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We have received so many inquiries about this job that we know it is shouting out for a solution. So many people are blowing so much clip in remaining up tardily at dark. But the truth of the affair is that this phenomenon is non homogeneous. There are three sorts of remaining up late: ( 1 ) Staying up tardily to idolize Allaah. This is the worthy sort of remaining up. It includes remaining up for grounds that are of benefit to the Muslims in general. such as remaining up to pray ( qiyaam al-layl ) and read Qur’aan. Allaah says ( reading of the significance ) : “They used to kip but small by dark [ raising their Lord and praying. with fright and hope ] . ” [ al-Dhaariyaat 51:17 ] .

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It is reported that some of the bookmans used to discourse hadeeth until the Sun came up. Some of the sincere da’iyahs ( companies. Islamic workers ) still remain up at dark discoursing affairs that keep those who care about the ummah awake. This sort of remaining up is wholly worthy. so long as it does non take to the disregard of something more of import or more obligatory. Some people may remain up for a legitimate intent. so miss fajr supplications. This is a error.

( 2 ) Staying up for a allowable ground. This is all right. every bit long as it does non take to the disregard of something obligatory. This includes. for illustration. travelers remaining up to speak to one another. in order to alleviate the boredom of travel. The Prophet ( peace and approvals of Allaah be upon him ) would remain up to speak to one of his married womans and maintain her company. when they were on a journey.

This besides includes speaking to one’s invitees and maintaining them company.

Besides included is the remaining up involved in contemporary displacement work. created by the demands of mercenary fortunes. No uncertainty some of the involvements of the Muslims demand the work of people at dark. such as those who work in the security forces. in infirmaries and airdromes. in providing electricity. and so on.

( 3 ) Staying up to perpetrate wickedness. such as remaining up to watch films. to play haraam games such as cards. or to devour the flesh of others by dish the dirting and bitching and defaming. and other sorts of wickedness. This sort of remaining up is haraam. and those who do it are evildoers who deserve the penalty of Allaah. Their figure has increased in modern times. for the grounds mentioned by the poet:

“Youth. idling and good wellness. / corrupt adult male in such a bad manner! ”

It is of import to separate between one type of remaining up and the other.

The wont of remaining up tardily at dark has become widespread in our times for a figure of grounds. including the followers:

Staying up for worldly intents. as in the instance of some bargainers and business communities who stay up tardily seting their personal businesss in order. or pupils who stay up to analyze. Peoples in this state of affairs should seek to form their clip so that they will non necessitate to remain up tardily and can therefore avoid its bad effects.

The nature of modern life and the societal alterations which it has wrought. Earlier coevalss used to decelerate down and travel to kip when darkness fell. but the presence of electricity in modern times had led to people making many activities. sorts of work and societal activities that they ne’er used to make during the hours of darkness. In some instances. people’s darks have become merely like their yearss.

Many people’s indulgence in the humanistic disciplines and media. by agencies of Television. wireless. picture. etc.

Many people make their visits to household and friends. or organize plans etc. . at nighttime. because of the nature of their work and surveies. So you seldom find anyone who will see you during the twenty-four hours. except at the weekend. Even assemblages for the chase of Islamic cognition are largely held after ‘isha’ supplications.

Some people indulge to excess in idle yak and fiddling treatments. even upseting others with their talk and laughter. This phenomenon is possibly most obvious among pupils populating in university abodes. where some inconsiderate visitants stay up tardily speaking about who said what. doing injury to themselves and others. so pretermiting many of their responsibilities.

Insomnia. which is frequently caused by indulgence in wickedness and being far off from Allaah. Being far off from Allaah means that a individual can ne’er experience content or at peace. but will be dogged by changeless anxiousness. disaffection and confusion.

Problems with one’s household. money. surveies or work. etc. . besides have a clear function in doing anxiousness and insomnia. until they are resolved.

Besides. we should non disregard the fact that there are those who are prevented from basking the composure of slumber by insomnia that is caused by the fright of Allaah and the acute desire to reform this enslaved Ummah.

Having examined the types of remaining up tardily. and explained the grounds for it. we may now turn to ways of handling this widespread job.

Treatment from the theoretical point of position:

We should believe about the physical injury that may be caused by remaining up tardily and its damaging consequence on many of our involvements. such as:

Disregard of Islamic responsibilities. such as losing fajr supplication. whether by non pull offing to go to the supplication in fold. or by losing the supplication wholly and holding to do it up subsequently. or by praying in fold but without the necessary concentration because of experiencing so exhausted that one is left contending slumber and neglecting to understand what is being said. So a individual may non even cognize what the imaam is declaiming. or which rak’ah he is praying. or what he is stating at the assorted phases of the supplication. For this ground. the Prophet ( peace and approvals of Allaah be upon him ) forbade discoursing after ‘isha’ .

