Strengths and Weaknesses of the command economics system

The basic economic inquiries arise because of the basic economic jobs of resource scarceness.

What to Produce

We are facing the job of resource allotment when the inquiry of what to bring forth emerges. Since our wants are immense and the resources to fulfill them are limited, we have to put our precedences and when we do that, we are make up one’s minding on what to bring forth. For illustration

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In the Command economic system, the province is said to be the 1s that ain resources and the cardinal authorization of the province controls and direct the resources, it is through the estimations of the wants and demands of the people that this is achieved. But in the free Market economic system, the ownership and control of resources is granted to private persons. Price mechanism and the market forces of demand and supply and the free consumer picks and manufacturers would find allotment of resources or what to bring forth or how it is allocated.

How to bring forth

When this inquiry is asked, the engineering method of production applied on what to bring forth is being referred to. Capital intensive and Labour intensive methods are all signifiers of methods of engineering, but whichever method is used, the cost per unit of end product should truly be considered

Whom to bring forth

This is a job of distribution, in other words how will the goods produced be distributed. This depends on the demands of the society and the personal income distribution. Goods need s to be taken to where they can be consumed or utilised in other for the completion of production procedure.

Economic systems are hence created on the footing of finding the resources of allotment. It is a system were all the institutional agencies through which national resources are used to fulfill human wants and demands

These are the types of an economic system

Free Market economic system

Mixed Economic System

Command Economy

Free Market Economy

This is an Economic system that allows for the right of private houses, establishments or persons to have and command resources and besides granted rights to postulate for economic benefits. It is besides where production and distribution of resources happens based on the free market mechanism by a free monetary value system

The features of free market economic system

Monetary value mechanism is in topographic point

There is small or no intervention from the authorities

Freedom of entry and issue

The inquiry on what, how and for whom to bring forth are answered by the private sector

Monetary value mechanism: Demand and supply determines monetary values

Freedom in net income devising

USA, Mexico, Canada and Somalia are good illustrations of states with a free market economic system.

Assorted economic system

This is includes a assortment of authorities and private control, in other words, a mix of socialism and capitalist economy. As stated by concern lexicon, all modern economic systems are assorted where agencies of production are shared between the private and public sectors. It is besides called double economic system.

Features of Mixed Economy

Individual Freedom

Economic Efficiency

An efficient and equal allotment of resources

Incentives to introduce provided by competition

The authorities ensures the care of employment criterions

Centralized economic planning

Command Economy/Planned:

In a bid system, determination devising is centralized in other words the authorities controls all determinations with respects to the allotment of resources. They decide on what to bring forth, the proportion of what should consists of capital goods, the proportion of resources to be devoted for consumers etc. In bid economic system determination devising is a centralized Procedure.

The strength and failing of the Command Economy

Strength: –

Increases the changeless use of resources.

Allocates wealth among the people every bit to avoid any job of unfairness.

Merely merchandises that are required are produced hence prevents production of socially unsought merchandises.

The authorities will guarantee a more equal distribution of income and wealth

Essential goods/services will be provided to the community. For e.g. Education.

The authorities can find which goods are produced. It has the power of determination devising.

It provides a minimal criterion of life for all citizens.

Failing: –

Freedom of pick is restricted

Can non observe consumer penchants accurately.

Resources are misallocated as consumer demands are non satisfied by production.

Resources are non to the full utilized, since production is based on place ingestion

No specialisation and division of labor

Lack of efficiency.

There is small consumer pick. Since everything is allocated harmonizing to a planning procedure, consumers will hold small say in what is provided straight by the province.

Small assortment of goods and services

There is no monetary value mechanism, i.e. interaction of demand and supply in finding monetary values of goods

Subsidies on indispensable goods and services rapidly lead to deficits. Therefore queuing is common in bid economic systems.

The Difference between The Command Economy and other Types of Economic Systems

Command Economy

Market Economy


Command economic systems have public endeavors where the authorities controls things including concerns and production.

A assorted economic system is an economic system that includes a assortment of private and authorities control

capitalist economy involves private endeavors where concerns are owned by private persons

free market system is where prices/consumption/production are driven freely

It is driven by demand and supply

It is driven by demand and supply

Distributes wealth in one individual method

dwells more on the exchange of wealth in assorted methods

capitalist economy refers more to the production of wealth

This is predictable and orderly but creates much inefficiency

There is free competition without intervention

There is no free competition, capital proprietors can at times influence the footings of trade

the authorities besides intervenes to guarantee safety

An ‘invisible-hand ‘ regulates the economic system.

A bid economic system is where everything is planned by some cardinal contrivers


The three selected types of economic systems are the basic subdivisions and of them all the bid economic system is highlighted as it is an economic system where monetary value and supply are non regulated by forces of the market but it is regulated by the authorities, they decide what goods and services are produced and the distribution method. At present twenty-four hours, there is seldom any state practising bid economic system, the staying states utilizing bid economic system are Cuba and North Korea


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