Strategic Analysis In The Fashion Industry Marketing Essay


Manner industry is one of the most booming and profitable industries of the universe. The coming of globalisation has led to greater incursion of manner into the head of persons. Mega manner shows are being held in many states across the universe which has generated considerable involvement among the persons. The present survey trades with the manner industry of UK. The pick of the state assumes significance as it is one of the largest manner hubs of the universe. The state besides houses some of the most popular trade names in the manner industry. A survey conducted by research house ‘Grail ‘ puts UK as among the top hubs in the planetary manner industry along with USA, France, Italy and Japan. London Fashion Week which happens to be the largest manner related event in the state is the lone manner event that promotes works done by pupils therefore foregrounding its committedness and presence in the planetary manner industry. Esteemed awards like ‘River Island Gold Award ‘ have their beginnings in UK ( Grail Research, 2009, p.6, 8 ) . The present survey would concentrate on the industry analysis of the manner industry peculiarly that of the UK market. The study would include an industry analysis along with the analysis of the competitory model prevailing in the UK market. Subsequently the cardinal success factors and strategic groups would be analyzed in the study. The study would besides have illustrations of the schemes that have been adopted by the market leaders to go on their sustainability in the industry.

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Industry Analysis

Global Fashion Industry-An Overview

Manner industry includes manner interior decorator houses, retail ironss and the houses engaged in the industry of dresss. A study published by Levis Strauss & A ; Co has pegged the value of the planetary manner industry at US $ 1334.1 billion as on 2008. The study besides predicts a northbound tendency for this figure in the subsequent old ages. Apart from being a manner statement, manner besides generates creativeness, good being and individuality. The study besides states certain defects of this industry which chiefly includes facets like hapless working status of workers in the industry, wastage of resources and besides encouragement of unrealistic ingestion. Certain other defects include inaccessibility and high monetary values of natural stuffs which besides emerge as a major challenge for the house ‘s engaged in industry of manner dresss across the universe. Numerous chances besides exist for the industry from the emerging markets like India, China, Brazil and Russia which have started emerging as manner hot spots of the universe ( Levis Strauss & A ; Co, 2010, p.5 ) .

Overview of the UK Fashion Industry

UK has been among the innovators in the planetary manner industry whose association with the universe of manner day of the months back to the 1960 ‘s popularly known as the “ lilting 1960ss ” , the “ hood and romantic 1970 ‘s ” and “ Cool Britannia Image ” of 1990 ‘s. Present age manner interior decorator label trade names like Vivienne Westwood, Burberry and Mulbery, to call a few, are some of the legion trade name names housed in the state ( British Council Fashion & A ; Oxford Economics, 2008, p.9 ) .

A recent tendency observed in the industry is that the state is switching from place based fabricating units to sourcing merchandises from foreign retail merchants. This has been attributed to the facets of high labor costs coupled with the rise in monetary values of natural stuffs which has forced makers to outsource their production units to states like China which offer a important pool of gifted resources and natural stuffs at cheaper rates ( British Council Fashion & A ; Oxford Economics, 2008, p.16 ) .

UK is one of the innovators in the manner industry, and the state is accredited with legion inventions in the industry section. A research survey conducted on the manner industry in UK provinces that consumer disbursement on manner dresss in UK saw a growing rate of 6.5 per centum in 2009 with gross revenues figures making 2.5 billion Pound. One of the major market participants in the UK market Newberry reported 19.1 per centum growing on an one-year footing. The growing of manner industry has been fuelled by big degrees of disbursement by the local people. Over the last 10 old ages passing degrees of persons have grown by about six per centum on a existent term footing. The manner industry besides has made important parts to the economic system of the state. In the twelvemonth 2009, the industry is said to hold contributed about 20.9 billion lbs towards the economic system of UK which forms about 1.7 per centum of the entire GDP figure of the state. Retailer GVA entirely has contributed about 6.5 billion lbs towards the economic system of UK. Indirect parts to the economic system include supplying employment options to about 816,000 persons in a direct or an indirect mode. This figure represents about 2.7 per centum of the entire work force in the state which highlights the growing and importance of this sector towards the economic system of the state. On a standalone footing i.e. , excepting the employees at the retail shops, the sector employed about 155,000 persons or about 0.5 per centum of the entire work force based in the state. The manner industry is besides one of the major subscribers to the state ‘s treasury with part figures runing about 13.2 billion lbs which stands at 2.6 per centum on absolute per centum footings. These parts have chiefly come from VAT and through the income revenue enhancement paid by the employees engaged in this industry ( British Council Fashion & A ; Oxford Economics, 2008, p.14 ) .

