Subliminal advertising and its influence on consumer behaviour

The term “ subliminal ” means beneath the threshold of perceptual experience. Many things are subliminal, such as the circulation of our blood, which we usually do non experience, experience, or perceive traveling throughout our organic structures. And it is possible to hold our tegument touched in such a manner that we do non detect the touch. Subliminal advertisement, nevertheless, is purportedly the power to actuate action based on something that no 1 can comprehend, such as a message flashed on a film or telecasting screen at 1/3000th of a 2nd or a word unrecognisable embedded in ice regular hexahedrons in a spirits print ad.

Subliminal advertisement became ill-famed in the late 50 ‘s when a private market research worker named James Vicary purportedly exposed 100s of motion-picture fans to the subliminal messages “ Drink Coca Cola ” and “ Eat Zea mays everta. ” But this survey has non been replicated or published and is considered as a promotion stunt.

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The general populace in USA, some believe, are changeless victims to broadcasted subliminal messages advancing merchandises, making a province of head or integrating political point of views. For illustration, during the 2000 US presidential run, a telecasting ad run for Republican campaigner George W. Bush showed the word “ BUREAUCRATS ” where the last portion “ RATS ” were superimposed. In Russia, scientists who feared the power of subliminal ads over viewing audiences of national telecasting have developed a device to observe and disenable these ad messages.

1.1 Background

Experts have long since debunked the subliminal frauds, and many people with more than a passing cognition of advertisement know non to take this topic earnestly, but the captivation with the subliminal myth led me to take this topic. Though many experts believe that Subliminal Ad does non be, people who popularized has been in demand. Books on the subject ( Wilson Bryan Key ‘s Subliminal Seduction every bit good as Vance Packard ‘s Hidden Persuaders ) were best Sellerss, and their thoughts circulated far more widely than other societal reviews. In the late fiftiess and once more in the 1970s, the call over subliminals even inspired legislators to outline Torahs censoring the pattern.

This research proposal sets out to show a job definition in the field of Marketing Management that merits research and is backed by initial literature survey. The job definition, derived after initial literature survey and through picks sing research focal point, reads as follows:

How effectual is Subliminal Ad in act uponing the determinations and purchasing forms of consumers?

The inquiries I wish to turn to through this research are

What is Subliminal Advertising and how are the subliminal messages communicated to the consumer?

What is the function of Subliminal Advertising in Marketing and what are the recent tendencies emerging in this country?

1.2 Needs and Significance of the Study

Several attempts have been made to supervise the impact of Subliminal Advertising on consumers. There is small apprehension of the affair that up to what extent the concern organisations are using subliminal messages for marketing their merchandises and what is the function of these messages in the selling program, pricing policy and company ‘s net income. This research is aimed at make fulling the spread found in the researches conducted so far around this subject and with the aid of studies, the research tends to research the degree up to which the concern organisations are doing usage of Subliminal Advertising for merchandise publicity. The chief aims of the survey are:

To portray the current scene of Subliminal Advertising use in concern organisations

To analyze the use of Subliminal Advertising as a selling tool by concern organisations

To look into the impacts of Subliminal Advertising on consumers

To happen the grounds about the benefit of Subliminal Advertising in footings of addition in profitableness of houses

1.3 Research Aims and Aims

This research will examine deeper into the country of subliminal advertisement and the consequence it has on consumers. Many of the companies are still disbelieving in utilizing subliminal advertisement to advance their merchandises. One of the aims of this survey is to assist selling directors and advertisement companies understand the impact of Subliminal Ad in the heads of consumers. It is expected that for companies to utilize subliminal ads, they should understand the consumer behavior and whether the consumers can really descry the message inside the ad. A desirable result the proposed research would clear up such set of inquiries.

