Sri Lankan fashion designers

2.1 Sri Lankan recreational manner interior decorators don’t have a proper platform to showcase their endowments.

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Though many Sri Lankan interior decorators have got batch of endowment in this industry, merely a really few people are recognized by the society as professional manner interior decorators. This is chiefly due to the inaccessibility of a platform for recreational manner interior decorators to showcase their endowments. Most of the recreational manner interior decorators are still seeking to boom in this quickly altering market while confronting many jobs.

2.2 Sri Lankan recreational manner interior decorators don’t have a proper platform that gives the authorization to sell their designs.

So far most of the recreational manner interior decorators have aggregations of their ain designs that they’re unable to establish. This is chiefly due to the inaccessibility of a proper platform. Furthermore, the other job that they face is they don’t acquire a proper value to their designs even if they somehow manage to establish their designs to the populace. This job can be solved if there was a platform where they can exhibit their designs and sell those.

2.3 Amateur manner interior decorators in Sri Lanka have less awareness about the industry.

Most of the recreational manner interior decorators in Sri Lanka don’t receive a proper instruction about the industry. Although they have the endowment, creativeness and innovativeness their designing is non up to criterions because the cognition they have about the industry is hapless. A proper platform, which would let them to read and self-study about the tendencies and the industry, will assist them develop their creativeness. It will assist them to make their ain criterions and as a whole it will help in booming Sri Lankan manner industry,

2.4 Amateur manner interior decorators may non hold adequate resources or a capital to fabricate their designs ( Financial jobs )

Even thou these manner interior decorators got new advanced designs they don’t have a proper manner to fabricate these designs due to fiscal jobs or they couldn’t happen a maker to industry. But if they have a platform where they can reach with enterprisers and industries, they can fabricate there designs and will hold a opportunity to sell them to the populace.

2.5 Amateur manner interior decorators in Sri Lanka are holding deficiency of cognition about manner designing.

Most of the recreational manner interior decorators don’t have good background cognition about manner planing techniques. They are good at submerging but it’s non rather plenty for a standard manner design. This is a immense impact to the manner industry because the designs which these amateurs come up with are non up to the criterion.

2.6 Low cognition transportation between Professional manner interior decorators and recreational manner interior decorators.

Undoubtedly, there are gifted professional interior decorators in Sri Lanka with old ages of experience. Lack of a proper platform causes them to keep their cognition to themselves without sharing. Such platform will assist in developing the manner interior decorators knowledge on manner and designing and will besides assist to give an thought to the society about manner.

2.7 There is no proper platform that people who like manner designing can portion their thoughts or information with others. ( International chances are non communicated decently )

It is seen now that the more and more Sri Lankan manner is linking with the international events that happen. The British council and the AOD ( Academy of Design ) in Sri Lanka are in the mission of taking the Sri Lankan manner industry to a planetary graduated table. ( Mendis, 2011 ) But the chance is limited to a certain figure of people who will acquire to cognize about the intelligence, surely the pupils at AOD. The events that are targeted in planetary graduated table demands to be communicated to the whole state and there is no common topographic point to portion the intelligence about such events. Therefore, the international chances are missed by batch of gifted people. When it comes to patrons or the people who are interested in manner, largely they are non updated about the latest tendencies. Therefore they have less thought on what type of designs they should put on. This is chiefly due to the deficiency of cognition and cognition transportations.

Bing the individual largest industry in the state,

Thedress industryof Sri Lanka employs about 15 % of the state ‘s work force, accounting for about half of the state ‘s entire exports, and Sri Lanka is among the topdress-producing states in the universe relation to its population “ Sri Lanka Design Festival 2009 – A immense encouragement for state ‘s dress industry ” .Daily Mirror. 19 November 2009.

  1. No value to the designs

‘The manner design industry in Sri Lanka was about non-existent about three old ages ago whereas today the local shops are gaining around US Dollar 10 million yearly. The local retail merchants of the local manner labels have the possible to make US Dollar 500 million in the following few years’ [ 1 ] .

Manner has taken on a new component in the local market with a figure of Sri Lankan interior decorators draw a bead oning to go large names in the concern of manner with possible of turnovers exceeding US $ 500 million. The local retail merchants of the local manner labels have the possible to touch US $ 500 million in the following two old ages, Ajai V. Singh, laminitis of the Colombo Fashion Week, told the Business Times.

