Strategic Plan Part I – Organizational Structure Essay

The context around which a company is organized. the anchors that keep a concern operation is it construction. Organizational construction is what tells participants how an organisation is placed together. More significantly. it is how an organisation works. The construction of an organisation is how leaders are chosen. determinations are made and how participants are recognized. Health attention organisations will develop long and short term growing through the rating of future fiscal and operational ends ( strategic planning ) . The procedure of strategic planning is indispensable when implementing order or alteration in an otherwise unpredictable environment.

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The Organization

For this multi-week assignment. the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center will be used to measure the different constituents of the strategic planning procedure. An organisation will develop a vision. mission and values for strategic way. An organization’s vision is where it wants to be if the mission is successful and conveyed suitably. The mission is an organisations ground for being. The mission harmonizing to Hunger & A ; Wheelen ( 2011 ) promotes a sense of shared outlooks in employees and communicates a public image to of import stakeholder groups in the company’s undertaking environment ( p. 6 ) . The values of an organisation should embrace its nucleus competences. Value can drive the purpose of organisational contrivers. Harmonizing to Harris ( 2007 ) . “Guiding rules serve as a platform to foster coveted behaviours in the organisation ( p. 102 ) . The mission. vision and values are steering rules the directors and employees will non compromise while they are in the procedure of accomplishing the mission and prosecuting the vision and strategic ends Mission and Vision

The Augusta Care Pregnancy Center ( ACPC ) . a non-profit organisation. was created to portion the good intelligence of Jesus Christ with all they come in contact with. The vision of ACPC is to “strive to raise a standard screening God’s concern for female parents and their unborn babies” ( Augusta Care Pregnancy Center ( ACPC ) . 2015. About Us ) .

Key Values

The organisations cardinal values are to see each individual. from the unborn to the aged. as created in the image of God. In add-on. to offer a assortment of services to adult females who are confronting the challenges of an unplanned gestation. those who desire conformation of a wanted gestation and to offer impermanent fiscal support.

Strategic Planning Model of chosen Organization

In most organisations. there is no perfect strategic be aftering theoretical account or procedure to adhere to in the same mode all the clip. Every organisation should custom-make the best attack to accommodate the intent of planning. the civilization of its associates and internal and external chances. Basically. an organisation will see three types of scheme: concern. functional and corporate. Business Strategy

With the concern scheme importance on betterment of the competitory place of a corporation merchandises or services in a specific industry or market section are served by the concern unit. Business schemes are composed of competitory and concerted schemes ( Hunger & A ; Wheelen. 2011. p. 7 ) .

Functional Strategy

This attack is used in selling or research and development. to achieve company aims and schemes through maximising resource efficiency. The functional scheme theoretical account is more concerned with developing and fostering an organisations competitory advantage.

Corporate Scheme

Hunger & A ; Wheelen ( 2011 ) “a company’s overall way in footings of its general attitude toward growing and the direction of its assorted concerns and merchandise lines” describes corporate scheme ( p. 7 ) . Corporate scheme is made up of directional and rearing scheme every bit good as portfolio analysis. The scheme employed by ACPC can non be determined at this clip. Since this organisation is an extension of Health Allied Services. nec. farther research must be taken to decently place the scheme being implemented by ACPC. ACPC organisation chiefly operates in the Health and Allied Services. nec concern / industry within the Health Services sector. This organisation has been runing for about 7 old ages. Augusta Care Pregnancy Center is estimated to bring forth $ 340. 000 in one-year grosss. and employs about 8 people at this individual location ( Buzzfile Media. 2015. Business description ) .

Theoretical Model

A system can be defined as a sensed whole whose elements ‘hung together’ because they continually affect each other over clip and run toward a common intent ( Swayne. Duncan & A ; Ginter. 2008. p. 23 ) . Systems theory can hold a important consequence on direction scientific discipline and understanding organisations. The complex. embedded and dynamic nature of modern organisations requires a systemic attack to strategic direction. There are two chief parts to a systems attack in strategic direction ( 1 ) To leave counsel on which strategic planning attacks to utilize when and besides on how to see them as a complementary set that is capable of being used in a flexible manner to turn to all facets of the strategic managerial undertaking and ( 2 ) to supply a scope of methodological analysiss that can be put in service of the strategic planning procedure ( Gregory. n. d. . p. 9 ) .

The consequence of systems theory in direction is it helps directors to look at the organisation from a broader position The Role of ACPC Organization’s Mission. Vision. and Values in Relationship to Strategic Plan ACPC is a Christian ministry was created for sharing the good intelligence about Jesus Christ. Their focal point is to guarantee adult females make good determinations in their mundane lives on subjects like gestation. avoiding maltreatment. sexual maltreatment and etcetera. The first end of ACPC is to portion the intelligence of Jesus Christ. Second to steer or direct the adult females seeking their services in the righteous way of Jesus Christ and what he has promised like the holiness of matrimony or healthy relationships. ACPC besides focus on supplying female parents of unplanned gestation resources available to them.

The Current Key Leaders of ACPC

Presently the ACPC has merely 8 employees in the Augusta. GA location. The contact individual supervising operations is Susan Swanson ( Director ) . ACPC is one of legion companies employed under the Health and allied services. nec class.

Change Management Model ACPC Use

From the information gathered on ACPC. I could non anticipate any alteration direction theoretical accounts used by this installation. I have requested an interview with Susan Swanson to farther develop this subject. The interview is scheduled for the undermentioned hebdomad. The Regulating Board Involvement in Implementing Strategic Goals To find the engagement of the regulating board for ACPC farther probe is needed into Health and Allied Services. nec concern and industry. The Organization’s Major Service Delivery and Support Activities in its Value Chain The ACPC looks to offer a assortment of services to adult females. Normally. these adult females are confronting the challenge of an unplanned gestation. those who desire conformation of a wanted gestation and to offer impermanent fiscal support. In add-on to these services. ACPC offers Bible survey categories. healthy relationship categories. parenting categories. station abortion support groups. and host of other support categories.

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