Talking Your Culture: Diversity In Language And Culture Essay

Every society has their ain alone civilization in which the lives of the people are patterned. Culture is responsible for determining the individuality of a society and the persons who live in that society. Peoples conform to distinguishable civilization of their several society by adhering to the norms. traditions. beliefs. and values that characterize a civilization. Culture shapes people’s behaviour and attitudes and people are shaped their civilization by following new norms and accepted values that contribute to the development of their existing civilization.

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Every one of us grew up adhering to a defined civilization that differentiates us from other people who belong to another social group. as its members have their ain version of cultural properties. Culture is a predestinate set of discernible features and traits that are alone. It is composed of beliefs and values that were designed by the first colonists of the land. It encompasses a broad assortment of countries that reinforce and redefine a society’s civilization. It is composed of different facets such as humanistic disciplines. architecture. rites and traditions. and even the signifier of political and economic system.

Furthermore. innate qualities like doctrine and political orientation. life style and behaviour all make up the entirety of civilization ( Religion vs. Culture 2007 ) . Culture is a dynamic and altering property of a society that continuously shapes and reshapes the demands and life style of the people. Culture continues to assent to people’s lives that change over a period of clip. There are a batch of factors that affect and influence the alterations in civilization. These factors greatly affect the development of a more staple and constituted civilization in a society.

Religion. ethnicity. sexual orientation. and racial individuality are some of the factors that influence developments in civilization. Culture manifests through assorted ways. Pieces of humanistic disciplines are sometimes based on some autochthonal features of a civilization like their rites and traditions. Political and economic system besides distinguishes the civilization of a state. For case. Muslim states create policies that are in line with their cultural and spiritual properties due to its deep influence in the lives of the Muslims.

Meanwhile. Communist and socialist states like China patterned their economic system in conformity to the philosophical position of their civilization which is communism. Another manifestation of civilization is linguistic communication which mostly contributes to the distinction of the assorted bing civilization in the planetary context. Language is the cardinal agencies by which we conduct our day-to-day lives. We socialize with other people and when used in the model of communicating. it is attached in civilization in many and assorted of complex ways ( Kramsch and Widdowson 1998:3 ) . Language and Culture Language is a discernable feature of a civilization.

Language and civilization is evidently related. for linguistic communication is encapsulated in the wide context of civilization and it could non be discussed or interpreted individually from civilization. On the other manus. civilization will ne’er be without linguistic communication for it needs look ( Kaplan and Baldauf 2006:220 ) . Culture needs to be manifested and one manner to show one’s civilization is through language—in people’s communicating pattern and how their attitudes and behaviour was shown in their use of linguistics. Language and civilization is normally discussed in one range for linguistic communication is embedded in civilization.

More frequently than non. the diverseness in civilization is attributed to the diverseness in linguistic communication. This connotes the positive facet of holding a diverse and rich civilization and leads to the verve of preserving and furthering the profusion in multilingual and multicultural planetary society ( Kaplan and Baldauf 2006:220 ) . The cultural and linguistic communication diverseness of assorted societal groups in the universe brings about positive and negative deductions. However. people are expected to enrich diverseness for it makes the universe an exciting topographic point. Language is a contemplation of our shared experience.

These words reflect the person’s attitudes. beliefs. behaviour. It expresses the world of one’s civilization. It is a word picture of how an person was reared by their version of civilization and society. Behavior. attitudes. and beliefs were implied in the messages constructed by an person. Members of a societal group besides create experiences utilizing their linguistic communication through its verbal and non-verbal facets. Through the usage of linguistic communication. people interact with one another and socialisation is permitted. Therefore. they create experiences with their ain societal groups or from other groups with different cultural individuality.

Language is a system in which people can distinguish themselves from other through the usage of their linguistic communication ( Kramsch and Widdowson 1998:3 ) . Culture and linguistic communication are related and may match to socialisation and socialization phenomena that happen in the society. Culture affects our linguistic communication in footings of what is appropriate to state or compose and for whom under what fortunes because they embodied the cultural world. The ways and agencies of people in utilizing the linguistic communication could be regarded as the unseeable norm dictated by civilization to enforce order and apprehension among linguistic communication users ( Kramsch and Widdowson 1998:3 ) .

Language has many interesting subdivisions and many signifiers. Some of the discrepancies are the idioms of the ‘main language’ . Some of the idioms are someway associated to certain group of persons. There are besides a specialised linguistic communication in occupational groups that distinguish them from other groups. organizing their ain what we call slangs ( Kaplan and Baldauf 2006:220 ) . When we talk about linguistic communication of a certain civilization we do non merely speak about the pudding stone of subcultures within. but the assorted civilizations expressed in that linguistic communication.