2. Methodology

For roll uping informations for this survey, a combination of primary and secondary resources has been utilized. The survey comprises of qualitative every bit good as quantitative research. In the first stage, assorted secondary beginnings will be referred and the literature will be collected to garner the qualitative information about the issue. In the 2nd stage a quantitative “ statistical study ” is conducted among the organisations and the consumers in order to roll up their sentiments and experiences sing the usage and consequence of Subliminal Advertising. Hence this research is a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques ( secondary analysis of informations and statistical study ) and both of these methods will be utilized to happen the reply of the research inquiry.

2.1 Beginnings for Data Collection

2.1.1 Secondary Research

A thorough hunt of secondary beginnings will be carried out to polish the aims and supply lines of question for the following phases. Specifically, the desk research stage will garner information on subliminal advertisement, how it is being used by companies and the recent tendencies emerging in this country. In this respect different diaries, research studies, magazines, books, electronic diaries and web portals will be accessed and information will be gathered from these beginnings to carry on the analysis of the available secondary informations.

Primary Research

The primary beginning utilized for the research survey is “ statistical study ” that is “ a quantitative method, necessitating standardized information from and/or about the topics being studied. The topics studied might be persons, groups, organisations or communities ; they besides might be undertakings, applications, or systems. This will be by questioning people in the field who have working experience in the topic, and are comparatively easy to make. The end of this exercising is

To acquire a speedy feel for necessary farther literature research

To acquire an thought of possible instances to analyze

To happen out the methods and models that already exist Significance of Statistical Survey

Massey, O’Connor and Krotki ( 1997 ) explained that a study is effectual and efficient method of roll uping informations from big figure of respondents that allows the information aggregation through really big samples. The informations can be usage to find cogency, dependability, and statistical significance. Surveies are besides considered ads flexible research method because they are standardized, easy to administrate and liberate from assorted mistakes. Keeping in position the significance of studies and the demand of the research survey, this research tools is selected and quantitative information is gathered by carry oning a study. Interviews

Interviews are an of import beginning of instance survey information. Yin ( 2003 ) identifies two occupations that need to be carried out in the interview procedure. First, there is a demand to follow a line of enquiry – in this instance an “ appreciative enquiry ” , 2nd, inquire the existent inquiries in an indifferent mode functioning the demands of the line of enquiry. The inquiries in the interviews will be open-ended and promote unasked treatment. The strengths of informations aggregation through interviews is that it focuses straight on the instance survey subject and is insightful, nevertheless, the downside is that, unless the inquiries are good constructed, there could be bias, or inaccuracies due to hapless callback, or merely the interviewee gives the interviewer what he/she wants to hear ( Cohen, Manion, & A ; Morrison, 2001, p.271 ; Yin, 2003, p.86 ) . Historical information will besides be gathered through the interview procedure, peculiarly for happening out the laminitis ( s ) and concern ( Es ) history. The interviews are carried out with cardinal people in the concern such as the laminitis or possible replacements. The interviews will do the chief part to the survey. Focus groups

Focus groups are an efficient manner of garnering information in a short sum of clip because of their interactive nature and the fact that they capitalize on group kineticss ( Kamberelis & A ; Dimitriadis, 2005 ) . The inquiries proposed in a focal point group are of import in geting feedback about the country being studied. Survey Sampling

Descriptive Survey method will be used to research and understand the attitudes of consumers towards advertizement and subsequent quantitative research will be used to mensurate how widespread these attitudes are. The planned methodological analysis is as follows:

Decision and Suggestions

Analyse the Information and Explain

Collect Questionnaires and Adjustment

Design Questionnaires and Sampling

Construct the Basic Structure of Study

Collection of Information and Literature

Participants for this survey will be selected from those willing to take part in the survey, based on the inclusion standard that will be established. Besides, prior to administrating the questionnaires, participants will be requested to officially show their consent to take part by make fulling and subscribing the informed consent signifier. Capable confidentiality will be ensured by coding each participant signifier with a corresponding figure, so that merely the research squad will hold entree to the information of the research topics. Besides the privateness of all confidential concern information that the research worker might have during the class of survey will be ensured.

