Swot for Tip Top Up Bread, a Aussie Bread Brand

Strengths The Tip Top Up Bread got several strengths in the market. Tip Top Up Bread was a 50 years-old brand, its great brand name in Australia with good reputation gain it got a large number of loyal customer, when the Tip Top Company introduce the Tip Top Up Variety in the market, these loyalty customer would willing to try this new product. It is now the dominating brand selling the nutrition added bread. These monopoly market place make consumers who want to buy nutrition added bread have no choice, but to choose their bread.

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But at the same time, although the bread is nutrition added, it maintains a competitive price, which is more or less the same as the tradition normal one. And the product itself is also good enough to make a profit, it can match it core competencies with the market opportunity, the trend of having health product. And the Omega 3 added bread, got no smell and the fishy aftertaste when comparing to the traditional fish oil capsules, which is also rich in Omega 3, the brand soon turn this threat into a opportunity as those children do not like the fishy aftertaste would now have a new choice. And in the website, CHOICE. COM.

AU, the Tip Top Up Bread was being recommended as a good choice for kids, when the website act as a source of indentifying the healthy food that parents would buy for their children, the variety would absolutely increase its sales. Moreover, it have good place, the Tip Top Up bread are available in most supermarket, Woolworths and Coles and even in some convenient shop, this good distribution of good make it have a higher value in the mind of the customers. It also got good promotion, there are some creative advertisement for the Tip Top Up Bread which is quite impressive to promote the new series of bread. Weaknesses

Although it is a good idea to add nutrition in the bread, It doesn’t mention where is the nutrition from. Say, the Omega 3, is it get from natural source or artificially made, if the Omega3 is naturally got, what method did the company used to reduce the taste or smell, the customers know nothing about it. Also, we don’t know if there is any side effect if we over taking the nutrition added bread. For the Vitamin pills and the Fish Oil capsules, there is a recommend intake per day, and different people, adult or kids, should also have different volume intake per day, however, it again doesn’t mention any information about that.

We, as a customer, don’t know any information if there is any side effect. As, the bread is without any preservation, which means the bread can only be kept for about 5-6 days, if an overseas student, an individual, want to buy a pack of Energy Plus Bread which only have one single standard package, it is definitely impossible for an individual to consume 18 slice of bread within 5-6 days, so it is better for them to develop a smaller pack of bread with about 8 slice. Opportunities Market opportunities also appear.

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to their health, they are willing to try more health product, the Tip Top Up variety so can catch the need of those customers. Moreover, parents always want to give the best and healthy stuff to their children, the Tip Top Up Variety that added Omega 3 and energy would definitely catch this target market. And the company had made appropriate promotion strategy, develop a slogan, Kids Will Eat It UP. The NSW Health Department also suggest its resident to have more grain which is good for their heart, as a great brand with good reputation, more people would choose to consume its 100% wholemeal bread.

It is thus obvious that the socio-cultural force and the legal force in the market environment create some kind of opportunity for the brand, and it is expected that people would pay increasing attention to their health, and the Research and Development Department would have to keep pace with the market and introduce some more kind of value-added product to match the market opportunity with its own core competencies. For example, may be introducing some bread with calcium and protein added, which is essential for the growth of children.

Threats In the market, there are already different kind of fish oil capsules and vitamin pill with well labelled, as what stated in its weakness, if it still fail to explain the way it used to obtain the nutrition, the Omega 3, and well inform its customer, as customer would concern what they are eating. If it fails to satisfy its customer, the customer would shift to consume other substitute Also, it is expected that other bread brand would soon develop these kind of nutrition added bread.

This would threaten the market place of Tip Top Up, as when there is existence of comparable substitutes, part of the customer may shift to other goods according the price. Even other substitutes like corn flakes would also soon develop some nutrition added product. And actually, Wonder-White, another bread brand in the market, has introduced a Calcium Plus Bread. At the same time, some people may against adding nutrition artificially, against the act of modifying the nature of a food product, this socio-cultural force would unflavoured the further develop and growth of this nutrition added bread.


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