Figure 1: Manner industry in UK on the footing of types of merchandises sold

( Beginning: British Council Fashion & A ; Oxford Economics, 2008, p.20 )

The figure above shows the overview of the manner industry in UK. The munificence of the manner industry can be adjudged from the fact that the part of manner industry towards the GDP of the state is significantly higher than chemical and publication industry. Manner industry is the 4th largest employment supplier in UK and comes merely following to go and touristry, telecommunications and existent estate ( British Council Fashion & A ; Oxford Economics, 2008, p.20 ) . This implies the immense potency of the manner industry in UK. The undermentioned chapter would supply an analysis of the competitory model prevalent in the UK market.

Porter ‘s Five Forces Model

Competitive model for any industry can be analysed by utilizing Michael Porter ‘s five forces model. The analysis of a market utilizing the model proposed by Porter helps an organisation to analyze the market potency of other participants in the market. This helps in bring forthing sustainable competitory advantage for the houses. Harmonizing to this model, the competitory model can be analysed by utilizing five factors viz. ,

Dickering Power of Suppliers

Dickering power of Consumers

Competition from bing participants

Menace of new entrants

Menace of replacements ( Haag, 2007, p.72 )

Figure 2: Porter ‘s Five Forces Model

( Beginning: Hill & A ; Jones, 2009, p.43 )

Dickering Power of Suppliers

Suppliers have a high barraging power when the natural stuffs are available in scarce measures. It besides rises when the figure of providers for a peculiar merchandise or natural stuff is rather limited. In instance of manner industry, providers constitute of sellers who provide natural stuff like cotton and other fabrics which serve as natural stuff for dresss. The UK manner market is characterised by the presence of a few providers which is by and large due to high costs of natural stuffs. The providers besides use traditional patterns which once more increases the cost of goods sold ( Karra, 2008, p.27 ) . High cost of existent estate besides serves as a major beginning of concern to the manner retail merchants. This analysis implies that providers have a reasonably high bargaining power. Market leaders in UK have started outsourcing their fabrication sections to sellers based in states like China and India where inexpensive natural stuff is present at low-cost cost of labor ( PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2004, p.2 ) .

Dickering Power of Consumers

Dickering power of consumers arise when the market is characterised by the presence of legion participants who have a big merchandise line. Presence of big figure of rivals puts consumers in the driver ‘s place as they have legion options. The present position of the consumer market in UK reveals the presence of big figure participants. Most of these participants have high trade name values merchandises to accommodate every type of clients. This provides ample picks for the consumers. Hence it can be concluded that consumers have a high bargaining power in the UK market.

Major participants in the market like Marks and Spencer, Austin Reed have started supplying value added services to consumers to court them to their shops. Celebrity publicities have besides been used to aim consumers like Lane Crawford lassoing in supermodel Maggie Cheung for its publicities.

Competition from Existing Players

UK is characterised by the presence of big figure of planetary participants like Marks and Spencer ‘s, Next, Arcadia, Matalan and Bhs all of which have formidable trade name image and an impressive merchandise line to aim consumers. Competition exists in about every section of the mark market. This implies that competition from bing participants has a significantly high impact on the manner industry in UK. Market leaders have formulated policies that tend to win the consumers in favor of their trade names. Fierce competition has prompted taking market participants to vouch for newer locations like for illustration Marks and Spencer ‘s eyeing the Indian market.

Menace of New Entrants

New entrants do non present sufficient menaces to the bing participants. This is chiefly due to the fact that the present market in UK is wholly saturated with large trade names like Marks and Spencer ‘s, Following etc. Furthermore, high cost of set uping a concern deters new participants from come ining the UK market. This implies that new participants do non hold important power to dispute the bing participants.

Menace of Substitutes

Substitutes are those merchandises which have properties that are extremely similar to the original merchandises. The client sections of houses like Marks and Spencer ‘s are extremely niche in nature and are improbable to exchange to replacements which fundamentally constitute low priced merchandises. Hence it can be concluded that replacements do non show important menaces to the bing participants present in the market.

