Stock Price Reaction to Public Reprimand

One of the China ‘s biggest institution-building challenges today is to develop a healthy and good regulated securities market ( Chen et al, 2005 ) . Though political alteration has been slowed, China has undergone dramatic growing during the past 25 old ages ( Hussain and Chen, 2000 ) . China is traveling to be the largest economic system in the universe by the center of this century. Shanghai Stock Exchange ( SSE ) was unfastened in December 1990 and July 1991 to promote the transportation of portions owned by local investors and foreign investors. Their initiation came merely over a decennary after the procedure of economic liberalisation began. The entire market capitalisation of RMB3500 billion made China the 7th largest in the universe by the terminal of 2004 ( Chen et al. , 2005 ) .

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China stock market has grown moderately in size and stature in its short history, but China still has important distance to go before it can claim to modulate a truly functional capital market ( Liebman and Milhaupt, 2008 ) . The major attractive force of China capital market includes corporate transparence, honestness, administration, and the monitoring and ordinance of listed houses and fiscal mediators such as stockbrokers ( Anderson, 2000 ) .

Harmonizing to Shanghai Stock Exchange, there are around 870 companies listed in twelvemonth 2009, but non all of them are in a financially sound place. Every twelvemonth, there are some companies received public rebukes. Public rebuke is a countenance that is formal, written, published rebuke or warning to a respondent who the Ethics Committee has determined to hold breached the Code of Ethical Conduct. Public countenance stress how badly Bar and Board of Governors perceive of unethical behaviour. The aim is to alter bad behaviours ( Angones, 2008 ) .

Posner ( 2006 ) analyze the public rebuke by the stock exchange as a regulative tool in China. Public reprimand screens varied inauspicious proclamations. Most of the houses in Shanghai Stock Exchange received public rebuke due to their ill-timed revelation. Nasdaq provides some of the fortunes which determine the company receives public rebuke. First, a company involved in a form of neglecting to offer beforehand proclamation of imperativeness releases to the Nasdaq StockWatch section. Second, a company with a December 31 financial twelvemonth terminal has non held an one-year meeting for the anterior twelvemonth as of early January, but the company has filed a placeholder to keep the meeting in the following few hebdomads.

Public reprimand proclamation brings great impact to companies. Chen et Al ( 2005 ) finds that enforcement action has a negative impact on stock monetary values. Most houses confronting public rebuke proclamation suffer from wealth losingss. Besides that, Armour et Al ( 2010 ) finds the reputational countenances are really existent on the disciplined house which received enforcement notice. The intent of this survey is to look into the stock monetary value reaction to public rebuke proclamation in China stock market, viz. Shanghai Stock Exchange.

1.3 Problem Statement

Anderson ( 2000 ) find the major attractive force of investors in China include corporate transparence, honestness, administration, and the guarding and ordinance of listed houses and fiscal mediators such as stockbrokers. The regulative organic structure plays a important function in the development of fiscal market. The protection of investors ‘ rights is through the enforcement of ordinances and Torahs, with the enforcement being every bit of import as, or more of import than, the content of the ordinances. When public rebuke announced, a company suffers from unnatural return and reputational countenance. The unnatural stock monetary value return affects a company image.

Harmonizing to Shanghai Stock Exchange, there are around 125 companies received public rebukes from twelvemonth 2001 to twelvemonth 2009. There are assortment ground of having public rebukes for public traded companies listed on SSE and SZSE. Harmonizing to Liebman and Milhaupt ( 2007 ) , there are 109 of public unfavorable judgments of listed companies made by Shanghai Stock Exchange and 149 public rebukes announced by Shenzhen Stock exchange from 2001 to 2006. This survey emphasizes on the public unfavorable judgments in China Securities Market. The creative activity of a liquid, transparent, and good regulated securities market is of import for effectual pricing and allotment of capital and the growing of assuring companies in the hereafter. This survey attempts to analyze the consequence of public reprimand proclamation on stock monetary value in SSE and SZSE utilizing the latest dataset from 2001 to 2009.

