Swot Analysis of Ice Cream Industry Essay


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•Newly established company bring forthing quality merchandise with good gustatory sensation.
•Joint venture undertaking
•Directors are good experient and believable.
•Back up by the full current and fixed assets of the undertaking.
•Wide assortment of alone ice pick and dessert spirits.
•Strong presence and support of its associated sister concern s The bakeshop cafe . High quality merchandise.

Established and recognized trade name


•Newly established company holding less market
•Difficulties in perforating a new market. .
•Tough competition in the market from international and national ice pick merchandises.
•Size of market is limited as the supply of the merchandise is limited to Kathmandu and few major metropoliss of the state.
•Seasonal gross revenues of the merchandise.

•General job faced by ice pick fabrication companies like burden casting job. harm return and prematurely bringing to retail merchants.
•Credit installations is non secured by land and edifice.


•The ingestion of ice pick and frozen desert is increasing in hotels. eating house. parties and assorted other occasions. As the company is providing choice merchandise with good gustatory sensation in sensible monetary value there is high demand of merchandise and company has good chances to turn in the hereafter. •The Company is spread outing its concern in major metropoliss outside vale like Biratnagar. Birgunj. Itahari etc. •Business environment is easy but certainly recovering its lost glorification as there are less figure of harmful incidents of bandhs and work stoppages at nowadays.

•Rising income. alteration in lifestyle party civilizations
•Large immature population and really hot summer
•High economic growing and market liberalisation
•Growing Ice pick market


•There is menace of competition from international and national trade names like Frosty. Baskin Robbins. Cream Bell. DDC. ND’s etc.
•Country’s prolonged political passages. unsure economic state of affairs. labour brotherhoods and burden sloughing has adversely affected the concern environment of the state.
•Low income population and menace of substructure
•Economical and regulative alterations
•Threat of replacements.


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