Society Turn Meursault And Grenouille Into Outsiders English Literature Essay

The two different societies in which Meursault and Grenouille live in bend them into foreigners. An foreigner is a individual who does non suit what the society considers being normal when it comes to manner of life and characters. Suskind and Camus uses the features of Meursault and Grenouille help us understand why society turns people to foreigners. There are two different societies in consideration ; Meursault ‘s society which was during 1940 in Algeria and Grenouille ‘s society in the 18th century in France.

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A society makes certain persons foreigners because they do n’t suit the normal spectrum. This means the person has features that are considered ‘abnormal ‘ by bulk of people. This are features that people are non accustomed to and this features do n’t necessary necessitate to be negative 1s ; like Meursault, from the novel The Outsider, who was made an foreigner because of his grade of honestness. In Meursault ‘s society being normal involves being sensitive. It is normal for person to be sensitive towards decease and love. They feel that people should demo some sort of hurting towards a supposed love one ‘s decease. Being normal besides involves believing in God ; being able to experience heartache for making a incorrect did and so inquiring for forgiveness.

In the Outsider, the supporter, Meursault is considered an foreigner due to his curious features. Meursault appears to hold an apathetic attitude as he lacks any emotions towards his female parent ‘s decease because he considers it to be normal. “ Mother died today. Or yesterday, I do n’t cognize. I had a wire from place: ‘mother passed off. Funeral tomorrow. Yours unfeignedly. ‘ That does n’t intend anything. It may hold been yesterday. ” The deficiency of emotions shown about his female parent ‘s decease shows his apathetic attitude. Even during his female parent ‘s funeral he shows no emotions all he does is complains ; “ I was so tired ” , “ the blaze from the sky was intolerable ” . When others felt sorrowful towards the decease of his female parent, he had n’t the slightest thought to make the same or acknowledge those who felt the heartache ; “ Great cryings of defeat and anguish were streaming down his cheeks ” . He lacked the common sense to tie in Perez tyres to his female parent ‘s decease ; alternatively he links it to frustration. “ After that everything happened so rapidly and seemed so inevitable and natural that I do n’t retrieve any of it any longer. ” This shows how normal his female parent ‘s decease was to him. In the fresh Perfume Grenouille is the chief character that his society considers to be an foreigner due to his features.

Grenouille is besides apathetic. He is egoistic and he ever tries to fulfill himself at the disbursal of others. When he killed the plum miss, he felt no compunction for his actions ; alternatively he did n’t desire her sent to go forth. “ When she was dead he laid her on the land among the plum cavities, tore off her frock, and the watercourse of sent became a inundation that inundated him with aroma. ” Her decease brings him aroma and non grieve. His ideas are filled with her sent “ He did non desire to slop a bead of her sent ” , but ne’er about what he had done incorrectly. Grenouille ‘s apathetic attitude is shown as the decease of the plum miss gives him felicity and determine his hereafter “ he felt as if he eventually knew who he truly was: nil less than a mastermind. And that the significance and end and intent of his life and a higher fate: nil less than to revolutionise the universe. ” This shows how Grenouille merely thinks about himself and does non see anything that pleases him as wrong.

In both Perfume and The Outsider, the society makes Meursault and Grenouille foreigners for their indifference. To Meursault ‘s society, a individual who lacks emotion during his female parent ‘s funeral is barbarous and has qualities of a condemnable. “ The warden looked down at his boots and said that I had n’t wanted to see female parent. I had n’t cried one time and I had left directly after the funeral without paying my respects at her grave. ” The society, in which The Foreigner is set in, Judgess Meursault based on his actions. Alternatively of really analyzing the offense and grounds that lead to the offense, they use his apathetic feature, which is non on their normal spectrum, to warrant his capableness of perpetrating such a offense out of inhuman treatment. To Meursault decease appears to be a portion of nature which is inevitable, particularly for person his female parent ‘s age and if he does n’t experience the impulse to shout that should n’t do him evil. However because it is so unusual to his society he is hence considered cruel.

From the beginning of the novel, Perfume, Grenouille was abandoned by his female parent to decease. He was ne’er shown love by his female parent as he lead to her decease and the “ detestable ” male child was besides left to decease. Other people in his society ne’er showed him love due to his deficiency of sent which they considered to be unnatural. Right from when he was a babe, people kept on rejecting him as he was transferred from one moisture nurse to another because he did n’t hold a aroma. “ He ‘s possessed by the Satan ” , “ His dirt odors, that ‘s true plenty. But it ‘s the asshole himself, he does n’t smell. ” . “ From his young person on, he had been accustomed to people go throughing him and taking no notice of him whatever, non out of contempt-as he had one time believed-but because they were quit unaware of his being. ” Grenouille ‘s deficiency of aroma meant he did n’t hold an individuality and is treated like portion of the ambiance. The deficiency of love and heat from his society provokes his isolation, which allows him to gain his compulsion for aroma. Therefore, the society is revealed as portion of the ground for him being an foreigner.

In Meursault ‘s society, the fact that he lacked compunction for killing the Arab and his godlessness makes the society turn him into an outsider-as it is unnatural to them for person to experience like that-so they criticised him. “ He told me that it is impossible, that all work forces believed in God, even those who would n’t confront up to Him ” . “ he asked me in the same instead weary mode whether I regretted what I had done. I thought it over and said that, instead than true sorrow, I felt a sort of irritation ” Meursault non experiencing true sorrow made it easy for the society to sort him under a true felon and even other felons felt regret towards their action. They are non accepted in their society because they do n’t hold what people consider being necessity for a normal individual to hold.

Meursault appears to be honest when warranting his condemnable act. Though his declaration of his offense sounds honest, the reader can non disregard the chesty manner he in which he declares his guilt. The haughtiness of his declaration depicts his character as inhuman in the sense that the decease of a individual has no existent significance. He is blunt and does n’t experience the demand to lie “ Blending up my words a spot and gaining I sounded pathetic, I said rapidly that it was because of the Sun. Some people laughed. My attorney shrugged his shoulders ” . On the other manus, Grenouille ‘s honestness has a grade of naivete as he does non look genuinely cognizant of his actions or their reverberations. He did non deny killing the misss “ because the accused himself freely confessed to all the slayings charged against him ” . In Grenouille ‘s instance it was obvious that he had killed the misss. He killed them for his ain usage and he would n’t state what he needed them for.

Finally both Grenouille and Meursault are treated as foreigners in their society and this is because of their qualities. In our modern society things might hold been a small different but the fact still remains that worlds do n’t alter much. This is because both Grenouille and Meursault lived in different societies and these societies made them foreigners based on their characters. In our society things have changed a small spot because people read more literature books which helps widen the normal spectrum and people are more unfastened minded.

However there are still big Numberss of people who are made foreigners because they do n’t suit the normal spectrum. Even a really honorable individual, like Meursault, can still be made an foreigner by our modern society because people lie to protect themselves but if person chooses to state the truth and acquire in problem people will non flock with that individual. This two books show that society does n’t alter much through clip because from the 18th century to the 20 first century society still makes persons foreigners based on their characters.


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