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Decision devising techniques are frequently used by many organisations for foretelling the hereafter of there undertaking, merchandise or any enlargement etc. If you make determination on the right clip that means your squad is in a well-deserved success. But if hapless determinations are made, it will take your squad to confront many failures and you would no longer be a leader.

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These techniques help everyone to do good determinations with the available information. Any effects which would originate with the determinations are taken into consideration with these tools and they help to take the best action.

The followers are the determination doing techniques available:

Pareto Analysis: it helps to take what should be changed.

Cost benefit analysis: Monitor the determination that weather it makes some fiscal sense.

Cash flow prediction: It helps to analyze that whether the

Decision braid: Merely one option is to take by their value

Paired Comparison Analysis: Making different options into consideration.

PMI: Cons and Pros of the determination are weighed.

Step ladder technique: Aid to make better determinations in the group.

Six believing chapeaus: Looks for the determination with a different point of position.

Grid Analysis: Picking a pick while reexamining tonss of factors.

Star bursting: By brainstorming it helps to acknowledge the options.

In this inquiry we are traveling to discourse two of the above techniques which are as follows:

Cost benefit Analysis

Cash flow prediction

Cost Benefit Analysis

This is widely used to cipher the sum estimated cost being compared with the entire predictable benefits merely to make up one’s mind whether this undertaking is utile for the company of non. This method is really easy, adaptative and simple to understand. But still you will happen many statements against this. A squad should first measure the all the ends and demands of the undertaking and so will measure all the precedences of the possible drawbacks to make up one’s mind weather the cost benefit analysis is a utile guess of resorts and clip. This techniques is largely used to make up one’s mind that whether a alteration should be made or non.

Simply the cost benefit analysis is conceded utilizing the fiscal benefits and costs. Like for illustration cost benefit analysis for constructing a route will be calculated by taking the cost required to construct and subtract this with the benefit of economic which is in the signifier of improved transit.

Another manner of constructing the cost benefit theoretical accounts is by seting the pecuniary value on the intangible benefits and costs.

Advantages of cost benefit analysis:

Cost benefit analysis helps to take the best possible proposal in footings of the uses of financess, other resources and human aid to give the company a immense net net income.

Template for the cost benefit analysis helps you in reexamining many different undertakings and their proposals and by change overing this information to the benefits for every undertaking. This will besides assist in taking the best possible option.

A cost benefit analysis save a batch of financess, valuable clip and the emphasis, as it is really simple and easy to understand.

The disadvantages of a cost benefit analysis:

Cost benefit analysis acknowledge all the benefits and costs, and quantified right. But as this is merely done manually by the worlds, it largely eliminates some benefits and cost due to failure to foretell these indirect connecting dealingss.

When they apply the fiscal value to the intangible points leads to a wrong cost benefit analysis, and this would take to raise the degree of hazard and determination devising becomes unproductive.

The entire subjectiveness occupied by quantifying, come closing and acknowledging the assorted benefits and costs is besides a drawback of cost benefit analysis because some benefits and cost are non fiscal.

All the appraisals and anticipation is largely based on chance and past experiences, which are largely unjust. So this besides leads to misdirect and incorrect cost benefit analysis.

In this method it is required to cipher the net nowadays value for estimate of the benefits and costs of the period. So it matches all the hereafter and today ‘s costs by measuring all the objects in there present values, which abolish the demand to account the pecuniary additions and rising prices. So this is a major disadvantage because even if the present value is right calculated still the rate of price reduction used in the calculation is non practical.

Another drawback of this analysis is that the leading squad may acquire mislead and think of these cost as existent instead than estimated and which leads to impractical ends and embezzling costs when put to deathing and subjecting the undertaking budget.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Forecasting the hard currency flows statements assist the company to build a theoretical account which shows the hereafter expected pecuniary values which moves inside the specific undertaking. It helps them to calculate that whether the predicted income and gross revenues gross is traveling to cover the entire cost of the undertaking or non. They let them to analyze that whether a undertaking is profitable plenty or non.

Forecasted hard currency flow statements can be used to analyze their ain fundss. This can be good in doing complicated fiscal determinations. Forecasted hard currency flows statement in the signifier of spreadsheet can assist in researching the alteration in factors. The prepared spreadsheet will demo more or possibly less consequence of the alterations. The normal process to organize forecasted hard currency flow statements is in a typical manner but sometimes they are made with spreadsheets. A better manner to analyze this prognosis is to organize a system chart. This chart will explicate the interaction between these factors. Then they can mensurate these dealingss and do a basic theoretical account.

Cash flow prognosis are made on a tabular array, on which there are columns for the clip period and rows which shows the individual motions of the hard currency like any disbursals, peculiar merchandises gross revenues and its cost etc. These forecasted tabular arraies are made in three phases.

Puting up heading for the columns:

In these columns the clip period the prognosis are to be calculated and how much hanker its traveling to go on is noted. Largely the prognosis is for one to two old ages and monthly columns are made inside them.

All the headers of the columns are written on the side of each column and followed by the months from which it starts. Like for illustration the headers would be Cash Movements, June, July, August, September, October, November, December etc. We are presuming that the prognosis starts from the month of June.

Puting up the tiles for each row:

The rows are followed in farther three more groups which are as follows:

Income: in this row the income which is likely is displayed and a separate row is made for each type of income. Like for illustration Gross saless of the XYZ merchandise, Gross saless of any services etc. Any income signifier investings are besides recorded here.

