Strong Female Roles Within Literature English Literature Essay

There are many narratives in literature that people read. Most of the narratives that people read are about strong independent work forces, the type of work forces that do everything for their married womans. In most of these narratives adult females play an undistinguished function. Yet, there are great adult females characters in literature. In the play “ A Raisin in the Sun ” , “ Fences ” , and There Eyess Were Watching God, adult females such as Ruth, Mama, Rose, and Janie play major functions. The function that they play is that of a hardworking, strong, and independent adult female. They do non necessitate a adult male to maintain them on their pess. They besides prove that adult females do non necessitate a adult male to maintain a household together. Of these four characters, Ruth, Mama, Rose, and Janie, the adult female that displayed the most strength was Mama. Mama kept her household together and stood by her hubby, Big Walter, when he was alive. She displayed bravery, strength and duty.

When readers are foremost introduced to mama, she does non look to be a sort adult female, but her true qualities are shortly revealed. Mama is the peace shaper in the household. She ne’er likes it when her household battles. She tries her really best to maintain everyone on the same page. When people start to contend, Mama gets involved. She would state, “ I hate to see people that love each other battle so much ” . She said that because rather frequently, either Walter Jr. and Ruth or Walter Jr. and Beneatha are reasoning. Walter ever seems to acquire into a dissension with person. When they argued they sometimes would state that they did non love each other and she would state, “ There is ever something left to love. And if you ai n’t learned that, you ai n’t learned nil ” . With all the combat she still tries to maintain her household together. Mama frequently says that God keeps her household together. She said that without him she would non cognize what to make.

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Although the drama starts off with Mama being a hard-working individual adult female, she did hold a adult male in her life. The adult male in her life was Walter Younger Sr. , besides known as Large Walter. Big Walter was the adult male of the house, as she was the adult female of the house. Large Walter died go forthing Mama in the universe with two kids. When he died she had the added duty of taking attention of the household by herself. She cooked and cleaned. She went to work all twenty-four hours and all dark. Although Mama worked so many hours she ever found clip for her household.

One thing that readers notice is that Mama truly believes in her household. Mama believed that her kids could make anything they set their head to make. Mama ‘s dream was to travel her household from a crammed flat into a house with a front pace. Walter ‘s dream was to have a spirits shop. Beneatha ‘s dream was to be a “ large clip ” physician. Ruth and Travis did non hold a dream. Mama tried her best to do her household ‘s dreams come true. She did this by giving them some of the money from Big Walter ‘s decease insurance. She hopes that the money would assist them get their bosom ‘s desire, but she did non desire them to allow the money get to their caput. She did n’t desire them to believe that money was life. She said “ Oh-So now it ‘s life. Money is life. Once upon a clip freedom used to be life-now it ‘s money. I guess the universe truly do alteration ” . The ground she said that was because Walter had gotten it in his caput that money made life so easy but it did non. He had to larn that the difficult manner.

Ruth Younger was married to Mama ‘s boy Walter Younger Jr. Ruth went through a batch with this household. While married to Walter, Ruth has an abortion and handled that trouble really good. She stands by her hubby Walter Jr. , even when he takes her through snake pit and back. These challenges are what make Ruth such a strong adult female. Ruth does non hold a occupation ; she is a stay at place female parent. While everyone is at work, she is at place cleansing. Ruth has a great relationship with her boy. She puts a batch of attempt into taking attention of her boy Travis. She gets him ready for school and makes certain he keeps his classs up.

In the terminal of Act 1 Ruth swoons because she is pregnant. When she found out she is pregnant, she does non desire to state Walter. She does non state Mama either. She did non desire to state them because of the money issues. They were running highly tight on money and could non afford to hold another kid in the house. The lone thing that Ruth could believe of making was to acquire an abortion. Although her actions might look selfish, Ruth got an abortion because she felt it was better for her and the household.

Ruth did non hold a good relationship with Walter Jr. They were invariably reasoning over the simplest thing. The most common thing that they argued over was money. The statements normally start because of Walter, but no affair how many times they argue she still stands by Walter. When Walter invests the money his female parent gave him in the spirits shop and it was stolen, she of all time left his side. When Walter invariably bugged her about nescient things she still stood by him. When he messed up all the clip she still stood by his side supporting him.

Now there is a immature lady by the name of Janie. Janie is a assorted miss with long beautiful hair. She was 17 old ages of age when she foremost married. She married a adult male that was older than 60. His name was Logan. After her matrimony with him she grew stronger and wiser. As she started to turn wiser, she learned to non be mercenary about things. As life went on she blossomed like a flower. The more she blossomed the more people started to detest her.