Physical injury may ensue from doing the dark a clip for activity and the twenty-four hours for resting. contrary to the natural beat which Allaah has created in the existence and in world. Allaah says ( reading of the significances ) : “And [ We ] have made the dark as a covering [ through its darkness ] . and have made the twenty-four hours for support. ” [ al-Naba’ 78:10-11 ]

“Say: ‘Tell me! If Allaah made dark uninterrupted for you till the Day of Resurrection. who is an ilaah [ a God ] besides Allaah who could convey you light? …’” [ al-Qasas 28:71 ]

“Say: ‘Tell me! If Allaah made twenty-four hours uninterrupted for you till the Day of Resurrection. who is an ilaah [ a God ] besides Allaah who could convey you dark wherein you rest? …” [ al-Qasas 28:71 ]

So we find people who have gone astray and gone against their unconditioned nature ( fitrah ) agony from sick wellness. One hr of slumber at dark is deserving twice as many at any other clip. as is good known from experience.

Many employees fall abruptly in their work ( as a consequence of remaining up tardily ) . A adult male may come to work tardily. exhausted. and put in a hapless public presentation. handling clients severely. It may be so bad that there is even uncertainty that his wage is wholly halaal. because of his cheapjack work.

The same applies to pupils who stay up tardily. and come tardily to school or university the following twenty-four hours. non caring if they have missed their early categories and hardly understanding anything that is said in the categories they do go to.

Staying up tardily may do a individual to kip at inappropriate times. such as kiping after ‘asr. The salaf ( early coevalss of the Ummah ) used to dislike sleeping after ‘asr unless there was a demand for it – but if it is necessary. there is nil incorrect with making so. Furthermore. kiping after ‘asr can do concerns. and do it hard to acquire to kip at dark.

Staying up late makes it hard to make some voluntary Acts of the Apostless of worship. such as giving the last tierce of the dark to prayer. or acquiring up to eat suhoor prior to detecting a voluntary fast – how can those who stay up tardily manage to make these things? There is no uncertainty that exhaustion would forestall them from acquiring up. and so they deprive themselves of a great trade of good.

Missing out on the approval of acquiring up early in the twenty-four hours. Those who stay up tardily slumber until after fajr. therefore losing out on the clip of which the Prophet ( peace and approvals of Allaah be upon him ) said: “The early forenoon has been blessed for my Ummah. ” ( Saheeh al-Jaami’ . 2841 ) . These people can non remain in the mosque until dawn in order to retrieve Allaah. or travel out early to gain their life during the clip of approval and virtuousness. This has become so widespread that in the forenoons you can barely see anyone who will open his shop or concern early.

When the wise individual realizes the sorts of injury that consequence from remaining up tardily. and the great loss that befalls him as a consequence. no uncertainty he will seek his uttermost to reform himself and do up for what he has missed. Thus he will take the first measure towards work outing the job.

There follow a figure of practical stairss which can be followed by anyone who wants to work out this job:

Trying hard to acquire used to kiping early. Staying up tardily is fundamentally a wont. and if anyone is prepared to fight against his ain ego ( jihaad al-nafs ) with finding. he can win the battle in a few yearss. by the grace of Allaah. and fall in the ranks of those who sleep early.

Geting married. Many individual immature work forces are rather disorganized. remaining up late together and promoting one another to make so. as they have no married womans or kids to believe about. But the 1 who is married feels his duty towards his married woman and kids. so he is acute to travel back to them early so that they will non worry about him. or experience afraid if they need him in the center of the dark. when he is off. Anyone who has experience of this will understand.

Strengthening one’s feelings of duty in all countries will besides be of aid. When a adult male feels the load of duty on his shoulders. he has no pick but to carry through it. He will non be able to blow clip. unlike those careless people who squander the huge hoarded wealth of clip in fiddling affairs and have no grasp for the value of clip.

Adopting the wont of taking a siesta. alternatively of kiping at the incorrect times. Sleeping after ‘asr or before ‘isha’ is a harmful pattern. as we have mentioned above. The Prophet ( peace and approvals of Allaah be upon him ) advised his ummah to take sleeps: “Take a siesta. for the shayaateen ( Satans ) do non take siestas. ” ( Saheeh al-Jaami’ . 4431 ) .

These are a few of the practical steps which one can take to battle the job of remaining up tardily. And Allaah is the One Who guides to the Straight Path.


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