social media

Jake Swinn
Professor Joe Alba
English 101
Kids Influenced By Social Media
Social media is a hot new concept that is trending throughout the planet daily. The social media can be seen in many places, proving that it can theoretically be seen anywhere a given person could be. In the world as we know it, the newer generations of children are becoming more accustomed to the social media. Children that become teenagers always like to either start trends or be part of where the “popularity” is. It is part of human nature for teenagers to want to be part of something that gets some form of spotlight.
A trend that is surely the hottest and most used for these young teenagers would be that of the social media. From taking selfies, to abbreviating words on Twitter, the norms of the social media sites seem different from conventional websites. As frequently used as it is, the social media is by no means perfect and does have some flaws or consequences. Due to social media, youngsters have become affected by the social media’s customs which include but are not limited to; privacy issues, self esteem issues, and even skewed vocabulary.
There is a large controversial topic that does circle throughout the entirety of the social media, and this topic would be that of privacy. Before privacy is talked about one must understand what privacy is. In Danah Boyd and Alice Marwick’s article “Social Privacy in Networked Places”, the authors give their audience the definition. In the article it is deemed by Boyd and Marwick that “Privacy is a fraught concept, with no clear agreed-upon definition”(380). This meaning is that there is no clear cut definition for privacy but it is merely how individuals interpret it and view privacy in their own minds.
On social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook many teenagers of all kind of personalities and quirks use different variations of privacy in their daily routine. Most teenagers while on social media sites tend to not…

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