Teamwork And Leadership Skills Management Essay

An organisation is a formal group of people with one or more shared ends. Organisation has people working for them with the exclusive motivation of doing net incomes for the company. It is justly said by Lewis B. Ergen, “ The ratio of We ‘s to I ‘s is the best index of the development of a squad ” .

Harmonizing to Henry Ford “ Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is advancement. Working together is success ” . The construct of two or more people working jointly is called a squad. It is besides define by the Webster ‘s lexicon that teamwork is a combined action by a group of people who keep their personal involvement and sentiments aside for the integrity and unity of the group. Though this is a definition but it does non connote that the single people in the administration are non of import unless they are in a group. Meaning or definition of teamwork, in general footings means that efficient and effectual squad attempts are ever in front of the person ‘s range. The best consequence of teamwork is produced when all person in the group are focused towards one common aim or end.

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In order to animate the employees to a greater degree, companies need a Leader. I believe in the stating that ‘Leaders are made non born ‘ . Anyone who has the self-control and the desire can be a possible leader. Leaderships can be developed by proper instruction, experience over the old ages and the right preparation. Over the period of clip, the leaders besides have to maintain them up-to-date by the procedure of uninterrupted acquisition.

Therefore, leading is a procedure which is used to actuate other people in order to accomplish the coveted ends and aims of the company. A perfect illustration of a leader is Mahatma Gandhi, who fought the non-violence battle for the freedom of his state, India, holding the full state as his follower.


Over the old ages, teamwork has become an highly of import term for any company. It has been laid down in the civilization at workplace and hence devising it a major and important portion of the choice procedure for many companies. All companies understand the importance and the admirations what squad can make. Organisations believer that nil is impossible if all great heads, work together. There is a really celebrated stating that there is “ no ‘I ‘ in the word ‘Team ‘ . ” Having squads can ensue in faster and efficient end products with better determination devising accomplishments.

The assorted advantages of teamwork for all administrations are:

It improves profitableness every bit good every bit productiveness as all the employees are extremely motivated and skilled.

There is a major decrease in wastage which in bend reduces the cost. A squad leader invariably keeps a regular cheque on the quality of the merchandises.

The degree of motive within employees is besides increased due to development of the forces by exchange of great ideas and thought within squads. Recognition of single members within squads besides motivates member to set more attempts.

It besides leads to moo turnover rate of absenteeism is besides reduced as employees develop a sense of belonging towards the company.

All complex issues or determination are handled in a better mode and at a faster rate.

Therefore, the all critical issues of the company are dealt with greater assortment of cognition experience and accomplishment.


A leader needs to execute the following to stay on his place.

Encourages the heartA – A leader should bask all the minute of glorification with the followings whereas attempt to curtail the sad intelligence off from them.

Enable others to actA – It is highly of import for a leader to supply other with all possible tools and thoughts at the leaders disposal to the members which could assist in quicker determination devising.

Model the wayA – the basic difference between a director and a leader is that a director will state others what to make and how to make it, whereas a leader will really execute the undertaking himself and so inquire others to follow by making the same.

Challenge the processA – A leader besides brings about alteration in the administration. Since the directors function is to steer what he has bee told by the top direction but leader, initiates new developments and seeks things for betterment.

Inspire a shared visionA – A good leader should ne’er conceal anything from his followings. The leaders should portion all his thoughts and programs with the followings.

Leadership theory & A ; theoretical accounts can explicate more

Bass ‘ Theory of Leadership

In order to understand, how normal people can go Leaders, we can analyze Bass ‘ theory of leading which says there are three major theories which can explicate this phenomena:

Peoples are born with difference in traits or personalities that may of course take the person to execute leading function. This theory is known as the trait theory.

In instance of a crisis or a deathly state of affairs, the individual who stands up on that minute which brings out the amazing qualities in a normal adult male is called the Great Events theory.

