Taking Sides Essay

Discussion Points Assignment: Issue # 18 Should Female Circumcision be Banned? Drumhead: The chief issue being discussed in the Taking Sides article is that of whether or non it would be right for anthropologists to work to extinguish the pattern of female Circumcision.

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This culturally problematic subject was discussed by professor of the history and doctrine of scientific discipline Merrilee H. Salmon and Professor of anthropology Elliot P. Skinner ; Both taking on really different sides in their treatment on the subject. Salmon argues that Anthropologists should work to extinguish such pattern due to her statement that “…clitoridectomy ( female venereal mutilation ) violates the rights of the adult females on whom it is performed. ” Besides. Professor Salmon brings up the possibility that venereal mutilation could really good be a manner for males to command adult females within their society and advance the pattern of inequality.

On the contrary. Professor Skinner believes that such cultural patterns should non be eliminated and “…accuses women’s rightists who want to get rid of female circumcision of being ethnocentric. ” Professor Skinner efforts to cover the cultural facet of this issue. connoting that African adult females themselves volunteer to execute female circumcision and decodes the cultural significance behind such pattern. Such cultural significance is that of male induction ( subsequently on in matrimony ) and the transmutation of misss into maturity.

Textbook Concept: An illustration from the book that most closely could associate to this TS article begins on page 313 with the building spiritual justifications for force ; this subdivision gives illustrations of slaughters and wars being justified by faith. as in Professor Skinner’s statement which implies that these patterns are to be culturally justified. Ethnographic Example: The article gives a really clear account that in some African civilization ( Kenya. Kikuyu Tribe ) “no proper kikuyu would woolgather of get marrieding a miss who has non been circumcised” ( Kenyatta 1938 ) .

And although the medical dangers of such rites are apparent. this pattern is still performed amongst African civilizations. My place: After reading and researching more about this subject. I found it hard to side with Professor Skinner and his statement on seeking to understand the cultural significance behind this ritual. However. the procedure through which misss are put through is painful and about inhumane.

Young misss are lied to in order to execute this type of ritual and so held down or sometimes even tied down to execute this process without any type of anaesthesia. Culture or non. I believe there must be another. healthier manner to assist such a procedure. Alternatively of censoring it. the procedure could potentially be modified for it to be medically right every bit long as the adult females are still willing to be put through such a hideous process.


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