargaining power of providers is typically rather low when sing these 4 companies. All of these companies typically have a comprehensive perpendicular integrating in the research and fabrication of their merchandises. When there are resources that they need to get that they don’t produce. these companies typically get them organize challenger in the industry. In the long tally. this will turn out to be disadvantageous. As a consequence. most of this companies will come in into a fabrication confederations to fabricate some built-in high volume merchandise to do it more competitory for the companies that join the confederations and besides spread the hazard involves.

The bargaining powers of purchasers are rather high as consumer are now going more technological understanding. The consumers are good informed and demand really high quality merchandises. Even though the merchandises from theses companies are slightly differentiated. they typically still pull off the same maps as the competitions merchandises. The readily available information and reappraisal on such an electronic merchandises through website and magazines merely make it easier for consumers to compare merchandises and do an informed determinations. Online shopping site besides made it easy for purchasers to compare monetary values and reader other buyer’s reappraisals of the merchandise.

We have decided on utilizing the DDM pricing theoretical account to accurately monetary value the stocks of the companies which ultimate will get at the rating of each companies. We choose the DDM for all of the companies that have fiscal statement. which includes their dividend payout. The advantage of utilizing the DDM is that. it is easy and intuitive theoretical account. The theoretical account is besides sensitive to assumption made about growing rates and price reduction rates. This will enable us to do sensitive analysis to see a different premise alterations in the rating.

As a consequence. the DDM will coerce the analyst to believe as much variables that could impact the rating of these companies. The one downside of the DDM theoretical account in our rating theoretical account is that. it fails to capture intangible assets of a company. The companies that have a high figure of its employees that are really knowing will be valuable to the company. but this fact will non be evident and wont be captured by the DDM theoretical account.

Finding the adulthood phase of the industry pose us some trouble. as each of this companies are really good diversified and each division manufactures merchandises at a different merchandise life rhythm. We eventually decided to aggregate the multiple merchandises adulthood phases by the part of each of the division to the company’s entire gross. With the consequence. we decided that the companies that we have selected are in the growing phase. Even though these companies and besides the industry have existed for a long clip. because of the very nature of the merchandises that they manufacture. the merchandises still have a batch of growing potency and more market potency particularly in the turning market.

Finally. the last measure for our group is to come up with a templet in Microsoft excels in quantising the multiple variables to interpret in the DDM theoretical account. With these. we can bring forth our rating of each company’s value and compare to current market rating to make up one’s mind if we agree with the current rating.


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