Some people can take to go leaders and larn the needed leading accomplishments. This theory is called the transformational or procedure theory of leading. It is widely used theory these yearss, universities and colleges are holding particular classs and talk to steer pupils who plan to go great leaders of the hereafter.


Leadership- it is of import for all squads to hold a leader who could supply them with right way and steer them. The leader of the squad should non see himself above the squad members, A squad leaders is the 1 who work as a portion of squad, maintaining all members joined together.

Clear goal- all members of the squad should hold a clear thought of what has to be done. The aims should be SMART, specific, mensurable, accomplishable, realistic, and clip edge.

Results-driven structure- the squads should be given some freedom from the direction in order to seek different ways in which they feel that the end product can better. The squad leader should hold adequate authorization to alter things around a small.

All competent squad members- it is vitially of import for any squad to hold good squad members. One bad fish can soil the full pool, likewise, if one member is non lending as expected of him, the work is divided among other member of the squad.

Unified commitment- the member should merely hold one common end and non few separate single ends as difference in motivations might take to struggles within squads.

Collaborative climate- A squad must posses a clime that has clouds full of trust, regard and honestness among the squad members for each other every bit good as the squad leader.

High standards- it is really of import for the leader to put a high criterion for the members as they should cognize what is expected from them. Merely by holding bold meeting and stating large words wo n’t do any difference, the leader has to execute his responsibility and show how are things needed to be done.

External support and encouragement- A squad comprises of many persons, all Ohios who are thirsty for grasp and encouragement from their directors and leaders for the attempts. Motivation besides plays a cardinal function in better end product of a squad.


Leader- A squad leader should be honest, intelligent, and understanding individual, who should cognize his capablenesss and capacity. The degree of success of the leader is determined by the followings and non the leader himself hence, in order to be a good and successful leader, the individual should be able to convert his followings about the things he can achiever by their support and difficult work.

Followers- different companies require different sorts of leaders and their abilities. A company like Anita Rodrick ‘s Body Shop requires a leader to be human oriented, who could take the squad by actuating them at every measure and see the followings as a portion of the concern, whereas in companies like MacDonald ‘s, a followings are normal portion clip staff members, who learn the occupation in a twenty-four hours and therefore necessitate a leader with close supervising.

Communication- bipartisan communicating is the key for any successful teamwork in any company. Communication forms a really footing of any squad, largely the non-verbal signifier. It is really of import that the leader communicates his vision across to all the members and the members in return communicate their responses to the alteration and how can they lend towards it.

Situation- it is highly of import for a leader to be able to accommodate him-self harmonizing to the altering state of affairss on a day-to-day footing. For case a people-oriented leader, who normally tends to soft towards employees, has to take a steadfast determination of stating some one they ca n’t travel on leave due to high work force per unit areas, and deadlines.

The state of affairs usually has more impact on the leaders act instead than his traits due to the fact that, leaders can brace their interior traits over a period of clip but difference in state of affairss is the existent trial for any leader. Due to this ground many writers have claimed the situational theory more effectual than the procedure or the trait theory.


If a squad wishes to hold 100 % success, the members should hold one of the undermentioned eight functions formulated by Dr, Meredith Belbin, called as the Belbin squad functions.

These functions are:

The MONITOR-EVALUATOR, one who contributes a particular survey by the aid of objectiveness and Michigans.

The PLANT is a member who has original thoughts, solutions, suggestions and programs.

TEAM WORKER performs even if other members fail to lend their several portion of the work and works even under huge work force per unit areas.

The IMPLEMENTOR is the individual who, implements the taken determination into meaningful information and implements the determination into manageable undertakings.

The RESOURCE INVESTIGATOR is a member who thinks out of the box and gathers information from all possible beginnings and starts the treatment e.g. gross revenues people of the squad.

The CO-ORDINATOR is the 1 who combine all the other members together and reminds the member of their undertaking and set aims on a day-to-day footing in order to put down the day-to-day docket.

The SHAPER provides way and form to the squad and their attempts, but does non truly interfere in the treatment.

