Swot Analysis Samsung Handset Marketing Essay

The first smartphones combined the maps of aA personal digital assistantA with a nomadic phone. Later theoretical accounts added the functionality ofA portable media participants, low-endA compactA digital cameras, A pocket picture cameras, andA GPSA pilotage units to organize one multi-use device. Modern smartphones besides included high-resolutionA touchscreensA andA web browsersA that display standard web pages every bit good asA mobile-optimizedA sites. High-speed information entree is provided byA Wi-FiA andA nomadic broadband.

Screens on smartphones vary mostly in bothA show sizeA andA show declaration. The most common screen sizes range from 2A inches to over 4A inches ( measured diagonally ) . Some 5A inch screen devices exist that run onA nomadic OSesA and have the ability to do phone calls, such as the discontinuedA Dell StreakA and the currentA Samsung Galaxy Note.

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SWOT Analysis:

samsung French telephone


The engineering that is being used by samsung is the most progress

( humanoid ) .

Samsung has merchandise scope from typical low scope to the elect scope i.e. good marketing- mix

largest market portion and highest growing rate 266 % in first one-fourth of 2012

Strong advertisement runs and publicity schemes around 125 channel spouse.


Lack of trade name trueness less people all over the universe are non that much loyal to samsung as to apple and Nokia.

Samsung has yet non do a grade in rural market of India.

Less focal point on B2B selling around merely 3 % gross


Samsung can come up with promotional activity concentrating the rural market.

Handset specially designed for the rural market

Handset specially for the aged people less of characteristic but more lastingness and really user friendly

Can bind up with the company like capdase for doing customized samsung accoutrements.


Brand name is being hampered by different get bying jurisprudence suit.

Handset market in really fast traveling market in footings of engineering so it have to come up with inventions at right clip as nokia is make up one’s minding to hold a turnaround in india market.

Competition is really high from major participant like nokia rim apple etc and besides from some new and low cost participant like micromax etc



Today in the tough competitory market of French telephone all around the universe no company can be taken as hard currency cow and that is to for the samsung French telephone unit. Since samsung is leader in the French telephone market globally it is fundamentally a star company merely because of its inventions and advertisement which need a batch of capital ( hard currency ) .

Even if we have to take in history the different theoretical accounts from the samsung selling mix we can hold smartphone like moving ridge series utilizing wada platform can come under a inquiry grade because of that company has besides stooped fabricating some of them. but all other utilizing android platform be it galaxy one of S series they all are in star company bring forthing high gross from them with uninterrupted Research and development


Segmentation includes four groups

1. Geographic 2. Demographic 3. Psychographic 4. Behavioral


It depends on part, state size, clime, and denseness of country urban, semi-urban, rural. But in handset market geographic cleavage do non hold that much influence except in rural country. In India we uses 1800 and 900 gsm set.

2. Demographic:

It depends on age, gender, household size, household life rhythm, instruction, income, business, socioeconomic position, faith, nationality/race ( cultural selling ) , linguistic communication. Each assortment of this cleavage. samsung for that in India has come up with some phones with Indian linguistic communication being used. Smartphone for all income group and for executive category to trendy phones for young person


It depends on personality, life manner, value, attitude. today cell phone has became more or less a position symbol instead than a communicating device that ‘s why samsung has tried to portrait it image as trendy, high on engineering, high on manner and design for different sort of people with different theoretical account


It depends on occasions, benefits, user position, usage rate, buyer-readiness phase, trueness position. phone with double sim are available. It can come up with some particular edition phone for occasions in India like matrimony, two phones with some sole communicating engineering.


AA mark marketA is a group of clients that theA businessA has decided to take itsA marketingA attempts and finally itsA merchandiseA towards adn this is called targeting.Targeting is the 2nd phase and is done one time the markets have been segmented.Organizations with the aid of assorted selling programs and strategies target their merchandises amongst the assorted sections. The mark market for samsung depends on income group and for the techno lovers people.

