Study On The Smes Investment Readiness Finance Essay

Growth SMEs ( little and average endeavors ) are the most dynamic sector of our economic system. As such their growing is of paramount importance to the overall economic well being. Whether an endeavor qualifies to be an SME is determined by the size of its balance sheet, head count and turnover. SMEs normally have less than 250 workers and turnover less than 50 million dollars ( Searle and Stensholt, 39 ) . Majority of the companies in our state are hence SMEs and they produce more than half of the GDP. Due to their being little in size, they are potentially dynamic compared to large endeavors. This makes them ideal for occupation creative activity. However, they are more vulnerable frequently missing entree to capital every bit good as support beginnings. Growth SMEs entree to support is constrained by the demand side failings. Most of the SMEs are normally non investing ready. The proprietors of the SMEs are normally non willing to external support while those that are willing fail to understand what investors are looking for. I.e. how to sell themselves and their concerns to these investors. This in bend compromises the supply side intercessions effectiveness. This paper analyses the factors that determine investing preparedness for growing SMEs and besides describes the alterations that could be undertaken to get the better of the jobs faced by SMEs in geting investing capital for growing

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Investing preparedness is the capacity of a little concern ( SME ) or an enterpriser to cognize or understand the demands of external fund suppliers such as investors, Bankss or venture capital financess and therefore be able to entree the financess that the SME may be looking for. This may include the cognition about effectual communicating with the fund suppliers and supplying them with suitably structured every bit good as relevant information, being believable and making investor assurance so as to procure the external support kind for ( Lumme, 156 ) . Investment preparedness is hence a cardinal component in growing SMEs funding concatenation since it will increase the volume of fund flow to SMEs. In other words, there is demand to better investing preparedness for the growing SMEs so that they can pull more external support and therefore do them better than they are at the minute.

Factors that determine investing preparedness of growing SMEs

The undermentioned factors determine investing preparedness for SMEs ;

a ) Lack of cognition about funding

Lack of investing preparedness by SMEs could mostly be attributed to inaccessibility of market information every bit good as committedness by fiscal directors in accessing assorted beginnings of support. In other words, many enterprisers are non cognizant of the available and suited funding options including the beginnings that would be most suited for their chosen concern scheme. Research shows that the cosmopolitan apprehension of fiscal options available to SMEs is hapless ( Peacock, 75 ) . For the bulk, bank loans remain the preferable external funding beginning. The SMEs fail to recognize the benefits accruing from a stronger capital construction for subsister every bit good as enlargement.

B ) Need to retain control

Investing preparedness for SMEs is besides determined by the owneri??s willingness to to the full stay in control of his endeavor. Research show that there is high external finance antipathy by SMEs with most proprietors being loath to give up ownership and control. This is in bend related to the ownersi?? deficiency of cognition about the features and handiness of alternate beginnings of funding. Consequently, most investable undertakings are non brought frontward as possible receivers of investing financess ( National Investment Council Report, 17 ) . Entrepreneurs besides fail to understand that investors non merely supply support but can besides supply cognition and advice to the concern. As such, they would instead maintain their concerns little than take the external funding path despite the fact that it is a opportunity of having a much larger endeavor.

degree Celsiuss ) Invest-ability of the SMEs seeking external funding

A growing SME will be said to be investing ready if it meets the demands being sought by external investors. However, many SMEs normally fail to run into the external investorsi?? standards. It should be noted that investing determination doing involves two phases where the investing chance is assessed against the external investorsi?? investings parametric quantities such as sector, size of investing, size of concern every bit good as location. The biggest concern for external investors when making investing chance assessment is the goodness of tantrum between their ain personal investing standards and the investing chance ( Hutchinson, 235 ) . The concern here is whether the investor is interested or has any cognition on the industry or market, the size of funding required every bit good as its location. External investors will normally reject investing chances that do non run into their investing standards. Failure to hold information or weakness to seek out the information that really exists is the ground why SMEs make attacks to inappropriate external moneymans.

In add-on, investors screen the investing opportunities that run into their investing parametric quantity. External investors reject investing chances from SMEs for many grounds that include failings in the SMEs /entrepreneur direction squads, selling and selling related factors such as flawed and uncomplete selling schemes and fiscal considerations such as blemished fiscal projections. SMEs are besides considered as non investing ready due to miss of focal point. This is where their concern programs fail to offer comprehensive and believable market information ( McKaskill, 81 ) . Investors are interested in cognizing how the merchandise or service is superior to those of rivals and how the competitory advantage is to be sustained. Therefore, when proposals by SMEs contain unrealistic premises or information which is non believable and frequently incorporating deficient information and concern constructs that require farther development every bit good as limited growing chances for the concern, they are considered non to be investing ready.