Drucker ( 2000 ) cited in [ 4 ] proclaims entrepreneurship as comprising of five parametric quantities: making new markets, presenting value to client, supplying something new, altering client value, and procedure invention. In the same vena, enterpriser has been identified as ‘an single responsible for the procedure of making new value’ ( an invention and/or a new administration ) [ 5 ] .

Designs can be made in one twenty-four hours but giving them a proper value is non every bit easy as such, acquiring a proper value to a design is one of the most of import thing that needs but yet recreational manner interior decorators fails at this. Bing the newcomer to the market recreational manner interior decorators have to compare their designs with the professional interior decorators, cause of this the value of the design is lessenings. Because of this the market value of the merchandise all so lessenings. When these designs came into existent merchandises the value of the merchandise acquire decrease instance of holding no proper value to the design.

  1. Couldn’t maker and sell them

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Due to the cyclical nature of the industry, typically when aid is needed, out-sourcing operations ( e.g. pattern doing or machining ) is the preferable option with most interior decorators holding dedicated contractors who work for them during peculiar stages in the production rhythm [ 8 ] .

  1. No market for merchandises

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Manner is a blossoming market in Sri Lanka, everyone attempts to acquire in to this market with some kind of a merchandise. Most of them are non willing to remain long, they merely need to sell whatever they got and quit. Because of this the market is immense. Everyone sells their merchandises at a inexpensive rate without even sing the existent market monetary value of their merchandises. Because of this the market is scrambled and when it comes to an recreational manner interior decorator who plans to remain here for a long and to acquire a proper trade name name to their merchandises comes up with an immense job, do the market doesn’t needs a proper trade name or a proper value to their merchandises cause of these short clip market Sellerss.

  1. Hard to happen makers do these people are non the large order makers

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Believe it or non happening a good maker is likely the 2nd biggest challenge whenstartinga manner company, 2nd merely to successfully wholesaling your merchandise. I know of many, many production incubuss, and now I am inexorable that a good, dependable maker is indispensable to get down a manner company.

Basically, you can’t truly start merchandising, or even advancing your company without solid fabrication, unless you plan on doing the production runs yourself. There are two chief grounds for this. First, thesamplesyou show to purchasers must be near to indistinguishable to the 1s you will be presenting when they place an order. If you are doing delicate bias-cut chiffon frocks, you need to do certain that you can happen a mill who will be able to do them every bit nicely as you can do them in your studio. Second, you can non be a garmentwithoutknowing how much it will be in production. I have tried to make this before ( with another company ) , it was a catastrophe. You normally can’t think how much it will be in production, and you must hold accurate production monetary values to properly cipher your wholesale or retail monetary values.

  1. Advisers is critical but non here

Reference [ 19 ] defines creativeness as ‘divergent believing to gestate new ideas’ . Creativity is often a defining characteristic of enterprisers.

Entrepreneurship research has produced increasing grounds that personal and professional webs are important in both founding and fostering new ventures. Hence enterprisers who can trust on wide and diverse webs tend to be more successful [ 4 ] , [ 6 ] , [ 21 ] .

webs and relationships as nucleus to the construct of societal capital [ 14 ] .

The dominant premise of the strategy-oriented literature is that success is chiefly dependent upon the entrepreneur’s ability to develop and put to death effectual schemes [ 22 ] .

On the one manus, manner design is typically portrayed as ‘tied to the person and his or her creativity’ . On the other manus, ‘circumstances that allow design to happen within a commercial context are preponderantly social’ [ 8 ] .

With the industry now blossoming in the aftermath of a figure of pupils go throughing out as interior decorators with capablenesss of viing even on a planetary graduated table, a new industry has awoken. The manner design industry in Sri Lanka was about non-existent about three old ages ago whereas today these shops are gaining around US $ 10 million yearly.

Knowledge transportation is one of the critical facets of honing an industry. Even to develop manner industry they need to portion their cognition between each other.

Not everyone has a grade on manner designing. Few of them have grades related to manner planing while many others design their designs for the instints of them or for merriment and because of their designing endowment. And besides there are merely few institutes which offer manner designing grades and non everyone is affluent plenty to hold such a grade.

  1. No platform where everything in one topographic point.
  1. Share the cognition they gathered with each other

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