Customers which are non in high income manus but are techno lover is a large section market in India young person for that samsung has merchandise like Galaxy pocket and Y dous.


Samsung has branded itself as a equivalent word of quality and inventions in India it has trade name embassador as Amir khan who has a image of being MR. perfectionist.

With uninterrupted inventions it has been able to do a grade among the clients which has resulted positively as it has increased its market drastically and a possible growing rate.

By puting up immense figure of client service centre and even with a e-store and samsung construct shop it has positioned itself as a client caring company.

In 2008 company organized a Samsung Mobile Karaoke Festival.


The Value Delivery Chain:

Businesss win by acquiring, maintaining, and turning clients. Without clients, one can non hold a concern. The undertaking of any concern is to present client value at a net income while being socially responsible.

In a hypercompetitive economic system, with progressively rational purchasers faced with abundant picks, a company can win merely by polishing the value bringing procedure and choosing, supplying and pass oning superior value.

Samsung provides merchandises of high quality and long- term lastingness.

Customer Value and satisfaction:

The steadfast substructure covers the costs of general direction, planning, accounting, legal and authorities personal businesss. Customer Perceived Value is the difference between what the client gets and what he/she gives for different possible picks.

The seller can increase the value of the client offering by either raising economic, functional or emotional benefits or by cut downing one or more of the assorted types of cost.

Suppose a purchaser wants to purchase a Mobile from samsung shop. The gross revenues individual carefully describes the gross revenues offer. The purchaser wants the Mobile to be lasting and with a great offer. He evaluates these standards with the pecuniary cost to organize a entire client cost. If Samsung provides high entire client cost, so merely the client goes with the Samsung merchandises otherwise he will exchange on to some other merchandise.

The value creative activity and bringing sequence goes by,

hypertext transfer protocol: //whattimlearnedatbusinessschool.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/value-creation-and-delivery-sequence.jpg

The Value Chain:

It fundamentally refers to the value being added to the merchandise at every step.In Samsung, the undermentioned primary activities being carried out.

Inbound Logistics – Deals with procuring or conveying natural stuffs.

Operationss – Converting the procured natural stuffs to concluding merchandises.

Outbound logistics – transit i.e. transporting out concluding merchandises and marketing them.

Marketing – it involves adult male power and besides includes gross revenues.

Servicess -includes post-sales services

Procurement of constituents is in rule based around Samsung Electronics Device Solution division and affiliates. Merchandises non made by this division are procured through a crystalline procedure. These are so assembled in the appropriate mills of the division around the universe.

Customer Lifetime Value:

The well known 20-80 regulation says that the top 20 % of the clients frequently generate 80 % of the company ‘s net income.

The macro environmental factors include the

1.Economic environment

The addition in per capita income of the state and GDP growing of 6.5 % over the last decennary is a encouragement for Samsung smart phones.

2.Income distribution

The distribution of income in India is unequal. The market for smart phones has developed smart phones at lower costs. The company Samsung is the market leader in the smart phone market.

3.Socio cultural environment

The young person is the mark market for Samsung phones as the mean age of India is in A mid 20s.It occupies a placement of cool in the heads of young person.

4.Natural environment

The radiation caused by phones is a concern. The market in India has really broad environment Torahs and helps the company to bring forth goods at a cheaper rate. The company maintains ISO 9001:2000 criterions.

4.Technological environment

India is non a technologically advanced state and the company faces issues due to it. The 3G engineering in India is non successful boulder clay now and affects the smart phone market.A

5.Political-legal environment

The legal regulations and ordinances in India suggest that India is a stable legal environment. The company feels that this has helped it in the smart phone market. The political environment in India is good and the cheapest telecom rates help increase the market growing rate of smart phones.



The company has a immense demand for its merchandises. Thus the providers provide supplies at a lower cost. It has a competitory advantage over othersA

2.Brand image

The Companies trade name image helps to increase the market portion. It has more than 50 % per centum market A portion in India and has good image as is more userA friendlyA than apple.


