Success for advertising campaigns

1,5 ECTS ( Individual undertaking )

“ Success for advertisement runs, theoretical accounts, famous persons, and amusement all depend on being good liked by, or to arouse, the multitudes. Their rise to popularity can act upon society and alteration cultural gustatory sensations, but it is the manner lensman who moves behind the scenes to do it go on. Fashion picture taking is much more than headshots, but manner, vesture, jewellry, cosmetics, anything photographed to publicize and to sell. These lensmans

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stress presenting the shootings, luxuriant airss and alien backgrounds to top out the public?s involvement, increase sex entreaty and sell the concluding merchandise in magazines, Television, films, and on cyberspace. Their art of eye-catching has transformed manner picture taking into an outstanding art form.” ( weburbanist quotation mark )

This faculty is based on a critical instance survey of a selected manner lensman and his/her work and

the clients they are working for, every bit good how the communicated messages are perceived by the “consumers” .

This undertaking is running through the full class to enable the pupils to utilize feelings and

penetrations gained in the other faculties.

Planning of the work:

A. Timeframe

Tuesday 24th of Nov 08.30-12.00 Introduction and a talk on unfavorable judgment methods

re manner picture taking ( Jan Carlsson, Emma Faldt )

Tuesday 1st of Dec 17.00-19.00 About one of the icons in manner picture taking

i.e. Helmut Newton. Discussion, movie cartridge holders

Tuesday 8th of Dec 17.00-19.00 About Richard Avedon ; another icon. Discussion, movie cartridge holders

Tuesday 15th of Dec 17.00-19.00 About icon no 3 ; Peter Beard. Discussion ; movie cartridge holders

Friday 15th of Jan. 2010 Final day of the month for turning in the documents.

Tuition can be organized “on demand”

B. Undertaking program

1. Choose a lensman from the encl. list. They are all really good represented on the web.

2. Write a “chapter” about the lensman including

– signature, manner ( besides review )

– shot manners ( location, studio etc. )

– client base

– other photographic countries such as portrayals, all right art, documental etc.

– books, publications

– most known for…………

– success factors

– etc.

3. Choose a typical premium client from the lensmans client base and compose an detailed analysis how the lensman interprets his/her signature manner to the trade name image, or

the purpose, of the company/customer ( or the other manner around ) .

4 Apply a critical position on how the runs worked out and how

– it enhanced / decreased the value of the trade name

– it enhanced/demolished the grasp of the lensman

– the communicated values had some impact ( ethical, controversial… ) on civilization or


– others

4. Discussion and decisions

Write a paper of 7-8 pages covering the issues above. You are free to show your consequences as you like

( believe about the rubric of the class ) . If you want to include, and I think you do, illustrations of ad?s.

images etc this should be extra to the original no. of pages.

List of lensmans:

Helmut Newton Guy Bourdin

Peter Beard David Bailey

Richard Avedon Sarah Moon

Steven Meisel Vincent Peters

Mario Testino Karolina Henke

Oliviero Toscani Petr Gehrke

Mert & A ; Marcus

Peter Linbergh

Ellen von Unwerth

Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Annie Leibovitz

David LaChapelle

Sante dOrazio

Sophie Delaporte

Patrick Demarchelier

Bruce Weber

Michael Jansson

Mattias Edwall

Nick Knight

Terry Richardson

Javier Vallhonrat

Ruven Avandor

Glen Luchford

Solve Sundsbo

Steven Klein

This list merely represents some important names on the scene. If you want po choice another lensman

You are free to make so but you should hold with either me, Robert or Thorbjorn beforehand.


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