Study And Analysis On Madoffs Ponzi Scheme Finance Essay

On March 12, 2009, Mr. Madoff pleaded guilty to all 11 felony counts charged against him, which includes mail and wire fraud, money laundering and bearing false witness. At the terminal of June on the 29th, he was sentenced by a federal justice to the maximal penalty of 150 old ages without bond or word. He began functioning his sentence four months subsequently in October. The condemnable instance is U.S. v. Madoff, 08-cr-00213, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

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From the 1980s through December 11, 2008, Madoff ran a Ponzi strategy to beg one million millions of dollars of financess. On December 1, 2008, his organisation delivered statements to about 5,000 history holders demoing they had balances of about $ 65 billion in which his house held a little fraction of that balance. Madoff took money from everyplace including, charities organisations, persons, and trusts. He did n’t put the financess as promised but used them for his ain addition. He falsely promised to derive every bit much as 46 % on return rates and his fee was on 4 cents a portion.

Madoff created a bogus visual aspect at BLMIS to give the feeling he ran “ a legitimate investing advisory concern in which client financess were actively traded as he had promised ( Voreacos, 2009 ) . ” He had many office employees who ne’er have worked a twenty-four hours of their lives in anything to make with investings. He told his workers to bring forth false client history statements that reflected false returns and purportedly showed the house bought and sold securities.

Madoff allowed the transportation of $ 250 million from client ‘s investing financess to his market devising and proprietary trading concerns. Those transportations gave the false visual aspect that he was making concern in Europe on behalf of investors. Madoff lied over and over to the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) in authorship and pledged testimonies. He even created bogus fiscal statements about the concern.

As mentioned, he was charged on 11 counts. Here is a sum-up of each count:

Count 1, Securities Fraud: Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities Inc. ( BLMIS ) was a broker-dealer with three types of concern: market devising ; proprietary trading ; and investing advisory services. Madoff Securities International Ltd. ( MSIL ) was a U.K. affiliate engaged in proprietary trading.

Count 2, Investment Adviser Fraud: From at least the 1980s through December 11, 2008, Madoff acted as an investing advisor for clients of BLMIS and employed devices and strategies to victimize clients and prospective clients.

Count 3, Mail Fraud: On December 1, 2008, Madoff caused to be sent via the U.S. Postal Service a false and deceitful history statement from BLMIS to a client in New York.

Count 4, Wire Fraud: On Aug. 5, 2008, as a portion of a strategy to victimize, Madoff caused $ 2 million in investor financess to be wired from Bloomington, Minnesota, to New York.

Count 5, International Money Laundering to Promote Specified Unlawful Activity: From 2002 to December 2008, Madoff caused the transportation of financess from the BLMIS investor history in New York to MSIL histories in London, and from those histories to BLMIS histories in New York. The money was derived from fraud in the sale of securities and larceny from an employee benefit program.

Count 6, International Money Laundering to Promote Specified Unlawful Activity: From 2006 to December 2008, Madoff caused the transportation of financess from BLMIS investor histories in New York to MSIL histories in London, so back to New York to give the false visual aspect that he was runing a legitimate investing advisory concern. From 2002 to December 2008, he caused financess to be transferred from BLMIS histories in New York to MSIL histories in London, and from at that place to “ buy and keep belongings and services for the personal usage and benefit of Madoff, his household members and associates ” ( Voreacos, 2009 ) . The money was derived from fraud in the sale of securities and larceny from an employee benefit program.

Count 7, Money Laundering: On April 13, 2007, Madoff caused $ 54.5 million to be transferred from a BLMIS investor history in New York to a BLMIS history in London. The money was derived from fraud in the sale of securities and larceny from an employee benefit program.

Count 8, False Statements: On Jan. 7, 2008, Madoff caused the filing with the SEC of a Uniform Application for Investment Adviser Registration. The signifier falsely stated that BLMIS had detention of consultative clients ‘ securities.

Count 9, Perjury: On May 19, 2006, Madoff made legion false and deceptive statements under curse to the SEC. He falsely testified that his house executed stock and options trades on behalf of investing consultative clients ; had detention of assets managed on behalf of those clients ; and used the same trading scheme for all its investing advisory clients.

Count 10, False Filing With the SEC: On December 20, 2007, Madoff caused the filing of a false and deceptive certified BLMIS audit study.

