Small Cars Make A Big Splash At Auto Marketing Essay

Car manufacturers appear to hold identified low-priced autos as the key to deriving a strong bridgehead in emerging economic systems, where little saloons are considered a luxury point. Indeed, the mini and compact sections of autos shorter than 4 metres ( 13 ft 1.4 in ) history for three-fourthss of India ‘s auto market. In any state, the base of the ( income ) pyramid is the biggest group, ” said Osamu Suzuki, main executive of Suzuki Motor parent of top Indian car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India. “ Get downing at the entry-price degree was a successful scheme for us, ” he said. The market leader in India, Maruti Suzuki, presented its compact next-gen multi-purpose vehicle called Concept R3, designed in – house at the tenth Auto exhibition. There ‘s besides the SX4 loanblend, a full analogue intercrossed auto designed by Maruti Suzuki applied scientists. One can non lose the much-anticipated

super-luxury Kizashi, taging the entry of parent company Suzuki Motor Corporation in the premium section. Kizashi means ‘a mark of great things to come ‘ in Nipponese. One of the introduction shapers at the tenth Auto Expo is the longawaited Toyota compact auto, Etios, in both a saloon and

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hatchback version. Code-named EFC for Entry Family Car, during its development rhythm, the

vehicle incorporates advanced engineering and superior quality characteristics that have been developed by Toyota specifically for India. Etios means ‘the beginning of ‘ and intends to spell a new

chapter in the little auto section. Toyota plans to get down constructing the auto at its mill in Bangalore from late 2010.

GM ‘s Chevrolet Beat, a compact hatchback designed for the Indian market and due to hit salesrooms in 2010, is besides on show at the Expo.

Honda Spiel Cars India, at the Auto Expo, announced the universe premiere of its ‘New Small Concept ‘ to busy the infinite below its Jazz/Fit theoretical account. This is the first clip that Honda has chosen India for the universe premiere of a construct auto. Developed at Honda ‘s Automobile R & A ; D Centre in Japan, the New Small Concept is designed as a household auto to comfortably sit 5 grownup riders. Another small scene-stealer was Volkswagen ‘s Polo, Indian production of which has merely begun in Mumbai. VW Polo is the company ‘s first little auto in India, and falls under the A2 section of compact autos. Larger vehicles excessively are sharing the spotlight at the Expo. Two new theoretical accounts from Mercedes- Benz, the full size luxury Sports Utility Vehicle GL 350 CDI and the

S 500L are on show at Auto Expo 2010. BMW India, an Indian subordinate of the BMW Group, is showing several new autos, the limited edition of the new Gran Turismo, the BMW X6 M, and the BMW 760Li, particularly at the Auto Expo 2010. In add-on, the company besides displayed its new BMW X1, which is scheduled to come into India in CKD kits by terminal of 2010. From Tata Motors, whose radical Nano was the star of the 2008 Auto Expo, the offering this clip is a premium multi purpose vehicle the Tata Aria. Besides on show were the Tata Primea Concept luxury Sedan, designed in association with Pinninfarina and other theoretical accounts in the Indigo and Indica scope, every bit good as the Utility Trio of Safari, Grande Mark 2 and Xenon. Tata Venture and Magic

were other launches in the low-cost and low cost transit section.

Mahindra & A ; Mahindra launched two new merchandises from its public-service corporation vehicle platform and a new truck from the Navistar joint-venture. The universe ‘s second-largest truck shaper Volvo presented its new planetary truck, and Daimler Motor showcased its new scope of coachs.


Driving into the Future

Never has an car expounding in India attracted so much ballyhoo on the really first twenty-four hours. The tenth Auto Expo started off with a knock, with a batch of little autos and concept vehicles launched on the gap twenty-four hours itself. In fact, even before the show dawned, several companies announced their programs to hit the Indian market with their offerings. Looking at the merchandises, whether it is a little auto, a loanblend, a construct or a immense truck, the accent is on advanced engineering, eco- friendly machines and fuel efficient engines. Of class luxury is in no manner compromised, as the presence of Audi, Mercedes Benz, Skoda, BMW, Harley Davidson and Volkswagen emphasiss. Volkswagen ‘s Polo will court an audience that forms India ‘s big in-between category with high disposable incomes. Even the large vehicle shapers are repeating their earnestness in doing