Enforcement action produces a negative consequence on stockholder value, with the length and magnitude of the monetary value diminution depend on the features of each instance. The company ‘s market value may fall, and its public image may be damaged. This proclamation is dependable to change the fiscal market ‘s appraisal of the company. The economic rhythm hypothesis proposes that enforcement action additions when economic lags, bespeaking higher degree of securities misdemeanors ( Muradoglu and Huskey, n.d. ) . There are anterior surveies on the stock market reaction to public rebuke proclamation, but the researches ‘ are largely conducted in the United States and United Kingdom. This research survey bridges the spread by look intoing public countenance in China Securities Market.

1.4 Research Question

Is there any proclamation consequence when the regulator discloses public rebukes.

1.5 Justification of Study

As we know, public rebuke proclamation is a bad intelligence revelation to public. However, research sing to public rebuke proclamation is rather minimum and limited particularly in China Securities Market. Therefore, this paper examines the stock monetary value response to public rebuke proclamation in China Securities Market. The consequence of this survey can further enrich the research on public rebuke and besides heighten our understanding towards how the public rebuke proclamation is traveling to impact the stock monetary value in recent old ages.

Furthermore, this survey raises the investors ‘ attending towards the corporate administration issue in China Securities Market. Public listed companies should ever be crystalline and good regulated. Reliable corporate coverage is of import to increase public assurance and raise corporate image. Therefore, this research increases the investors ‘ consciousness about the corporate administration of a public listed company. The investors ‘ become more informed and are able to place the more socially efficient and market optimum stock portfolios.

On top of that, this survey provides some grounds of the impacts of public rebuke proclamation. There will be reputational countenance if the company involved in public rebuke. This is genuinely a bad effect to the house. This consequence helps the investor to pull off the hazard and losingss in their investings. Additionally, the consequence of this survey besides raises concern among proprietors and managers about the importance of keeping a healthy status of their corporation. Therefore, the possible wealth loss ensuing from public rebuke proclamations may actuate the house proprietor to oversee and pull off their companies more expeditiously.

Last but non least, this paper contributes to the society in increasing the public consciousness of puting before they invest in listed securities. This is to protect them from puting in a company which is in a bad status. It is important to understand the monetary value behaviour of houses capable to public rebuke proclamations. This will assist the investor to avoid any unneeded losingss.

1.6 Organization of Thesis

The first chapter provides an introductory portion related to the subject, issue, the briefly overview, the job statements, the aims and besides the significance of the survey.

Chapter 2 is the literature reappraisal. It includes an extended reappraisal of international diaries, studies and articles of assorted researches in the field. All the reappraisals in this chapter are related to the job of the research that will steer to construct a research to construct a research model. This chapter besides discuss on the variables used in the survey.

Chapter 3 is the research methodological analysis. Research methodological analysis describes the method used in carry oning this research in inside informations. The development of research model proposes the relationship between dependant variable and independent variables. Next, the methodological analysis is applied with the variable measuring, hypothesis development and analytical process.

Harmonizing to Star Online ( 2010 ) , Bursa Malaysia has publically reprimanded LBS Bina Group Bhd for transgressing the listing regulations and ordered the company to transport out limited reappraisals on its quarterly study entry. The company had reported an unaudited net income after revenue enhancement and minority involvement of RM15.42mil in Q408 compared with an audited net income after revenue enhancement and minority involvement of RM21.5mil in its one-year audited histories for the fiscal twelvemonth ended Dec31,2008 ( FY08 ) .

Harmonizing to Rasiah ( 2010 ) , the related parties dealing ( RPT ) regulations under the listing demand of Bursa Malaysia have a really strong regulative model to keep investor protection. The regulations will do certain any RPT will give the best involvement to the company and non damaging to baleful stockholders.

Since public rebuke proclamation is considered as a bad new to public, it brings injury. It is of import that the investor is ever up-to-date with the stock monetary value reaction to the public rebuke proclamation. This will assist the house and besides investor to expect the losses.Besides that, it helps them to make readying and avoid any terror when there is any exigency. With this knowledge, investor become more informed and are able to do determinations sing to their stock portfolios which are more socially efficient and market optimal ( Azzam and Karlquist, 2008 ) .


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