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Human communication Are we a product of technologyAre you old and boring, or are you young and hip? If someone was born between 1981- 2000 they are considered to be part of the millennials. This means they were created during the technology boom. This is the rise of internet, smartphones, and more creative forms of technology. “This generation has been (and continues to be) greatly shaped by the technological advances present during their childhood, college career, and into the workplace” (Gibson 2014). The millennial generation is known by the increasing usage of technology along with the utilization of multitasking between different technological devices. This rise in the knowledge towards technology has brought great outcomes to other generations, but this technology boom has also been a downfall to the millennial generation. The wide usage of technology for this generation leaves a big education gap too. If the millennial generation could focus more on not letting technology control their lives, then success rates would be higher than what they are.
“Technology will only continue to advance at an exponential rate; its integration into everyday business functions will establish technology as a major form of communicating between individuals and organizations” (Gibson 2014). What does the millennial generation think? Stereotypes and generalizations about young adults swirl around on a day-to-day basis. These stereotypes and overgeneralizations include problems such as negative images, lack of education, lack of social skills, etc. Being born in the millennial generation, a common agreement that technology and media does affect the success rates could be made. “A recent study suggests that 96% of the millennial generation belong to at least one social network” (Childs et al. 2010). This creates a problem of laziness. Millennials feel as if technology should be able to solve any problem, or do any work that needs to be done. This creates the…

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