efficient, eco friendly planetary quality merchandises. Take, for illustration, Ashok Leyland ‘s new, advanced U-Truck platform. The trucks on these platforms will revolutionize the Indian hauling industry. Over 25 theoretical accounts and a host of discrepancies are expected to turn over out in 18 months get downing April 2010. Eicher made known its programs to convey in the VE series, a new scope of value enhanced, fuel efficient, heavy responsibility trucks. There ‘s are more surprises from Eicher still to come, both from the Volvo stable and the Royal Enfield stable. Mahindra, demoing its art in both the universes, the large and the little, is conveying in heavy responsibility vehicles in coaction with Navistar, every bit good as a

little truck by the name of Maximmo. Tata ‘s Prima scope of trucks is portion of its 37-product show. Three new vehicles- Tata Aria, Tata Venture and Tata Magic Iris were unveiled, along with the all new Jaguar XJ. Alongside, York Transport Equipment ( Asia ) Pte Ltd Singapore, one of the largest makers of dawdler axles in Asia Pacific part and a subordinate of TRF Ltd, a Tata endeavor, launched its new scope of merchandises for the Indian market. A twenty-four hours before the Auto Expo opened, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit inaugurated the Twizy Z.E electric construct auto from Renault. Expected to be on Indian roads by 2011, the Twizy is classified as a quadracycle and does non necessitate to follow with the large list of safety ordinances. Since it does non hold doors, it does off with the demand for an air conditioner.

Bicycling partisans gathered at Pragati Maidan to acquire a major epinephrine encouragement from the exciting and advanced aggregation of motorcycles showcased by India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. Brand Ambassador John Abraham was at the Yamaha stall to add a touch of glamor to the new 2010 theoretical account of YZF-R1 and the launch of the particular white color edition of YZF-R15. Besides at the Yamaha stall are its musculus motorcycle VMAX, the YZR-M1 theoretical account, the 500cc TMAX athleticss scooter and 600cc XJ6 bike.

In the two-wheeler section, Hero Electric has launched three new eco and pocket friendly electric motorcycle theoretical accounts: E-sprint, the Zippy and the particular ability e-bikes. US based motorcycle shaper Harley Davidson announced it will convey in 12 bikes from its 2010 theoretical account portfolio to India.

Now these are large motorcycles meant for the fast and the ferocious! The show has merely begun. Expect new

launches to rule the Expo in the approaching yearss excessively. Watch this infinite!


Green is In

If one individual factor distinguishes the tenth Auto Expo from similar shows held in the yesteryear, it is a serious accent on everything Green. With the implicit in subject of is a show window for little vehicles, constructs and vehicles run on surrogate fuels, all of which will switch consumer penchant towards more fuel efficient and less polluting vehicles. Both auto and constituent makers

are, for the first clip, underscoring on green engineerings, taking a cue from planetary environmental concerns, with merchandises that would efficaciously cut down their C footmark and do our planet cleansing agent and greener.

Several car big leagues have dedicated countries within their stables earmarked entirely for showcasing their journey into the green universe. On their portion, the organisers, the Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ) , the Society of Indian car Manufacturers ( SIAM ) and the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association ( ACMA ) are endeavoring to guarantee that the serious message of environmental concern and technological inventions is non sidelined in the glamor and ballyhoo of the expounding.

The focussed marquee on Automobile Engines showcases merchandises that have been tweaked and fine-tuned to cut down emanations. There are marquees on surrogate fuels, gas and Asli Naqli. The latter is an attempt to educate the multitudes on the booby traps of utilizing forgery parts.

The subject of the General Motors India stall entitled ‘Inspiration to progress ‘ has Chevrolet vehicles displayed under three classs: public presentation series, mini series and the green series. Making a green statement are the Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Spark – LPG, the allnew Aveo CNG and the Spark Electric paradigm which is scheduled to do its commercial launch later this twelvemonth. The Chevrolet Volt is an electric vehicle with extended-range capableness, designed to drive up to

0 stat mis on electricity without utilizing gasolene or bring forthing tail-pipe emanations.

In line with its focal point on environmentallyclean engineerings, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. , is unveiling the electric version of its compact auto – the i10. Hyundai i10 Electric is an all-electric zero- emanation vehicle that reconciles driving with the environmental aspirations of clients.