Investing preparedness for SMEs is besides determined by the ability of the SME to show a believable gross theoretical account. The SME must demo that it is in a place to pull sufficient clients so as to cover the costs of making concern. This includes the ability to show the businessi?? alone merchandising point i?? why clients would be interested in purchasing and how the merchandise or service is to be delivered to the client. In other words, the proposals must give considerations to cost of distribution, selling every bit good as client service. An SME will hence be considered non to be independent ready if the enterpriser lacks cognition and expertness to turn the thought into a feasible concern, he gives unrealistic outlooks and deficiencies good traits such as unity, vision and committedness and has high demand for control of the concern ( Howorth, 80 ) . In add-on, an SME that has hapless direction, hapless net income potency for the degree of hazard to be undertaken, and provides deficient information to the possible external investor is considered non to be investing ready.

vitamin D ) Quality of presentations

The quality of presentations made to possible investors is another factor finding investing preparedness for SMEs. Well presented proposals are in a better place to procure support than those ailing presented. Although the underlying proposal may be sound, an SME may still non unafraid external support if the concern proposal/plan is ill constructed or presented. As before stated, external investors will be frustrated by concern proposals that lack sufficient information more so when this relates to the generic inquiries usually asked by the possible investors. Poor unwritten presentation besides generates a negative reaction amongst the investors. Investors interpret hapless unwritten presentation as a mark of deficiency of competency. In other words, SMEs proprietors who are unable to sell themselves every bit good as the substance of their investing chance will most likely fail to convert investors to see their investing chance. Therefore, many growing SMEs fail to win in procuring finance they require owing to their low quality of presentations. They do non understand the key factors which drive cardinal investing determinations of external investors and they fail to reply this or their presentations lack some capablenesss that the investors may be looking for. Although many direction squads and concern programs may hold quality in them, they may be either unsuitably structured or insufficiently developed and fail to supply the confidence external investors need. As a consequence, this reflects severely on the capableness of the squad seeking finance since it shows deficiency of understanding in finance and concern excessively. Such SMEs are hence non considered to be investing ready.

vitamin E ) Market and engineering

Most SMEs fail to bask the chance of accessing different markets. In other words, they fail to to the full use their bing market chances for their merchandises or services. For this ground, they lack sufficient market information, hapless research of the markets, they have ill developed products/ services and lack efficient promotional tools for the merchandises therefore bing them in a heartfelt way such that they lack the chance of accessing external funding from possible investors or fiscal establishments. This is what has caused many SMEs to neglect to take advantage of globalisation and hence their decreased fight and hapless entree to international markets which has in bend caused them non to be investing ready ( May, 32 ) . Technology alterations in their several industries besides greatly determine investing preparedness for SMEs. SMEs inability to get by with new inventions has greatly cost them in footings of market portion and hence decrease in their overall public presentation. Owing to globalisation, technological alterations have flooded the market and fiscal directors have to do usage of such engineerings so as to stay competitory and gain international range. This will in bend lead to increased net incomes therefore doing the SMEs addition entree to sustainable external support.

degree Fahrenheit ) Financial prediction and fiscal determinations made

The fiscal prediction facet of direction in SMEs is another determiner of investing preparedness. This involves anticipation by fiscal directors of the organizationsi?? hereafter grosss utilizing the available current fiscal information. Using dependable prediction techniques greatly boosts the SMEs investing chances as they are able to cognize the sum of support they need in future to run their concerns. With proper prediction, SMEs are able to entree external funding as they will be able to convert the financiers/ investors on their ability to acquire significant returns form the investings undertaken. With fiscal prediction, the SMEs will accomplish their marks for profitableness which will further their investing preparedness. In add-on, the fiscal determinations made by fiscal directors greatly influence SMEs investing preparedness. Fiscal directors make four types of fiscal determinations including funding determinations where fiscal director determines the best beginnings of support for the concern ( Nielsen, Trayler and Brown, 70 ) . They indentify inexpensive beginnings of funding which will non strive the fiscal capableness of the SME in footings of fiscal duties that arise. The directors besides make investing determinations by placing feasible investing chances. Therefore, the ability of SMEs to find in progress the hazard involved and returns expected from the chosen investings besides determine the investing preparedness of the SME.