The quantitative stage will examine the followers:

Whether the consumer recognizes the subliminal message in the advertizement

Which group of people are more likely to catch the deep-rooted message in the advertizement?

Their ability to remember such an advertizement

The attitudes of the consumer towards such an advertizement Questionnaire for the Survey

The questionnaire for the study will be constructed by utilizing the Likert graduated table that is bipolar scaling method used to mensurate either positive or negative response to a statement. It is a common system that is used in the studies. By following the Likert graduated table, the respondents are asked to bespeak their grade of understanding with the statement or any sort of subjective or subjective or nonsubjective rating of the statement. Normally, a five-point graduated table is used under this methodological analysis. Even for this survey, the five-point graduated table system will be used and the respondents will be asked to show their sentiments about the given statement by picking the reply from the given 5 option: “ Strongly disagree, Disagree, Neither agree nor disagree, Agree and Strongly disagree ” . These points besides rates from 1-5 where

1 = strongly disagree

2 = disagree

3 = neither agree nor disagree

4 = agree

5 = strongly agree

Literature Review

Several surveies have employed embeds in controlled state of affairss to prove for effects. One survey by DeFleur and Petranoff ( 1959 ) used telecasting to prove subliminal persuasion. In this five-week experiment, no grounds was found that subliminal messages had the slightest consequence in carrying the mass audience, even though the actions to be carried out were simple ( go oning to watch a intelligence plan following a film with subliminal suggestions ) and everyday ( buying a certain nutrient merchandise after exposure to subliminal stimulation ) . In another extremely controlled purchasing environment, George and Jennings ( 1975 ) used a slide projector to subliminally superpose Hershey ‘s Chocolate over a meaningful background ( a film ) . They found that no 1 bought the confect in a 10-day period following the experiment.

Kelly ( 1979 ) used two dummy magazines, one with embeds and one without. The portfolio of ads with subliminal embeds did non bring forth significantly greater callback of trade names or illustrations than did the control ads. Vokey and Read ( 1985 ) , utilizing holiday exposure, embedded the word sex, a bunk syllable, or no embed. When tested both instantly and two yearss subsequently, the exposures embedded with sex were no better recognized than the images in the control conditions. To specifically prove Key ‘s premiss in a simple, well-controlled mode, Gable et Al. ( 1987 ) placed calculated embedding on one of two sets of exposure of a camera, write, beer, and nutrient. They found no important penchant between exposures of merchandises with embeds and those without.

Harmonizing to Wilson Bryan Key ( 1974 ) , “ Subliminal perceptual experience is a topic that virtually no 1 wants to believe exists, and – if it does be – they much less believe that it has any practical application. The techniques are in widespread usage by media, advertisement and public dealingss bureaus, industrial and commercial corporations, and by the Federal authorities itself. ” He besides quotes that “ Most national advertisement includes implanting [ of concealed stimulations ] . Retail or local ad layouts may non hold the installations, as their creative persons and authors either do non cognize about subliminal techniques or they lack the accomplishment and workmanship required to make the work good. Every major advertisement bureau has at least one implanting technician in its art section. The technique is taught in most commercial art schools. ”

Jerry Kirkpatrick ( 2007 ) , in his article named “ Does Subliminal Advertising Exist? ” states that the impression of subliminal perceptual experience is a self-contradiction because it is non possible to comprehend something that is beneath one ‘s threshold of perceptual experience. He mentions that the message has to be either above or below the degrees of thresholds of perceptual experience and it can non be midway between. And once it is below this degree, so it is less likely that we are to be influenced by the message.



Full Proposal

3 Calendar months

Literature Review

6 Calendar months


6 Calendar months

Datas Gathering

12 Calendar months

Datas Analysis

8 Calendar months

Decisions and Deductions

4 Calendar months


2 Calendar months

Amendments and Revisions

2 Calendar months


36 MonthsTimeline


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