Static Image Essay

Static Image Essay My Cd cover is based on the text ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time’. My target audiences are teenagers and people with mental disabilities. Visual feature 1: The question and exclamation marks. This is relevant because it relates to both people with and without mental disabilities. The line dividing the two marks is a representation of how in modern society people with mental disabilities and with out is usually divided in to two groups, which causes havoc.

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The question mark represents people with mental disabilities who are always asking questions and are unsure a lot like Christopher. Where as the exclamation marks represent people who are always sure about what they are doing like Christopher’s father. Verbal feature 1: Incorrect spelling through out the Cd cover. Which was purpose, it is interesting and important because it is confusing which directly relates to people with mental disabilities like Christopher because they are often confused. But also because people with mental disabilities find simple thing like spelling very difficult.

Every verbal feature on the cover relates somehow to people with mental disabilities for example Paralysed Prodoctions. Visual feature 2: The screaming person on the front cover connects directly with visual feature 1. Because when two cannot live together and are divided it causes havoc, which is shown by the screaming person. But when an understanding is met and people with and without mental disabilities can live together it creates a happy place. Which is represented by the smiling person just a happy world, when everyone is in harmony.


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