As portion of its enterprise to advance ecofriendly and non-polluting agencies of conveyance, Hyundai Motor India already has a strong line-up of theoretical accounts with alternate fuel engineering like Santro

CNG & A ; LPG, Accent CNG & A ; LPG and i10 CNG in India.

Honda Siel Cars is exhibiting the CR-Z Concept 2009, a construct theoretical account for a new intercrossed theoretical account, which was unveiled for the first clip at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2009.

An sole ‘Engine Section ‘ features the progresss made by Honda in the engine engineering recognizing both superior power and low fuel ingestion.

While establishing the Yeti vehicle, Skoda Auto will be showcasing the Greenline scope of autos. Leading makers like Tata Motors are exposing their ain scope of green vehicles including an electric auto. Even heavy responsibility vehicles run on fuel efficient engines are on show. Others like Ashok Leyland excessively are expected to establish new platforms that are based on green engineerings. Electric two Wheeler companies like Hero Electric, BSA and others excessively are unveiling new electric motorcycles and scooters. Auto Expo 2010 is a major measure in the Indian car industry ‘s March towards a greener tomorrow.


tenth Auto Expo in Top Gear

With a host of macro indexs demoing increased industrial production and a resurge in demand for both rider autos and commercial vehicles in India over the last few months, the tenth Auto Expo has begun on an highly optimistic note. Massive involvement from abroad participants, ensuing in an addition of 40 per cent in country, bigger contingents from Germany and China, a new entrant in Luxembourg, besides the strong presence of Indian makers have

resulted in complete engagement of infinite at the straggling locale. All the 16 halls, the 17 hangers and the out-of-door infinite in entire consisting 1,25,000 square meters have 100 per cent tenancy! In fact, the demand for infinite has several exhibitioners still waiting for a possible entry into one of India ‘s most esteemed automotive shows. Adding to the bombilation are fledglings like Harley Davidson, which late set up base in India, and Toyota which is take parting in the show after a spread. For the first clip, a immense contingent of 350 abroad journalists have signed up to cover the event, clearly attesting that the Indian automotive industry has come of age. International attending has been drawn towards India following a batch of recent developments in the industry that included the launching of the universe ‘s cheapest auto, the Nano, by Tata Motors and the acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover by the same ncompany. Besides, about every foreign vehicle maker has a presence in India, be it Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz,

Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Renault, Nissan, Honda or Toyota. The Indian constituent industry excessively has

in the last few old ages penetrated the planetary market either through partnerships or acquisitions. Global constituent makers like Visteon, Delphi, Magna and Continental either have a dedicated concern here or are in tie ups with Indian constituent makers. Global tyre big leagues like Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental, and have made their grade on Indian roads, while Indian heavyweights like Apollo, JK, MRF etc are deriving an international bridgehead. November 2009 was a historic month for the car industry in India, which registered 45.8 growing: its highestever growing in a individual month! While the rider vehicle

industry witnessed a 66.5 per cent growing, the till-recently drooping commercial vehicle section grew by a jawdropping 97.99 per cent! Besides the batch of planetary vehicle launches, with a coincident show of India-specific merchandises, the tenth Auto Expo will besides expose construct and intercrossed vehicles. Component makers will be denoting major inventions in their several Fieldss, particularly their attempts in the country of green engineering, in consonant rhyme with the focussed subject of the Expo: Green Environment.

Several Firsts aˆ¦

For the first clip, the Auto Expo has an Engine Pavilion focused on engine and its engineerings. “ Over the old ages we keep seeking to section the show better with defined sections. Since the Engine is a major constituent for any vehicle and we have received ample engagement from

the sector, we created a particular marquee for Engines, ” said an expo functionary. Companies showcasing their merchandises here include Greaves Cotton, Kriloskar Engine, Mahindra Navistar, Honeywell, Cooper Automotives and Q-Shield. Another first was the earmarking of Day 1 ( January 5 ) as Goodwill Day, when the Expo was unfastened entirely for the media, every bit good as physically challenged visitants. Particular agreements have been made to guarantee that physically challenged visitants face no hurdlings while isiting the Fair. To promote pupils, particularly from the technology field, to take up automotive technology and designing as a focussed topic, the Auto Expo features a ‘styling & A ; plan my auto ” competition. Besides these advanced add-ons, the Show besides has its usual focussed marquees for accoutrements, sound, surrogate fuel, gas engineerings, design, IT, Diesel, garage equipment and the popular ‘asli-naqli ‘ marquee, with a particular focal point on SMEs.