The rivals like, Micromax, Spice, Karbonn are A competition as are priced at a lower cost than Samsung phones.

Nokia, HTC, Apple, Black Berry supply it competition as have good trade name image as Samsung.

4.Company Policies

The company maintains a high quality policy, competitory pricing, User Freindly.Thus it is the market leader in the smart phone market.


Consumer behavior is the survey of how persons, groups and organisations select, purchase, usage and dispose of goods, services, thoughts, or experiences to fulfill their demands and wants.

Four chief psychological procedures affect consumer purchasing behavior:

1.motivation 2.perception 3.learning 4.memory

48 % of consumer said that the ground for purchase of a Smartphone is its characteristics followed by its public-service corporation for work ( 36 % ) -motivation factor

apple ( 41.3 % ) is the most preferable trade name by consumers followed by Samsung ( 25.3 % ) and HTC ( 22.7 % )

37.3 % of consumer said that touch screen is preferred as a characteristic while 21.3 % of consumer prefers it slightly

30.7 % preferable Wi-Fi & A ; 25.3 % said it is most preferable for them

48 % of consumers said that apps is most preferable for them

57.3 % of consumer said that they prefer the GPS engineering the least in sp / & A ; 29.3 % of consumer prefer it slightly

largely consumer collects information from cyberspace ( 36 % ) & A ; so they trust word of oral cavity ( 27 % )

37.3 % of consumer said that they had consulted with person late bought the same while 29.3 % of consumer consulted with person techsavvy

most effectual medium for advertizement as per consumers view is internet web sites ( 60 % ) followed by Television ( 21 % )

Datas collected from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.scribd.com/doc/86301776/Consumer-Buying-Behaviour-Towards-Smartphone


MicroStrategy Mobile BI


MicroStrategy Mobile BI creates a concern environment that enables instantaneous and informed determinations to be made anyplace, at any clip. It analyzes concern informations and nowadayss it in formats, such as splashboards and studies, which allow the user to do efficient determinations.

Key Features

Supply a real-time splashboard for speedy and efficient concern decision-making

Impart concern insight through studies, informations analysis, and monitoring

Supply an intuitive interface for users who are familiar with the touch panel

Paired with other nomadic devices in sync with their maps including location, map, e-mail, and contacts

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.samsungmobileb2b.com/images/en/img_microstrategy_mobilebi01.jpg


Addition concern insight through sophisticated analysis of informations

Facilitate in-house communicating and improves work productiveness with efficient information sharing

Make informed determinations in a timely mode through real-time informations analysis

Marketing Research:

Samsung is making extended market research from 2008.After that it came with the construct of Smartphone with the aid of unfastened French telephone confederation which gave Samsung Android os which became the market leader in 2010.

Since the rival of Samsung like Apple, Htc, Rim, Motorola were giving smartphone at really high cost Samsung in India launched Galaxy series under 20,000 which was a successful merchandise and is still taking in the market.

After that Samsung launched double sim Smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy-y whch is the first of its sort.


Name: – Age: –

Gender: – Contact No: –

Q.1 ) Have you started utilizing smartphone?

autonomic nervous systems.

Q.2 ) How many smartphones do you hold?

autonomic nervous systems.

Q.3 ) Which trade name of smartphone did you purchased last clip?

autonomic nervous systems.

Q.4 ) Why do you desire to purchase this trade name?

autonomic nervous systems.

Q.5 ) What is current OS?

autonomic nervous systems.

Q.6 ) How is your satisfaction with your current OS?

autonomic nervous systems.

Q.7 ) Will you upgrade your smartphone to the latest theoretical account of the same trade name?

autonomic nervous systems.

Q.8 ) Which are the most of import factors that make you buy a smartphone?

autonomic nervous systems.

Q.9 ) Will you switch to other smartphones if they offer similar but cheaper smartphone?

autonomic nervous systems.

Q.10 ) For which trade name do you hold a strong penchant?

autonomic nervous systems.


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