Key Success Factors

The cardinal success factors for the manner industry are stated below:

Government support

Customer Awareness

Ability to convey in uninterrupted inventions

Government Support

Government support is a cardinal component in the success of the manner industry. Pro active policies by the authorities favour the outgrowth of new participants every bit good as encouragement up the bing participants by making market conditions that tend to supply greater value to the clients. Creation of competition would automatically bring forth inventions which is the anchor of the manner industry.

Customer Awareness

The success of manner industry depends on high degrees of consumer consciousness. Consumer consciousness implies that consumers get regular updates about the new merchandises that are being innovated by the manner industry. Events like London Fashion hebdomad, Paris manner hebdomad and other such festivals have emerged as a platform for manner interior decorators and retail merchants to showcase their merchandises and creativeness. These festivals are characterised by presence of high profile famous persons who endorse merchandises of different interior decorators and manner labels. In these events, awards and accreditations are given to talented persons who generate creativeness in their designs ( London Fashion Week, n.d. ) . This besides serves to actuate persons to bring forth greater creativeness.

Ability to convey in Continuous Inventions

Inventions are the key to success in the manner industry. The basic dogmas of this industry are based in uninterrupted inventions. Firms like Hilfiger have created competitory advantage by presenting uninterrupted inventions in their merchandise line ( Manlow, 2009, p.242 ) . Inventions in manner include mergers of modern and traditional manner. Mega events like Paris manner hebdomad and London manner hebdomad serve as major forums where market participants can showcase their merchandises to the mark audience. Firms are besides lassoing in famous persons and supermodels to advance their designs. These inventions and subsequent indorsements by popular famous persons generate significant involvement among the mark audience with respects to the diffusion of invention among the general multitudes. Broad entreaty and glamor of these events generate enthusiasm among the mark markets with respects to following new merchandises.

The analysis of cardinal success factors reveals the importance of factors like authorities, consciousness among the mark market audience. The facet of invention besides generates sufficient involvement among the houses to introduce their merchandises. The UK market represents legion potency for the market participants as all the three cardinal success factors can be achieved by organisations. A suited mix of the three cardinal success factors would assist in bring forthing sustainable competitory advantage for the houses in the extremely competitory market.

Strategic Groups

Strategic groups are defined as a group of houses and organisations which operate within a specific industry who have similar schemes. It has been observed that in most of the instances the difference among the different market participants is by and large captured by the presence of strategic groups within the industry ( Kim & A ; Mauborgne, 1999, p.86 ) . The manner industry in UK is characterised by market participants like Marks and Spencer ‘s, Next, Arcadia, Matalan and Bhs who are planetary market participants holding operation in all major markets across the universe. All these houses have the same mark market and have a similar selling mix for their merchandises. The footing of organizing a strategic group is based on the fact that all the supra stated market participants operate in a similar macroeconomic set up and hold a similar mark market. These houses intend to hold similar placement schemes. The presence of a strategic group besides creates entry barriers for new entrants every bit good as generates sustainable competitory advantage for these houses in the market. Presence of strategic groups tends to brace consumer penchants, it besides generates greater competition and competitions among the market participants, as all the participants in the strategic group are known to aim the same client section. This leads to aggressive selling by the houses to crush their challengers in the concern markets. The scenario in UK market resembles a similar state of affairs with houses seeking to utilize every possible scheme to crush their challengers and capture the market ( Hoskinsson, Hitt & A ; Ireland, 2008, p.87-88 ) .


The construct of manner has been prevalent in UK since clip immemorial and the state has been among the innovators with respects to creativeness in this sector. The survey reveals that manner industry is one of the most happening industries in UK. This can be gauged from its parts towards the economic system of the state both in direct every bit good as in indirect footings. The UK market besides represents enormous chances for market participants as it has a big client base with high degrees of disposable income which makes it an attractive finish for manner trade names across the universe. The survey besides shows certain challenges which chiefly arise due high cost of natural stuffs and labor. Presence of strategic group besides tends to increase the competitory competition among the market participants. In malice of this, the immense potency of the mark market serves as an inducement for most of the market participants to oculus the moneymaking market of UK. Hence, it can be concluded that success of an administration exactly that of manner, lies in its ability to bring forth uninterrupted invention and to model the advantages of the market to bring forth sustainable competitory advantage.


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