Structured English Immersion Foundation Education Essay

More and more public schools are faced with the challenge of educating kids who qualify harmonizing to federal guidelines for excess aid in larning the English linguistic communication. This group has come to include non merely immigrant kids who speak small or no English, but besides kids who are born in the United States to immigrants parents where the family speaks, and has limited English proficiency ( LEP ) “ The diverseness in American schools is non a new construct. Immigrant pupils have ever been a portion of the American instruction system. The inquiry is how to turn to the demands of immigrant pupils? The instruction methods differ from province to province and school to school. ” hypertext transfer protocol: //

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Structured English Immersion

“ Structured English Immersion ( SEI ) is a technique for quickly learning English to immigrants. The term was coined by Keith Baker and Adriana de Kantar in 1983. In the 2004 U.S. Supreme Court determination, for Horne v. Flores, stated, that Structured English Immersion is significantly more effectual than the former bilingual instruction system. Structured English Immersion is to learn kids English so they can win in twenty-first century America. Structured English Immersion is compulsory in California, Arizona and Massachusetts. ” hypertext transfer protocol: //

In the jurisprudence, sheltered direction is defined as schoolrooms where stuffs are in English and the course of study is specifically designed for ELLs ( Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 71A ) . However, it is of import to maintain in head that sheltered English direction is an instructional methodological analysis that at the same time teaches English and content country cognition and accomplishments. In other words, SEI instructors develop their ELL pupils ‘ English linguistic communication abilities through linguistically modified direction in the content countries such as math, scientific discipline, and societal surveies. In SEI schoolrooms, instructors scaffold direction utilizing specific communicating and text alteration schemes to do English content comprehendible to ELL pupils with changing degrees of English linguistic communication proficiency.

In English, linguistic communication scholar is besides referred to as limited English proficient ( LEP ) pupil. The federal definition of an LEP pupil is a pupil whose first linguistic communication is one other than English and who can non execute ordinary category work in English.

SEI Framework

The followers are constituents of the emerging model of Structure English Immersion:

Significant sums of the school twenty-four hours are dedicated to the expressed instruction of the English linguistic communication, and pupils are grouped for this direction harmonizing to their degree of English proficiency.

The English linguistic communication is the chief content of SEI direction. Academic content plays a supporting, but subsidiary, function.

English is the linguistic communication of direction ; pupils and instructors are expected to talk, read, and compose in English.

Teachers use instructional methods that treat English as a foreign linguistic communication.

Students learn distinct English grammar accomplishments.

Rigorous clip lines are established for pupils to go out from the plan.

SEI plan alumnuss continue to have support services until they are reclassified as fluid English proficient whereby Federal jurisprudence so requires pupils be monitored for two old ages after reclassification.

SEI by State

In Arizona, where SEI is required of all schools in the province, all text editions, stuffs, and appraisals used in an SEI schoolroom must be aligned to the Arizona K-12 English Language Learner Proficiency Standards.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Despite the possible effectivity of SEI and its legion executions, it has failed to populate up to English merely proponents ‘ false claims that ELLs can make full English linguistic communication proficiency in one twelvemonth ‘s clip. In fact, the charming accelerated linguistic communication learning properties associated with SEI by its advocates are unsupported by statewide English proficiency trial consequences for the 2004-2005 school old ages. The trial consequences showed that after one twelvemonth of SEI direction, the bulk of ELL pupils still remained at a get downing English proficiency degree ( Massachusetts Department of Education, 2005 ) . Educators in American schools must seek out ways to run into the demands of altering schoolrooms. Reading, composing, hearing, and talking are non acquired in stray learning state of affairss. Socio-cultural positions of literacy emphasized the thought that multiple literacy ‘s are developed when instructors consider reading, composing, and linguistic communication to be embedded in the manner we communicate on a day-to-day footing


Although federal statute law and tribunal determinations have long maintained that school territories set up plans for English linguistic communication scholars that are based on sound educational theory, grounds suggests that excessively many English linguistic communication scholars are non deriving proficiency in English and get the hanging academic content. In malice of our best attempts to supply replies, nevertheless, informations on pupil results indicate straitening consequences for the English linguistic communication scholars. “ Additionally, a figure of research surveies and both province and national informations suggest that the bulk of English linguistic communication learns do non have the services needed to bring forth a degree of English proficiency that will help in the riddance of the accomplishment spread that separates them. “ ( The Chicago school of Professional Psychology )


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