Strategy development at LEGO Essay

One of the initial scheme determinations was based upon the oil crisis in the 1980’s. The company reacted favorably by presenting new inventions and perforating antecedently unexplored markets. Changes in the market environment in the 90’s besides spurred on scheme development at LEGO. The coming of rivals and research reverse to what LEGO was establishing its scheme on up to that point proved to be a focal point for the company. Aims were set out and adopted and the company moved on. LEGO had trouble in accessing and reading the market. Once this was highlighted. with the assistance of a new COO. the company restructured and went on a cost cutting expedition – liberating up resources to help with the long term aims. LEGO suffered a crisp diminution in the ‘most admired companies in Denmark’ canvass. The external image of the company – that which affected the general public’s sentiment and the desirableness of the LEGO Group as a prospective spouse and employer suffered due to the fluctuations in gross revenues and net incomes. Heavy fiscal losingss resulted in a weaker capital construction and limited investing chances for the hereafter. As a consequence the full procurance procedure was re-analysed and restructured and cost decreases in all sectors of the concern were important.

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LEGO was fortunate plenty to hold a strong trade name and consciousness in the market. The market is more favorably inclined to ‘forgive’ companies that have taken the clip to cultivate strong trade name consciousness. Even though LEGO clearly had bigger jobs. they maintained and developed their relationship with their clients in order to better understand their demands and instill a higher criterion of client service within the company. Their focal point remained strongly on the distribution in retail. The company suffered heavy fiscal losingss and briefly discussed selling LEGO. However. this was clearly a last resort determination for the CEO. The household company and their dedication in doing it win. worked for them. Had they given up the company. the LEGO trade name would non hold survived the clime it did. The company enjoyed strong fiscal backup. Alternatively of selling the company. it was decided that a loan would be taken. Give the heavy losingss experienced. the clime and alterations in market portion. LEGO still secured a loan. Clearly. person else believed in them every bit much as they believed in themselves. The dedication of LEGO’s direction and staff is one of their cardinal advantages.
Having staff dedicated to the vision. mission and scheme of the company is indispensable for the success of their long and short term aims. LEGO’s bold attack to the planetary fiscal crisis in 2009 was portion of their great success. This willingness and ability to move boldly saw them in good position during a clip of economic downswings. Another first-class usage of resources is in the signifier of enthusiastic LEGO users for the development of merchandises.


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