Count 11, Theft From an Employee Benefit Plan: On September 24, 2008, Madoff stole $ 10 million in pension fund assets sent to BLMIS by a maestro trust on behalf of approximately 35 labour brotherhood pension programs.

In May 2010, about 700,000 Madoff investors outside the United States settled understandings, having about $ 15 billion. The entire shown on Madoff ‘s investor history statements right before his apprehension in 2008 was about $ 65 billion. Irving H. Picard, the court-appointed legal guardian stand foring Mr. Madoff ‘s victims in the United States, has collected to day of the month about $ 10 billion through colonies and plus gross revenues. Mr. Picard estimated the entire hard currency losingss in the fraud at $ 20 billion ( Washington, 2011 ) .

In December 2010, Mr. Picard launched several cases, including one that was after $ 1.6 billion in amendss from Sonja Kohn, a banker in Australia. He accused her of being the encephalons on a 23-year confederacy that played a cardinal function in financing the Ponzi strategy. After the deadline, it appeared that at least 1,000 single civil cases would originate. In February 2011, A bank paperss released as portion of Mr. Picard ‘s case prove that bank executives saw many ruddy flags about the legitimacy of Madoff ‘s investing concern more than 18 months before his Ponzi strategy came to light, but continued to make concern with him. Another case, in federal bankruptcy tribunal on February 4, involves the proprietors of the New York Mets. Mr. Picard accuses them of being so wrapped up in the tremendous net incomes they earned while puting over decennaries with Mr. Madoff that they ignored the ruddy flags that might hold warned them that he was runing a fraud. It ‘s besides being rumored that now the Mets may be up for new ownership.

“ In his first interview since his apprehension in December 2008, Mr. Madoff asserted in February that unidentified Bankss and hedge financess were someway complicit in his elaborate fraud, an about turn from earlier claims that he was the lone individual involved ( Washington, 2011 ) . ” His household being claimed in intuition in engagement, he went on to advert that his household members knew nil about his offenses. With his ailment patterns, his household has besides faced legion cases, leting for the possible to lose most of their assets. Madoff besides spoke about covering with several Bankss indicating to their “ wilful sightlessness ” and went on to state, “ They had to cognize, but the attitude was kind of, ‘If you ‘re making something incorrect, we do n’t desire to cognize. ”

While he was acknowledging his guilt in the interview and said nil could pardon his offenses, he focused his remarks on the large investors and elephantine establishments he dealt with, non on all the money he stole and the hurting he caused 1000s of his investors. “ He did non asseverate that any specific bank or fund knew about or was an confederate in his Ponzi strategy. After lead oning federal regulators and investors for at least 16 old ages, he would surely be branded as a prevaricator by defence attorneies if he appeared as a informant against any suspect in a courtroom ( Washington, 2011 ) . ” Mr. Madoff said he was determined to assist the attempts to retrieve lost assets. He besides said that Mr. Picard was seeking far more money than was needed to decide investor claims. In add-on to the client claims for the hard currency losingss, the Madoff estate besides faces claims by unpaid sellers and landlords, who can non retrieve until all the valid client claims are paid.

In prison, Madoff ‘s entree to the outside universe is limited and monitored. All visitants must be approved by prison governments, who besides screen his collect calls and his entrance and surpassing electronic mails and letters, though interviews with attorneies like Mr. Picard and his co-workers are less restricted and can be conducted in private ( Washington, 2011 ) .

What I would hold done otherwise? Well foremost I would wish to believe that I would n’t hold committed such a monolithic offense for such a long clip to lead on everyone who trusted me. I would be excessively scared of the effects that would come if I got caught. But lets merely state that I was courageous and smart plenty to draw off such a thing. I ‘m pretty certain I would n’t travel caput foremost in. Yes, if I act entirely so I get more money. And even on another side if I do acquire caught I ‘m the lone 1 that goes down and non multiple people. But I besides would put everything for my addition. You have to be smart, yes Madoff was making false paperss to lead people off, but you can distort everything. When person comes to you to put something, take parts for yourself, so put some in that really will do some money for the investee. This manner if they come you can demo them existent documents of gaining while still doing dozenss of money for yourself. Madoff merely got greedy like all those other Wall Street executives do and could n’t stand waiting for returns. He saw a fast path to being rich and took it.

U.S. v. Madoff, 08-cr-00213, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York ( Manhattan ) .

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