SWOT Analysis For Ferrari

A SWOT analysis assists with this planning because it identifies the company ‘s strengths, failings, chances and menaces.

Professor Kenneth Andrews of Harvard Business School defined the SWOT analysis “ as a sensible method of analysing and reexamining an organisation present place. He has besides proved how critical it is for an organisation to pass on its operation aims with its strategic activities ” ( netmba.com ) .

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Presently companies have adopted the SWOT analysis as a tool to observe their company ‘s place. Hence highlight on their internal competencies based on strengths, failings, chances and menace


Ferrari is engaged in the fabrication and distribution of cars with greater expertness with fast traveling vehicles, in add-on to constituents for those merchandises.

Ferrari has a diversified merchandise portfolio. Business variegation shields Ferrari against demand

fluctuations in certain merchandise classs and besides enables it to profit from chances available in assorted divisions. However, recession in planetary economic system would harm Ferrari ‘s concern by adversely impacting its grosss, consequences of operations, hard currency flows and fiscal status.


Business variegation

Ferrari has a diversified merchandise portfolio. The company operates through different concern divisions including: Ferrari group cars, Magneti Marelli, Ferrari and Ferrari Powertrain Technologies ( FPT ) , and others. Ferrari group ‘s car division designs, green goodss

and sells vehicles under the Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Abarth trade names. The Ferrari group cars division accounted to 44.9 % of entire grosss in FY2008.The CNH division of the group accounted to 21.4 % of entire grosss in FY2008. Magneti Marelli division designs and produces cutting-edge engineering systems and constituents for vehicles. It besides operates in the distribution of spare-parts in the independent market.This division accounted to 5.5 % of entire grosss of Ferrari. Ferrari offers luxury autos and it accounted to 3.1 % of

entire grosss of the group. This division accounted to 1.2 % of entire grosss. Maserati produces luxury athleticss autos. Ferrari ‘s Maserati division accounted to 1.2 % of entire grosss in FY2008.Teksid industries different scopes of engine blocks, suspensions and aluminium cylinder caputs. Teksid accounted to 0.9 % of entire grosss. The other runing divisions of the group include the publication and communications operations publicizing infinite inprint, telecasting and internet media operations. The other runing division of the group accounted to 1.2 % of entire grosss. Business variegation shields Ferrari against demand fluctuations in certain merchandise classs and besides enables it to profit from chances available in assorted divisions.

Strategic acquisition

Ferrari has focused on strategic acquisition to spread out its concern. FPT Powertrain Technologies to the full acquired Tritec Motors from Chrysler and decided to give is a new name which is FPT Powertrain do Brasil – Industria e Comercio de Motores. The purchase includes the installations, the fabrication unit, the production lines and the licence to bring forth the current scope of merchandises. The group completed the purchase accounting for this acquisition in the 2nd one-fourth of FY2008. This acquisition enables Ferrari to make two chief strategic ends, foremost, to pull an even larger figure of non-captive clients for this merchandise. Second, to widen its merchandise portfolio, offering modern and competitory merchandise scope. Therefore, this acquisition enhanced Ferrari ‘s merchandise scope and increased its geographic range by spread outing its client base.

Advanced merchandises

Despite disputing market conditions in 2008, Ferrari added several merchandises to its bing merchandise scope. Innovation continued with a focal point on both merchandise and methodological analysis. Product invention was centred around six cardinal elements: new coevals vehicles, best-in-class fuel efficiency, high perceived quality of cabin environment, cost-efficient solutions for frames, excellence in preventative security, and development of telematic systems. In FY2008, Ferrari Group Automobiles launched many merchandises including: Alfa Romeo ‘s MiTo, in the compact section ; Ferrari Qubo ; the Grande Punto Natural Power ; Ferrari trade name ‘s 500 by Diesel ; Alfa 8C Spider ; and the new Delta. Ferrari ‘s merchandise scope was further enhanced with the 2008 theoretical account twelvemonth versions of several bing theoretical accounts and sale of the new 4×2

version of the Ferrari Sedici SUV besides began during the same twelvemonth.


