Stone Jaw Crusher is Synonymous With Excellent Reliability

Mining operations use crushers, commonly classified by the degree to which they fragment the starting material, with primary and secondary crushers handling coarse materials, and tertiary and quaternary crushers reducing ore particles to finer gradations. Each crusher is designed to work with a certain maximum size of raw material, and often delivers its output to a screening machine which sorts and directs the product for further processing. These crushers are robust, heavy duty and need little maintenance. The swing jaw is mounted on a shaft with four heavy duty self aligning spherical roller bearings with a provision to adjust the gap as per the customer requirements. To ensure smooth crushing action, two precise counter balanced flywheels are provided. Simple locking arrangements are provided for easy replacement or reversing the jaw liners. Jaw crushers is synonymous with excellent reliability. The modern design offers numerous mounting configurations which along-with high quality cast steel components, world- class premium self aligning bearings deliver low cost per ton of crushing.With the increasing demands of construction aggregate, Hongxing portable aggregate crusher, jaw crushing machine has made an rapidly growth in technology, and has made great contribution to development of many mines in the world. Send us an email into [email protected] for more details
The extensive range of stone jaw crusher can meet various output requirements from 10 Tons per hour to 900 Tons per hour. The modern stone jaw crusher is based on many years of product development in the most arduous conditions. All stone jaw crusher are made as per IS 4254 standards in state of the art ISO 9001:2000 certified units. The stone jaw crusher comply with all International Standards in terms of performance. stone crusher plant: crushers:
portable aggregate crusher:…

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