The FINISHER is the 1 who keeps reminding all the member of the deadline and the urgency being a spot difficult.

Therefore, as discussed above, that different state of affairss require different squad member ‘s part. For instance- all new squads would necessitate a good maker, competitory state of affairss would necessitate an pioneer, who could supply advanced thoughts to hold a differentiated merchandise or service.


The chief ground that affect any squad is its-

Purpose and mission

The most of import and the basic demand for any squad for be successful is to hold clear intent and mission of the company which explains the squad, what they have to make and so they make their ain short and long term ends in order to make up one’s mind how to accomplish them.

We can exemplify motive by a simple conjectural state of affairs. In a building company undertaking, there are group of linemans hired to execute all the work related to doing overseas telegram terminuss. The company assumed they would work together, after two months, all the linemans were about to go forth the occupation on inquiring the ground, they explained that they were holding issues with keeping their focal point as they could non keep their involvement in their occupations because some of them were conduit specializer, some being good at overseas telegram trays while other who did non straight work with overseas telegram terminuss. Thus the company got the job and realised that is the intent of any occupation is different between members they will be given to hold struggles and consequence in deficiency of motive as good.

Along with clear intent and mission, motive has besides be described as a cardinal component of the drive factors behind a successful squad. If the squads are non to the full motivated by their leaders, how of all time the large company is, whatever the money involved is, without interior thrust or the impulse to achieve something is losing, nil could be achieved. It it is the premier responsibility of the squad leader to maintain his squad extremely motivated and do them ready to check and hard stone that comes on their manner to success.



I work in Mark & A ; Spencer for the past two old ages in London ; we have a busy retail mercantile establishment. Recently, during the Christmas period, our Gross saless Team leader/ supervisor in the shop had to take a leave for 2 hebdomads. Bing the most experient member after him, I had to take the duty on my shoulders and guarantee that the marks of the squad were n’t hampered due to his absence. At the get downing it all seemed out of topographic point, I ) assorted undertakings needed to be completed for Christmas two ) I was the youngest member of the squad yet the leader of the batch. This is where my grade in Business direction came to be applied, through application theories and techniques learnt at University, I was able to go the leader of the squad, holding an attack of direction of committedness and non direction of control, along with other direction accomplishments like planning, execution, deputation, control I was able to run the shop smoothly for those 2 hebdomads.


Working in M & A ; S, we largely have a squad of 15 employees working in a displacement, along with 2 supervisors and 2 line directors. We are ever busy during particular yearss like Valentines and Christmas twenty-four hours, during Christmas clip, our shop was truly busy and we were besides short of staff being the festival season. There was a squad of 7 employees and 3 being new Christmas staff. I was the most experient staff at that point of clip and all my supervisors assigned me work, so I had to organize that work among my squad members and I had to move as a squad leader. I asked them to split the undertaking in different subdivisions and seek to complete it every bit shortly as possible and so allow me cognize when they were done and by this we reached are day-to-day marks and the directors appreciated my work and part towards gross revenues.


Therefore, teamwork is an indispensable characteristic for all modern companies. They believe if all their employees are equipped with good teamwork accomplishments, it can besides take to their competitory border and hence teamwork has been laid down in the enlisting and choice procedure of the work force in order to acquire the right adult male, for the right occupation at the right topographic point and at the right clip. Teamwork, without a leader is like boat in the center of the sea but have no thought where to drift. The leader along with supplying way besides binds the squad together and aline all the members towards the company ‘s end. A good leader and a strong squad is all a company needs in order to capture any market in the modern universe.

Thought non ever all members get along good, the jobs with squads are, many a times non all members contribute every bit and like to pas the vaulting horse onto other shoulders, believing that they would non be caught by anyone. But due this ground there are taken out of the squad and new member is introduced. It is the responsibility of the leader to do certain all members in the squad are happy with each other and executing to a degree that will take them towards success.


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