Lack of graduated table compared to equals

Ferrari lacks the graduated table to vie with big participants in the markets in which it operates. Many of its rivals such as General Motors, Ford Motor and Daimler are larger in size. General Motors, for case, recorded grosss of $ 148,979 million and employees of 235,000 in 2008, while Ford Motor recorded grosss of $ 146,277 million and employees of 213,000 during the same period. Daimler recorded grosss of E95,873 million ( $ 141,061.8 million ) and employees of 273,216 during FY2008. The grosss of Ferrari is E59,380 million ( $ 87,368.2 million ) and employees of 198,348 in FY2008, much lesser than that of its rivals. Revenue per employee for Ferrari during FY2008 was $ 440,479.4 which is well lower than its rivals General Motors ( $ 633,953.2 ) , Ford Motor ( $ 686,746.5 ) and Daimler ( $ 516,301.4 ) during same period. Ferrari ‘s top rivals with larger graduated table and more fiscal resources limit the group ‘s ability to vie efficaciously. Weak public presentation of concern divisions In FY2008, Ferrari witnessed diminution in its gross revenues in major concern divisions, including Iveco, FPT, Teksid and others. Iveco accounted to 17.9 % of the entire grosss during FY2008. It declined 4.1 %

to make E10,653 million ( $ 15,674.2 million ) in FY2008. The diminution in gross revenues was due to diminish

in demand for vehicles. In 2008, demand for commercial vehicles in Western Europe declined 6.9 % to 1,172,000 units, peculiarly in Spain ( -37.5 % ) , Italy ( -6.9 % ) and Great Britain ( -2.5 % ) . France and Germany besides registered little diminution over 2007 degrees. The light vehicle section of Iveco declined 9.1 % from 2007. Spain posted a pronounced diminution ( -41.4 % ) , Italy ( -8 % ) , France ( -4.4 % ) and Great Britain ( -6.9 % ) . Demand in the Iveco ‘s medium vehicle section besides decreased 3.9 % over 2007, peculiarly in Spain ( -23.7 % ) , Italy ( -10.1 % ) and Germany ( -3.8 % ) .

The FPT division contributed to 2.5 % of the entire grosss. It witnessed a diminution of 9.3 % to make E1,509 million ( $ 2,220.3 million ) in FY2008. This was due to diminish in demand for rider and commercial vehicles. Similarly, Teksid accounted to 0.9 % of entire grosss and witnessed amarginal lessening of 0.7 % to make E537 million ( $ 790.1 million ) . The lessening in gross revenues was dueto a crisp diminution in demand in the last one-fourth of FY2008. In add-on, the others division alsodeclined 3.3 % to make E724 million ( $ 1,065.3 million ) . Therefore, sulky public presentation of major runing divisions will finally impact Ferrari ‘s fiscal place and puts force per unit area on other net income doing divisions of the company.

Poor public presentation of Ferrari in major markets

Ferrari ‘s gross revenues witnessed hapless public presentation in some of its cardinal geographic sections. Italy, which is thel argest geographic market for Ferrari, accounted for 24.1 % of the entire grosss in FY2008.

Revenuesfrom Italy reached E14,316 million ( $ 21,063.7 million ) in FY2008, a diminution of 9.7 % compared to

2007. The US accounted to 8 % of entire grosss and it reached E4,723 million ( $ 6,949.1 million ) ,

a diminution of 2 % compared to 2007. Germany, which accounted to 7.7 % of entire grosss, declined1.7 % to make E4,597 million ( $ 6,763.7 million ) in FY2008. Similarly, the UK accounted 5.6 % of entire grosss and it accounted to E2,349 million ( $ 3,456.2 million ) . Spain, which accounted to 3.8 % of entire grosss, declined 30.8 % to make E2,242 million ( $ 3,298.7 million ) in FY2008.Turkey accounted to 2 % of entire grosss and it declined 2.9 % to make E1,195 million ( $ 1,758.3 million ) .The lessening in gross part from Italy, the US, Germany, the UK, Spain, and Turkey and other states has offset the addition in grosss witnessed by Brazil, France, Poland and other regions.Therefore, hapless public presentation of Ferrari in major markets may finally impact the group ‘s fiscal public presentation.