Several participants expect to make alert concern with specially created expo ware priced anyplace between Rs 40 to Rs 800. Besides the glittering sleek beauties on wheels, the high profile Expo is expected to pull high profile famous persons excessively, with starry ‘brand embassadors ‘ to add even more coloring materials and glamor to India ‘s No. 1 car show. Why India?


The Show Stealers

Maruti Suzuki

R3 Multi Purpose Vehicle Concept

The new R3 Multi Purpose Vehicle Concept is Maruti ‘s first measure in its programs to research newer and more profitable sections in the hereafter like Crossovers and Multi Purpose Vehicles. It is based on an drawn-out Sx4 Platform. Scheduled for production late 2011, the vehicle embodies Maruti Suzuki ‘s slogan -‘Joy of Life. ‘


A luxury auto, the Kizashi is slated for a late 2010 release and will vie with the likes of Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Skoda Laura among others. Other autos displayed at the marquee include modified versions of the A Star little auto, a hatchback version of the popular Sx4, Grand Vitara SUV and the complete little auto portfolio of Maruti Suzuki India. Besides on show are a twosome of ace motorcycles including the enormously popular Hayabusa Super Bike.


Skoda Yeti Compact Crossover SUV

Skoda unveiled the much awaited Yeti Compact SUV, in three Discrepancies – Trendline, Comfort line and Highline. Other autos in the Pavilion are the Skoda Superb, Skoda Fabia, Skoda Superb Combi, Skoda Octavia RS and Skoda Laura.



A premium compact SUV that will be officially launched across the state in a few weeks/months, the auto will be made in Completely Knocked Down Kits ( CKD ) at their Chennai mill, signaling another milepost for the BMW India operations.

BMW Gran Turismo

Based on the 5 Series Platform, this limited edition touring auto is for the first clip being unveiled in India. Merely a smattering will be available for sale in India, on a first semen foremost serve footing.

Eicher Motors

VE Heavy Duty Trucks

Semi Low Floor Rear Engine City Bus

Class-leading fuel efficiency, good biotechnologies and superior public presentation are the cardinal highpoints of these vehicles.



The much awaited Polo little auto, showcased at the Auto Expo 2010, is slated for official launch in March 2010. The auto, self-praise of cutting border engineering and styling, will be launched in two

discrepancies, 1.2 liter gasoline and 1.2 litre Diesel. A Polo Race Cup theoretical account was besides unveiled that will take part in the Polo Cup races to be held in India in June this twelvemonth.

Honda Siel Cars

Honda New Small Car Concept

This all-new little auto construct, based on a new platform designed specifically for India was unveiled by Honda for the first clip at Auto Expo 2010. The little auto is slated for production late 2010 and early 2011, and is expected to vie with the likes of Maruti Swift, Hyundai Santro, i10 and other heavyweights in the little auto infinite in India. The Asimo Robot is a great crowd- puller at this marquee. Other theoretical accounts displayed at the Pavilion include the Honda CRZ Hybrid athleticss auto, Honda CRV SUV, 3 Honda Jazz Modified Mugen Variants, Honda Accord, and Honda Civic.

Tata Motors

Tata Aria

Mr. Ratan N Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons, unveiled the Tata Aria, a premium MPV, featuring a 2.2 Litre Common Rail Diesel Engine giving 140 PS of power.Offering category taking infinite, comfort and engineering, Aria is poised to play a critical function in the C and D section vehicles.

Tata Venture

A compact mini new wave based on the Tata Ace Platform, the Venture self-praises of epicurean insides, modern-day outsides, stopper in Windowss, three rows of seating and HVAC.

Tata Magic Passenger Vehicle

Designed for the rural population, this vehicle offers economical transit with low-cost running costs. Besides on show were the Tata Primia Range of Heavy Duty Trucks, Grande Mark 2, Safari Dicor, Tata Nano, Tata Xenon Lifestyle Pick up, Tata Indica and Indigo platforms.


