Student uses social media to advocate for free speech Essay Sample

One pupil is taking to ?social media? to force back against what she is naming a modification of ? free speech? on the University of Mary Washington campus. Faith Pollard. a senior political scientific discipline major. created the ? societal media? run # IStandWithFaith this past Monday after a confrontation with the Office of Disability Resources. At the beginning of the semester. Pollard contacted the Office of Disability Resources in the hopes of having assistance for a disablement. What ensued was a series of back and forth meetings and confusion sing medical records. By October. Pollard still had non succeeded in accomplishing the assistance she desired and grew increasing frustrated with the continuance of the state of affairs. Last hebdomad. Pollard posted a position on Facebook sing her on-going effort to derive entree to disablement resources. “Basically all it said was how incredible it was for Disability Services to merely now be acquiring back to me 10 to 11 hebdomads subsequently.

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It besides said that they likely were sitting on my study for two to three hebdomads and didn’t tell me. ” said Pollard. who has been in contact with the office since her first hebdomad of school. Upon returning to the office several yearss subsequently. Pollard was confronted by a disablements resources worker who had seen the Facebook position. “I was confronted by [ the worker ] with a printed out screenshot of my position. I explained to her why I was angry and why I posted it. ” Pollard said. “But I left Disability Services thought that I can non state anything negative because I would be reported and so confronted. I left experiencing implicitly told this is non welcomed. ” After discoursing the state of affairs with several friends. Pollard decided to talk up and do a ? societal media? run to alarm other pupils.

“I want people to be huffy about the invasion of privateness. unprofessionalism on this employee’s behalf and violation of freedom of ? speech? . ” Pollard said. “I want people to understand this is non all right. ”

On Monday. Nov. 10. Pollard and friends created the Facebook event “ # UMWDisability ? Social Media? Pushback. ” Those go toing the event were asked to utilize assorted ? societal media? histories such as Facebook and Twitter to distribute the message.

On Twitter. pupil organisations including The Blue & A ; Gray Press and Student Senate were tagged. every bit good as the official UMW Twitter history and the IT Security acount. The tweets included the hashtags “ # IStandWithFaith” and “ # FreeSpeechIntimidation. ” “We privation to raise consciousness that negative ? free speech? is non being welcomed at UMW. ” the Facebook event said. “? Free speech? affairs. We as pupils have rights to show sentiments without any signifier of bullying. ” While the Tweets persisted through much of Monday. the run did non catch on every bit much as they might hold hoped. “This was a really stray motion that didn’t truly catch fire on ? societal media? .

I had a batch of people like my Facebook position. but none of them shared or spread the word like I would conceive of a genuinely successful ? societal media? blast would work. ” said Maggie Stough. a senior English major who participated in the event. Though the run was spurred by a desire for freedom of ? speech? . the implicit in issue that many pupils saw was the demand for professionalism and university guidelines in respects to students’ ? societal media? histories. “I want UMW to understand that ?social media? is at its crude phases and because it is non traveling off. UMW needs guidelines to calculate out what their function is in ? societal media? what is acceptable behaviour of their employees. ” Pollard said.


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