Story Of Thorstein The Staff Struck English Literature Essay

The narrative of Thorstein the Staff Struck was a great narrative. The narrative begins with Thorstein taking attention of his male parent Thorarin, who is an old Viking, on a Equus caballus farm. There was besides a adult male named Thord, who worked for the wealthiest adult male in the small town, Bjarni. Thord had arranged a battle between one of his Equus caballuss and one of Thorsteins Equus caballuss. During the battle, Thord saw that he was losing and smitten Thorstein on the brow with his staff. Thorstein did non desire to state his male parent of his licking, but two of Bjarni ‘s work forces kept doing gags about stating his male parent. Thorarin eventually asked about what happened and was disgusted when he found out his ain boy did non seek to acquire retaliation. So Thorstein took off to happen Thord and killed him with one great blow of his blade. Bjarni found out and did nil about his doomed retainer. That dark he overheard Thorhald and Thorvald, two work forces who are “ scandalmongers about any chitchat ” , speaking about how Bjarni has n’t gone after Thorstein yet. When Bjarni heard this, he sent the two work forces off to kill Thorstein themselves. When the two work forces found Thorstein, they came at him with blood in their eyes. Thorstein reacted aggressively and killed the two work forces. He so tied them to their Equus caballuss and sent them back to Bjarni. When Bjarni found the Equus caballuss and the work forces dead, he once more had no action. His married woman said to Bjarni that the townsfolk and retainers are speaking, stating that Bjarni may be a coward to non hold done anything to Thorstein about killing three of his work forces. Bjarni merely said that “ most people talk rubbish ” . Well, he could n’t acquire it off his head, so the following twenty-four hours he gets up and suits up in his armour. He rides to Thorstein and duels him to a conflict. Thorstein says he does non believe he could vie against Bjarni for Bjarni ‘s strength is excessively strong. During the affaire d’honneur, Bjarni claims he needs a interruption to acquire H2O, and Thorstein grants him the drink. When Bjarni is ready once more, they start contending and one time once more, Bjarni needs a interruption to bind his shoe. While Bjarni is binding his shoe, Thorstein runs inside of his house to acquire two better blades and shields. He gives a set to Bjarni and they begin to contend. With one blow to Thorsteins shield, Bjarni breaks through. Thorstein retaliated with his blade interrupting Bjarnis shield. Bjarni starts to recognize that Thorsteins strength was underestimated and that he is a skilled combatant. So Bjarni makes a trade with Thorstein. The trade was that Thorstein serve Bjarni to take the topographic point of his three dead retainers. Thorstein takes the trade inquiring Bjarni to travel indoors to his male parent and state him whatever he wants. Bjarni walks into the sleeping room of Thorarin and tells him that his boy has been killed and that Thorarin will be populating with Bjarni at his house in Hof. Thorarin said he would non desire to travel. Bjarni saw the old Viking was looking for a short blade. This enraged Bjarni and he told Thorarin that his boy is alive and will be coming to populate with him as a retainer but Thorarin will be given slaves to run the farm. In my sentiment, it seems as if there were societal categories that were ruling over others, and besides the fact that you had to esteem the manner of life.

From the narrative, you can see that there are societal categories in the Viking society. Viking aristocracy was the strongest and richest in society. They were distinguished by how much money they had, the hoarded wealths that they conquered, and their estate. In Thorstein, Bjarni was the captain of the territory. He was affluent and considered to be a baronial. Bjarni was besides the proprietor of a Equus caballus stable where he had slaves working for him. Tonss of people wanted to be in his places for his wealth but he was non liked by many. Below this societal category are the freewomans and landholders. These people were your apparent folks. The freewoman could besides be slaves who bought their manner out of bondage. If they bought their freedom so they were low on the totem pole of the Freemen position. Unfortunately, one time a adult male was considered a slave, his award was no longer wholly clean. The lowest category was the slaves. If a adult male could non pay his debts so he would travel to work for the adult male he owes until his debt was paid off. Sometimes the slaves would be condemned to slavery for the remainder of their lives for offenses they have done or were merely non able to refund all their debt. Besides in society, they did hold Kings or earls but they were non as common in that clip period yet. “ The rubric of male monarch was considered honest and non viewed as being sacred. He was expected to maintain his people happy and to be generous non merely with nutrient and vinos but apparels and arms. ” ( Grabianowsk )

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Besides in the narrative it seems clear that if you are injured in a battle or a conflict, and you do non take retaliation shortly, that you are considered a coward. When Thorstein was injured in the Equus caballus battle by Thord, his male parent was non happy when he did non take action against him. This evidently disquieted Thorstein plenty for him to travel and kill Thord. I did notice that Thorstein did non like aching people and would merely ache person if he had ground to. He respected himself to non set his life in hazard but knew when it was clip to make something. “ Warriors who died in conflict could stop up in a warrior Eden where everyone gets to contend alongside the primary God, dice, banquet, and make it all over once more the following twenty-four hours. ” ( Unknown ) This is what most of the combatants would endeavor for. This was considered to be a mark of regard to their seniors and it keeps their household name in good criterions if a combatant in that household was to decease in conflict.

In decision, I believe that societal categories and regard for life was portion of their chief ways of life. Thorstein seems like an inspirational narrative because Thorstein had regard for himself and his seniors. He did non like aching person when they did nil to him. He had to hold a ground to kill. He killed Thord because Thord would non apologise for rip offing at the Equus caballus battle. He so killed Thorvald and Thorhald because they came to his house to kill him so he had to support himself. When Bjarni came for Thorsteins caput, Thorstein did non desire to contend. He merely wanted peace.


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