Here the costs are straight attributed to the merchandising sum of the merchandise and it may deduct the gross revenues direct cost which is made in these rows, and a sum of all these are recorded in the underside of the row.


This shows all the types of the cost in each separate headers like for illustration telecommunication costs, letter paper cost, wages of the staff etc. In the terminal a subtotal of the costs are noted.


This row includes the sums of every rows and it subtract the incomes from the outgoing rows for each of the month. This besides shows the entire net income or loss for each clip period.

Below this the net income and loss of the earlier months is added to the current month and it makes the fiscal place for the period.

Estimate values:

Until this there are tabular arraies which are marked out and all the rubrics for rows are written and heading are displayed for each columns. Now the chief work is to make full the proper values in each cell for each clip period. For doing the appraisal of values they should ever be based on the old twelvemonth ‘s values and a per centum of addition is to be calculated on it. This will take to more accurate estimated of these values. The values for the costs and income should besides be taken from the old old ages and so the hereafter estimated demand and supply is to be calculated to do so realistic.


Today ‘s modern spreadsheets are so much progress that all these computations are done automatically. There is no demand for personally ciphering each value and seting the rising prices on each of them like in the Microsoft excel and many more package ‘s. You merely have to put the sums decently.

Prognosiss for hard currency flow statements are really much simple and are really of import for the undertaking. It is an first-class manner for determinations doing for little every bit good as big undertakings. In the big undertakings it becomes more n more complex and more prescribed techniques are conducted.

Advantages for hard currency flow statements:

Business can do hereafters determinations really rapidly and accurate with this tool.

It shows a list to hard currency flow both the entrance and surpassing financess and appraisal is more dependable by this.

The company can trust on this budgeted hard currency flow for future and look into the public presentation of the company by comparing it with the existent 1.

It alerts the Bankss for any potencies jobs to get.

Business can be after in front of clip really easy.

Disadvantages for hard currency flow statements:

The values provided in these hard currency flow statements are non ever accurate and it is really hard to keep more realistic figures.

Specialist persons are to be appointed for doing these type of statements

There is a batch of research required for doing future determination and to do it more accurate.

No affair how much accurate it becomes it will ever stay a prognosis statement and a concern can non to the full rely on it.

Examples for cost benefit analysis and hard currency flow prognosis are taken from the British company Virgin Media.

This is an illustration of cost benefit analysis of the Virgin Media Company when they are serving or outsourcing with the BMC Blade Logic to keep their informations Centre direction cost. This will establish of the music, web service and the application in much less clip and in a high quality direction. So the cost benefit analysis of Virgin Media for outsourcing is as follows.

This illustration of hard currency flow is taken from the twelvemonth 2006 when Virgin Media was traveling to unify with Telewest Company. This amalgamation made this company the largest supplier of family broadband and other ternary drama services in United Kingdom.

A free hard currency flow theoretical account is used to make up one’s mind the future worth of Virgin Media. The return of equity is 15 % . This seams to be high but as this company is a immense one and the degree of debt is besides really high so by sing this seems to be okay.

The jutting hard currency flows are the undermentioned:

2009: – & A ; lb ; 778m

2010: – & A ; lb ; 814.2m

2011: – & A ; lb ; 679.5m

2012: – & A ; lb ; 682.2m

2013: – & A ; lb ; 648.7m

Beyond 2013: – & A ; lb ; 5,568m

These values are discounted by 15 % so that makes & A ; lb ; 5,219.63m of net present value. Then we the Numberss of outstanding 328 million portions are divided to the value & A ; lb ; 15.91 of portions.

Here is a chart demoing the hereafter hard currency flows for the twelvemonth.

These are calculated by the income statements as shown holla:

Using the 15 % dismissing rate of return

( 2009 ) Future Cash Flows = -90 + 1,080 – 12 – 20 – 180 = 778

( 2010 ) Future Cash Flows = 105.7 + 930 – 14.3 – 2.2 – 205 = 814.2

( 2011 ) Future Cash Flows = 245 + 805 – 17 – 3.5 – 350 = 679.5

( 2012 ) Future Cash Flows = 394.8 + 660 – 18.5 – 4.1 – 350 = 682.2

( 2013 ) Future Cash Flows = 543.2 + 550 – 19.8 – 4.7 – 420 = 648.7

And after the twelvemonth 2013 the growing rate of 3 % is estimated.

Present values of all these hard currency flows are calculated as follows:

Present Value of Cash Flows for Year 2009 = 778 / ( 1.15 ) = 676.5

Present Value of Cash Flows for Year 2010 = 814 / ( 1.15^2 ) = 615.5

Present Value of Cash Flows for Year 2011 = 679.5 / ( 1.15^3 ) = 446.78

Present Value of Cash Flows for Year 2012 = 682.2 / ( 1.15^4 ) = 390.05

Present Value of Cash Flows for Year 2013 and beyond = ( 648.7 + 5,568 ) / ( 1.15^5 ) = 3,090.8

Entire Company Value is 676.5 + 615.5 + 446.78 + 390.05 + 3,090.8 = 5,219.63

Decision: Both hard currency flow statements and cost benefit analysis help the company for determination devising procedure. Without them it is non possible to foretell whether the undertaking will do net incomes or loss. It besides demo how much benefits this undertaking will give to the company and to what extent it will increase in the value of the company.


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