Janie was born on a white plantation. She had good thing. Good fabrics and places. Most inkinesss truly did non like her because she was assorted. She had beautiful curly black hair that flowed down her dorsum. She was nicely curved and many adult females disliked her for that. Her female parent was assorted excessively. Her male parent was white.

Janie while married to Logan was frequently found working. She was ever either skining murphies killing the hogs or cleaning. While she did this it made her strong. It made her desire to be a better adult female. She strived herself to remain married. She did this by non kicking and making what Logan told her to make. When she was married to Logan she was merely 17 old ages old. Therefor she had no pick but to listen to what he told her to make.

Even though Janie was immature she was married more than one time. Her first matrimony was to an older adult male named Logan. When Janie married Logan she was 17 old ages old. She did non love her. says, “ She does n’t love him but assumes that after matrimony, love will come of course ” . Meaning that Janie feels as that since she does non love, so possibly if she does get married him so the love will come automatically. Janie ended up go forthing Logan for a adult male named Joe Starks. He was a affluent adult male who planned on doing an all Negro town. While there he became the postmaster, Mayor, Storekeeper, and biggest landholder in Eatonville. She stayed with him for a small piece, and so he made her strong every bit good as Logan. Her 3rd and concluding hubby was Tea Cake. Tea Cake was about 13 old ages younger than Janie when she was with him. When she met him, he was her first “ true ” love. She loved him for more than merely his expression. She loved him for him. She loved him for his defects and all.

In the book, Tea Cake had nil. He was a adult male that made Janie feel immature. He made her made her experience immature by learning her new things. He taught her how to hit a gun, fish, and survive on her ain two pess. When he taught her these many things other work forces got really covetous. Janie felt loved and immature once more. She had ne’er felt this manner, chiefly because when she was younger she had to turn up. This was the ground why she loved him a batch. Finally in the terminal she had to kill him, due to hydrophobias.

The last lady to state approximately is Rose. Rose was married to a adult male by the name of Troy for 18 old ages. She was the female parent of his 2nd boy, Cory. Troy was a industrious adult male who took attention of his household. There is a enormous sum of ways I could depict Rose. Rose was such a peace shaper. She hated it when her household would contend and reason. Rose besides helped her hubby do a batch of things. Throughout the drama, Rose stood by Troy no affair what. Last, she was a strong independent adult female and did non necessitate a adult male to assist her survive through life.

Rose was the conciliator of her house. She hated the fact that her household argued over the littlest things. One thing that they argue about is their son Cory playing football. Troy did non desire him playing football, he wanted him to work. When an statement started, Rose would ever do damagess with them and acquire them to hold on something. Another thing that they argued about was Troy stating Cory ‘s manager that he did non desire him playing football. This caused them to hold a major autumn out. Cory every bit good as Troy was huffy. In the terminal of the statement Rose someway made a small spot better.

Besides, Rose helped Troy out a batch. She helped him with his brother. Troy had a brother by the name of Gabe. Gabe was sort of off a small spot. He was in the war and got some of his caput blown away. The manner she helped was taking attention of him. She took attention of him by watching him sometimes, feeding him, and doing certain he stays out of problem. Not that he got into problem a batch. Another thing that she has helped him out with was raising his newborn babe Raynell. Troy had this babe with a adult female named Alberta. Rose accepts the responsibility of being Raynell ‘s female parent when Alberta dies in childbearing, and Raynell is seen at the terminal of the drama as a happy seven-year-old seeding her seeds prior to the funeral of Troy. Rose took attention of Raynell even though it was non her duty.

A great thing that Rose did was stayed by his side. Troy and Rose had an O.K. relationship. Troy cheated on Rose after he had been married to her for 18 old ages. He cheated because Alberta made him experience different than Rose did. He felt more alive and immature when he was with her. When Troy cheated, Rose was really disquieted. She was in denial. She candidly could non believe that he would make that to her after all of those old ages that they had been together. Even though he put her through a batch, she still stayed by his side. She supported him through everything. Her attitude did alter a small spot.

Last, she was really strong. She proved that she did non necessitate Troy to assist her get around. She showed many features of being strong and independent. Features like maintaining her household together through the midst and thin. She took attention of a babe that was non even hers. That makes her a true married woman and female parent. She believed in her household every bit good as they believed in her. All around, she was emotionally strong. She did non allow things acquire to her so easy.

In Conclusion, Mama, Janie, Rose, and Ruth have made literature notice the importance of adult females. They are here by the work forces side back uping them through everything. Without adult females, there would be no work forces. Men need adult females to be successful. With that being said I bring this to a stopping point.

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