Sms Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System Essay

Money is non a thing that you could happen anyplace when you need it. It is approximately difficult work to hold money. Parents were the 1s who work hard to be able to direct their kids into different respective or even prestige schools. from simple. high school and college to be peculiar. They would take the hazard of puting their money merely to guarantee the quality instruction of their kids. But what if there is non a job with the school? What if the pupil itself has a job? Attendance in school is a must ; fifty per centum of a student’s classs were normally based on their category engagement and if the pupils are absent. they will lose a batch of points.

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Parents has no confidence if their kids travel straightly go to school. they will cognize it when it is excessively late like when they got a missive or a call from the school stating them that their kids might neglect or reiterate a specific topic or worse. another twelvemonth for them to endure. To give an alternate solution unto it. the research worker introduced this I. D ( Identification ) which has a barcode in it and a barcode scanner with automated texting system. This can assist parents cognize that their kids travel into school and besides. the system notifies them if the pupils go out of the school. It could assist forestall the pupils to cut category or skip school. besides. it changes the traditional manner of procuring the pupils. The fact that the parents know that their kids we’re released by the school. they know what clip their kids could travel place.

Statement of the Problem

* In this modern twenty-four hours with new engineerings at manus. different sorts of offenses are rampant. and most of these victims are pupils who are so incapacitated in supporting themselves. Common inquiry from the points of position of parents would be: “Did my son/daughter attend their school? ” or “What clip will my childs be dismissed from their school? ” In another scenario. in coming to school. the parents do non hold the confidence if their kids went and attended the school. Another set of inquiries parents ask are: “Did they
go to all the categories they have? Did they cut school? ” * Will at that place be a important difference on the benefits and capablenesss that will be delivered from the proposed system comparison to the manual system of the school? * What would be the advantage of the SMS Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System in much longer scope for manual checking of the attending and monitoring of the pupils?

Theoretical Model
The Attendance Module will be accessed by the decision maker. instructors. and pupils. The decision maker will be the one can entree the whole system for the attending and monitoring of the pupils if they are jumping schools or cut their categories. The student’s concern is to press the button of the barcode scanner for their reaching at school and go forthing at the school.

The Record Module is the personal information faculty incorporating basic informations of each pupils of Diamond Academy. The decision maker will be the 1 who operate the personal information faculty. The decision makers will encode the information of the pupils. he/she can besides redact. update. and cancel the information of the pupils.

The Report Module. the intent of this faculty is to supply a hunt box in the proposed system signifier and handle sum-up of all dealing for the coevals of studies.

Significance of the survey

This system will do an betterment in the security done by the guard of the school and will give confidence to the parents sing their children’s safety. This is proposed to hold a better security and will give benefits to the followers:

Parents. Parents of the pupils of Diamond Academy will hold the confidence that their kids are go toing the school. their kids are inside the school premises and non lounging outside and they know what clip their kids went in and out of the school.

Students. Students of Diamond Academy will be secured and they will be disciplined with respects of school attending.

Teachers. Teachers of Diamond Academy will hold the easiness in supervising the students’ attending. If a pupil does non go to category. they have a cogent evidence that the pupil is non go toing category.

Future Researchers. The following research workers that will be developing or upgrading this system can utilize this research paper as their mention for their hereafter researches.

Aims of the Study
By and large. the survey aims to develop I. D ( Identification ) with barcode and barcode scanner with automated texting system for Diamond Academy. Specifically. the survey aims to: 1. SMS Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System helps the parents to supervise and advise them about their children’s reaching and going at school. 2. To demo that this new system will be more utile and important instead than the manual system that they’re presently utilizing. 3. To allow the parents/guardians experience the major advantages of this system ( They will be able to supervise their kids sing the attending of their kids at school ; they will hold the confidence that their kids does non cut/skip school ) . 4. Develop a system that would assist the school on supervising the reaching and dismissal of the pupils and bring forthing the studies utilizing Ocular Basic 6. 0 as the Programming Language. Barcode Scanner as the Scanner and Microsoft SQL server 2005 as the database ; and 5. Measure the public presentation of the system utilizing ISO 9126.

Time and Place of the Study
This thesis proposal started after we come up with 3 rubrics and support to the panellist of CvSu I. T teachers. so this rubric was chosen to be our thesis for fulfilment of our class. Thinking about what will go on to our propose rubric and while thought of it. it consumes clip where to get down. We really started working to happen how much the hardware and the hardware
itself. It took me yearss and even months to happen the hardware for the said proposed rubric. And when I was composing this clip and topographic point for our thesis im still looking for the hardware and the monetary value of it. and besides its still deficiency of information about of our proposed rubric. so in this clip and topographic point I write a small of what I do and where I find and write this paperss. As of now we are completing the certification of the chapter 1 in my house.

Scope and Restrictions

SMS Based Barcode Attendance Monitoring System of Diamond Academy is a system that is being developed by the research workers to better security intents for the pupils of Diamond Academy and notifies the parents for the reaching of their kids at school. The pupils will swipe their I. D ( Identification ) on the barcode scanner so the system automatically sends a message to the parents or defenders that their kids went in or went out of the school premises utilizing Broadband SMS modem as the system. In add-on. It has a drumhead information of the clip and day of the month that the pupils has logged. The scheduling linguistic communication used was Ocular Basic 6. 0 and SQL Server 2005 for the database. besides the Barcode Scanner for the scanning of their ID and procedure by the Broadband SMS modem for advising the parents for the reaching and dismissal of their kids.

However. in this application there are different restrictions that will ne’er be granted in the said application such as ; the system merely covers the reaching and the going of the pupils. The pupils could be able to jump categories. That issue will be handled by the school guards. Another is. the system notifies merely the parents with respects in the students’ attending. The instructors will still hold to look into the attending manually. This system occurs merely on the said school premises and entirely for the pupils who are analyzing on Diamond Academy. Besides. the SMS portion is merely available to local cellular phone Numberss. Numbers from outside the state ( like rolling sim cards and Numberss from different states ) will non be able to have text presentments of the said system.

Definition of Footings
The undermentioned footings were used and defined operationally:
Assurance. A positive declaration intended to give assurance. Attendance. Is the act or fact of go toing ( being present at ) work. Besides. attending is used to specify the figure of individuals present on a peculiar twenty-four hours at work. Barcode. is an optical machine-readable representation of informations associating to the object to which it is attached. Barcode Scanner. is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. it consists of a light beginning. a lens and a light detector interpreting optical urges into electrical 1s. Computer. It is a general intent device which can be programmed to transport out a finite set of arithmetic or logical operation. Database. An application that manages informations and allows fast storage and retrieval. Hardware. The machines. wiring. and other physical constituents of a computing machine or other electronic system. Presentment. is extremely improved the possibilities to maintain informed about developments in assorted subjects. and having qui vives to new publications. Rampant. Violent or unrestrained in action or public presentation.

System. Any group of constituents ( maps. people. activity and so on ) that interface with and complement one another. System Automatic or Automatic System- Systems organizing portion of a edifice. necessitating care and review. and capable to a Conformity Schedule SMS ( short message ) . a system that enables cellular phone users to direct and have text messages.


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