Meanwhile. when we talk of civilization. we do non merely discourse the gathering of linguistic communication but besides the assorted linguistic communications showing that peculiar civilization ( Kaplan and Badauf 2006:221 ) . We could find if linguistic communication mirrors civilization of a society. There are many societal groups utilizing the same linguistic communication but the manner they use the linguistic communication is far different from the other groups. For illustration. states where English is their 2nd linguistic communication choose to utilize the linguistic communication in the prolific sense that is more learned. while native English talkers much prefer to maintain it simple and concise.

Cultural Diversity through Language Differences The increasing extent of highlighted relationship of linguistic communication and civilization has led to the obtaining information on how cultural differences are created through the different signifiers of lingual patterns and use. It besides paved the manner for finding how the development of the linguistic communication and socialisation greatly contributes to the entire development of cultural individualities ( Risager 2006:1 ) . Language plays a important function in the different countries of patterns and it is necessary to analyze the interface of linguistic communication and civilization.

Focus should non merely be allotted to the societal and structural content but besides to the cultural context of the linguistic communication and how significances are conveyed ( Risager 2006:1 ) . The relation between linguistic communication and civilization and on its subcultures may change well due to its use or how people will be able to use the linguistic communication. This culture-specific content can be seen largely in many technically specialised linguistic communications. peculiarly if that linguistic communication is globally used ( Kaplan and Baldauf 2006:220 ) . For illustration. the Internet is a universe known mechanism that enables us to make people in different states.

The Internet’s common linguistic communication is English that is reduced to avoid cultural implanting. There is a alleged international linguistic communication that is used when covering with aliens. Consequently. people have to somehow modify the linguistic communication to accomplish apprehension and cultural relativity. The decrease of a certain linguistic communication is stripped on intent and should non be burdened with cultural burden. This is due to the fact that the cultural backgrounds of the people somehow impact their use of the international linguistic communication or the common linguistic communication that is jointly used by everyone. Therefore. it creates unintended misinterpretation.

Some companies realized that they have to accommodate the linguistic communication they are utilizing in different cultural parts to which they cater their services ( Kaplan and Badauf 2006:220 ) . Cultural diverseness. though the construct is interesting and people should advance their multicultural properties. sometimes have negative deductions in a society. Because of cultural differences. we could non to the full accomplish growing and integrity. Miscommunication occurs because of comparative contextual reading on actions and messages. Though the states subjected themselves in globalisation. it does non bridge the spread that is caused by cultural differences of states.

It merely promotes free international exchange of goods for economic addition. Unifying different groups with different cultural individuality would be possible if we could interrupt down all cultural barriers and be merely members of a one planetary society. However. due to the differences brought by assorted facets of civilization. the disparity creates a spread among persons. non because they do non desire be identified as the other. but because they could non understand one another due to their reading that is rather contrary from each other.

Understanding is someway elusive in civilizations. for civilization is a critical human experience and you could ne’er penetrate it without emerging yourself within. Language creates the world’s cultural diverseness. It is a signifier of a cultural barrier that is hard to decide because it is deep-rooted in our ain civilization and modifying or changing them will greatly impact the whole context of our civilization. Language is built-in in our civilization ; therefore. many persons are reared utilizing a peculiar linguistic communication and accommodations would merely confound the people. Different civilizations and subcultures use linguistic communication otherwise.

Communication forms and pattern of a individual reflects one’s civilization. Peoples in some civilization may be more expressive of their ideas and feelings. while people from other civilizations may take to be stoic and reserved in verbal communicating. Some of the communicating variables that are cultural different are oculus contact. propinquity to others. manners of inquiring inquiries and using societal little talk ( DeLaune and Ladner 2002:199 ) . Culture and linguistic communication may be considered as inseparable. Language and Culture have an obvious and undeniable relationship on how they greatly affect each other.

Language affects the development of civilization because of the inevitable alterations in society. while civilization besides affects linguistic communication simply on how a individual uses the linguistic communication. Language reflects a person’s attitude. behaviour. beliefs. and values depending on how an single utilizations linguistics patterns. There is a general apprehension that. through the procurance of the prevailing sentiments and patterns in civilization and linguistic communication. it leads to the manner for social success. Language is one of the factors of cultural diverseness.

It is one of the chief causes why civilizations are unable to be unified though many attempts have been tried. Differences in linguistic communication lead to cultural differences because persons from assorted societal groups may non understand each other easy and may construe event and issues otherwise. For case. a individual from a certain societal group with alone features may comprehend the unfavorable judgments of a instructor as a judgement and purpose to ache a person’s feeling. while the other may comprehend it as constructive and in the positive visible radiation that are designed to specify a person’s defect for betterment.

The accent given in the usage of linguistic communication in different contextual civilization led to the understanding cultural differences and how developments in linguistic communication are linked to the development of cultural individuality. Indeed. the important relation of linguistic communication and civilization contributes to the whole wellbeing of a society and its development for it reinforces the enrichment of its cultural individuality.


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