Turning economic system in India and China

Developing economic systems in Asia are passing to a great extent on luxury stuff. The Indian

building and technology industry is forecasted to increase at a CAGR ( 2007-12 ) of 7.9 % . The value of this industry is forecast to make $ 55.8 billion, in 2012. This growing is driven by increased disbursement on substructure and industrial projects.The building and technology industry in China is besides expected to make $ 282.4 billion in 2012, with an awaited CAGR ( 2007-12 ) of 12.4 % . Foreign direct investing, exports and public substructure disbursement are forecast to drive building disbursement in China. Ferrari has a strong presence in building industry. Through its agricultural and building equipment concern, Ferrari offers a broad scope of tools, equipment and services to the

building industry.Therefore, growing in substructure and building industry in India and China would hike demand for the group ‘s merchandises and services.


Forecasted planetary recession in 2009

The planetary economic system is soon in a monolithic fiscal instability thereby doing an acute loss of assurance. Harmonizing to the universe economic system mentality of the IMF, planetary economic systems will diminish aggressively in 2009 and in 2010. The company has presence chiefly in Italy, Brazil, France, the US, Germany, the UK, Spain, Poland, Turkey, and other. As Ferrari conducts concerns on a planetary graduated table, there is a relationship between the company ‘s operating consequences and economic tendencies in major states around the world.The world-wide fiscal and economic crisis triggered important and widespread impairment of trading conditions in most sectors and parts where Ferrari operates. Harmonizing to IMF, the GDP growing rate of Italy is forecasted to worsen from -1 % in 2008 to -4.4 in 2009. Italian exports plummeted 26 % in January 2009 from a twelvemonth ago, the biggest bead since 1991. Italian retail gross revenues contracted for the 24th back-to-back month in February 2009, as the recognition crunch tightened its clasp on disbursement, and consumers put off purchases of autos and other merchandises. Italy is the largest geographic market of Ferrari and it accounted to 24.1 % of entire grosss in FY2008. Similarly, the GDP growing rate of Brazil is forecasted to worsen from 5.1 % in 2008 to -1.3 % in 2009. Brazil is the 2nd largest geographical market and it accounted to 14.6 % of entire grosss. Besides, the GDP

growing rate of Eurozone is forecasted to worsen from 0.9 % in 2008 to -4.2 % in 2009.These economic factors ab initio affected consumer demand for less fuel efficient vehicles, peculiarly life-size pick-up trucks and sport public-service corporation vehicles. In add-on, consumer demand for cars has contracted due to a diminution in the handiness of funding and a important contraction in consumer disbursement based on the continued recession in the US, ensuing in car gross revenues at their lowest degrees in 16 old ages. Therefore, farther recession in planetary economic system would harm Ferrari ‘s concern by adversely impacting its grosss.

Downturn of planetary automotive industry

The present planetary economic system downswing is besides impacting the automotive industry from the twelvemonth 2008. The entire gross revenues in the figure of autos sold decreased compared to the former twelvemonth.

A continuance of this tendency in the hereafter would lag the demand for the group ‘s merchandises and may finally impact its grosss.

Competitive force per unit area

The planetary automotive industry is extremely competitory. Ferrari is capable to intense competition in

well all of its merchandise country. Some of its rivals are, Daimler, Ford Motor, General Motors, Honda Motor, Nissan Motor, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault, Volkswagen. Ferrari is besides subjected to increase in monetary value force per unit area. Therefore, working in such a competitory environment could set extra force per unit areas on the operations of the group. This intense competition consequences in monetary value discounting and border force per unit areas throughout the industry andadversely affects Ferrari ‘s ability to increase or keep vehicle monetary values.


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