Jaguar XJ

The all-new Jaguar XJ was officially unveiled at the Auto Expo 2010, with ace luxury saloon offers premium styling and comfort. The XJ will be the flagship theoretical account for the Jaguar trade name and will spearhead its raid into the premium luxury sections across the universe.

Honda Motorcycles India

Honda launched the VFR1200F, its latest planetary merriment motorcycle, with double clasp engineering. It besides showcased a Concept athleticss motorcycle and Experimental Mobility Device U3X, and unveiled the CB Twister Bike, New CBF Stunner and New DIO as mass production theoretical accounts. The subject of the show at Auto Expo 2010 is ‘Enjoy The Honda Quality ‘ . Particular test motorcycles were besides demonstrated, with shows by Spanish riders. Amos Bilbao and Lia Sanz. The CRF 50 for childs was besides on show, offering demo drives. The Design Corner was a particular characteristic at the marquee.


Yamaha launched the 2010 theoretical account of the YZF R1, and a particular edition of the R15 and other theoretical accounts, every bit good as a particular white color edition of the YZF-R15. Besides showcased at the Auto Expo are the Fazer, FZ series and a few construct bike theoretical accounts for the commuter section. Other merchandises at the marquee include VMAX, YZR-M1, TMAX, XJ6, MT01, Gladiator Type SS & A ; RS, G5, Alba and Crux.

General Motors

Chevrolet Beat Small Car

This extremely awaited auto was officially launched for sale in India, after being displayed as a construct at several car shows across the Earth. It played the portion of an Autobot, in the blockbuster film, The Transformers. Get downing at a monetary value ticket of 3.34 lacs ( antique salesroom, Delhi ) , the Beat is expected to check the little auto section broad unfastened, with a 1.2 litre gasoline, 16V DOHC

engine, and 18.6 Km/l ARAI certified fuel efficiency. The to the full loaded top terminal theoretical account with clime control, airbags and premium sound systems will be offered at a monetary value of 3.94 lacs ( antique salesroom

Delhi ) .

Besides on show at the GM marquee are the Aveo CNG, Chevrolet Camaro Sports auto, Chevrolet Cruze Road auto and Cruze Race auto, Captiva SUV and other theoretical accounts in the GM line up.


tenth Auto Expo at a Glance

The Complete Automotive Show

Major Participants

Ashok Leyland


Bajaj Auto


BSA Motors

Emmel Sir mortimer wheelers

Fiat India

General Motors

Harley Davidson

Hero Electric

Hero Honda

Honda Motorcycles

Honda Siel Cars

Hyundai India

Yamaha India


Jay Bharat Maruti

Kranti Automobiles

Lohia Industries

Mahindra 2 Sir mortimer wheelers

Mahindra & A ; Mahindra

Maruti Suzuki

Mercedes Benz

Premier Cars

Fleva Electric

Royal Enfield

Renault India

Skoda India

Standard Tractors

Suzuki Motorcycles

Tara International

Tata Motors

Toyota iGloskar

TVS Motor Co.

VE commercial

Vibgyor allied Ind.

Volvo India


Yo Bikes


Largest two-year Automotive Show in Asia in the 25th Year.

Merely show in India accredited by OICA.

Spread across 125,500 sqm.

16 lasting halla and 18 hangers + province marquees + out-of-door infinite.

Focused marquees / halla for:

SME Sector

Garage Equipmet

Diesel Pavilion

Alternate Fuel Technologies

Design & A ; Innovation

Audio & A ; Car Accessories

National Pavilions

Vintage cars/Bikes

Engines & A ; Engine Technologies

2105 + Exhibitors

350 media registered from 11 states

Conferences, Workshop, Buyer-Seller Meets


800 Abroad Exhibitors from 30 states.

40 % addition in abroad country.

New Entrant – Harley Davidson, USA

Buying/sourcing deputations from 40 states from: Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Myanmar, Pakistan, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA.

350 media registered from 11 states.

Coincident Events:

Automotive Award Nights by Television Channels.

Conferences by Sectoral Associations.

Automotive Style/Design Content.

Pulling Competition on Enviorment for School Children.

Charity Dinner

Safe Driving enterprises in coaction with Traffic Police.

Golf Day, vintage Car Display.

Quiz Programmes.

Exclusive Launches by Vehicles Manufacturers:

Global Launches

India Launches

New merchandise discrepancies for India

Imperativeness Conferences


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