Changes that could be undertaken to better SMEs investing preparedness

As seen from above, investing preparedness has to be addressed if SMEs are to appreciate and take advantage of external funding so that they can continuously pay the of import function they play in the economic system. It is for this ground that authorities in concurrence with the investors should come up with investing preparedness plans aimed at raising investing preparedness of the SMEs. The plans should turn to all the factors that affect investing preparedness for SMEs particularly equity antipathy, investability every bit good as presentational issues ( Ernst and young/ Centre for invention and endeavor, 70 ) . There should be debut of information presentation seminars specifically designed for SMEs that do non cognize the being and advantages of external funding, what the demands for pulling external funding are, the standards used by the investors in measuring investing chances every bit good as how to sell their investing proposals to the possible investors.

Investing conferences, workshops or seminars should besides be introduced to assist SMEs run into the criterions required by the investors. This should affect such elements as information seminar, investing preparedness reappraisal, investing preparedness development plans, investing preparedness presentation reviews every bit good as investing networking plans. The information seminars/ workshops should be designed so as to make full the cognition spread bing about external funding for SMEs. This should turn to such issues as the definition of external funding every bit good as its benefits, the fortunes when external funding is most appropriate, the different beginnings of external funding available in the market, how the SMEs can entree the right investors, the rating standards employed by the investors every bit good as how to successfully show the investing chance to possible investors among other issues ( Golis, 65 ) . Investment preparedness reappraisal plans should besides be introduced for the SMEs who are ready to take up external funding. These plans should be aimed at reexamining the ability of such SMEs to entree funding. The issues raised in the reappraisal plans should be addressed in an investing preparedness development plans. This should be aimed at speed uping the SMEs to the phase of positive hard currency flows soonest possible since such SMEs will so be easier to sell to possible investors than those at the thoughts phase. The plan should cover such issues as direction, merchandises and services, competition, distinction and barriers to entry every bit good as SMEs fiscal direction ( McKaskill, 59 ) . Networking plans should besides be designed so as to associate the SMEs that become investing ready with the possible investors the authorities in concurrence with the investors should come up with inducements aimed at increasing the figure of angel webs. This manner, the degree of investing preparedness for SMEs will increase significantly.

In a command to increase investing preparedness even among new SMEs, the authorities through the relevant sections should besides come with course of study alterations aimed at increasing investing preparedness among new SMEs in assorted degrees of instruction. This is owing to the fact that SMEs play a really great function in the growing of our state ( Douglas, and Shepherd, 230 ) . Guaranting that pupils leave school when they already have equal cognition on external funding will guarantee that the SMEs they start go investing ready. There should besides be an addition in media runs aimed at informing the SMEs of being of other beginnings of funding other than the internal beginnings. The adverts should besides give adequate information on stairss that could be taken to go investing ready. This manner, the cognition of external funding will increase amongst SMEs hence increasing investing preparedness. The authorities through the relevant section should besides come up with statute law aimed at back uping investing preparedness by SMEs ( Meredith, G and Williams, 103 ) . For illustration, there could be debut of revenue enhancement subsidies for SMEs that become successful in seeking external funding. This manner, the SMEs will be motivated to go investing ready and therefore have an even greater impact on our economic system.


The above treatment confirms that there is a turning acknowledgment that betterment of SMEs entree to external funding should non be left to external moneymans merely. The increased supply of external funding will non accomplish the intended impact owing to the fact that many concern proposals by the SMEs are ever non investing ready. As a consequence, the external investors will be unable to do as many investings as they would mean and if they really invest owing to coerce to put, they will stop up puting in hapless quality concern. It is for this that the authorities should develop investing preparedness strategies or plans ( Pittwood, 75 ) . The plans should consist such elements as seminars aimed at supplying information sing funding, how to acquire investing ready every bit good as happening pulling and winning external investors to put in the SMEs. As such, the authorities should apportion fund which ( with the support of investors ) will set up independently run investing preparedness plans. This manner, the degree of investing preparedness among SMEs will greatly increase. As a consequence, external funding consumption among SMEs will besides increase. This in bend will greatly heighten economic growing in our state.


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