Situational Analysis Of Hero Motocorp Marketing Essay

1Hero Motocorp Ltd. , once Hero Honda, is an Indian bike and scooter maker based in New Delhi, India. Hero Honda started in 1984 as a joint venture between Hero Cycles of India and Honda of Japan. The company is the largest two-wheeled maker in India. Hero motocorp has ranked 41 in ET 500 ranking 2012.

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The first works was established at Dharuhera, Haryana, on the outskirts of New Delhi. In the old ages to follow, big industrial countries created for extra fabrication installations for Hero MotoCorp Ltd. , along with their Ancillaries in Gurgaon, New Delhi and Sidcul, Haridwar.

In speedy sequence came the apparatus of several other supply-chain undertakings in Forgings, Casting, Plastic Injection Molding and other fabrication engineerings.

Over the following two decennaries, the Hero Group through Hero Corporate Service Limited setup several companies to provide to Hero MotoCorp, partially or entirely owned by the Hero Group. With its acute sense on relationship direction, the Hero Group has been successful in making an alone theoretical account of backward integrating that has been recognized the universe over.

In 1995, Hero Corporate Service Limited was setup as a separate entity to supply specialised services to the group companies and ancillaries. The corporate services group has played a alone function in determining the hereafter of the Hero Group. Its primary function has been to supply services runing from strategic consultative to finish Greenfield Project apparatus for the Dr. Brij Mohan Lall Munjal owned Hero Group.

In holding created a warehouse of cognition over the past few decennaries, Hero Corporate Service Limited has besides been successful in its entrepreneurial ventures of concern edifice in the Information Technology Enabled Services Sector, Manufacturing, Real Estate Project Management, Insurance Services, Engineering, Trade and other Service countries.

Hero Motor has finalised an export scheme concentrating on markets such as Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia, taking its first measure towards emerging as a planetary participant after the recent split with its 26-year old Nipponese spouse Honda.

The BM Munjal-controlled company is doing alterations in its bing merchandises to accommodate the demands of these aggressive abroad markets, apart from placing homegrown endowment to drive export growing.

Merchandises: The major subscriber of entire gross revenues is Hero MotoCorp, which accounts for around 40 % market portion as ever. New launches from Hero MotoCorp like Passion X Pro, Ignitor are making good as per company studies. The company is increasing scooter-manufacturing capacity to 60,000 units per month from the current 54,000 units, thanks to its latest scooter Maestro. Overall Hero MotoCorp sold 5,04,271 units in February and entire 10,59,068 units in the first two months of this twelvemonth.

Two-wheeler: Motorcycles, A Water scooters

Hero Merchandise: Cricket chiropteran

Rivals: These are rivals of Hero motocorp. Atul Auto Ltd, Bajaj Auto Ltd, Kinetic Engineering Ltd, Kinetic Motor Company Ltd, LML, Maharashtra Scooters Ltd, Majestic Auto Ltd, Scooters India Ltd, TVS Motor Company Ltd, Royal Enfield and Honda motorcycle & A ; scooter ltd.

II ) Vision – Strategy – Business Model Congruence

( I ) Industry Analysis utilizing PEST attack

Industry Comparison

Harmonizing to SIAM ( Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers ) , Automobile industry produced 20,366,432 vehicles of which the portion of two Wheelers, rider vehicles, three Wheelers and commercial vehicles stood 76 per centum, 15 per centum, 4 per centum and 4 per centum severally.

Domestic Market portion for 2011-12

Passenger Vehicles

15 %

Commercial Vehicles

4 %

Three Sir mortimer wheelers

4 %

Two Sir mortimer wheelers

76 %


Aggressive Selling by the Automobile Companies has been a major factor for the high growing in the gross revenues of vehicles, chiefly two Wheelers. Easily available loans by the car funding houses, public and private sector Bankss and easy installment options normally enables the consumer ( chiefly in-between income group ) to travel for two Wheelers.

Indian Two Wheeler Industry at a Glance

The Indian Two Wheeler industry recorded gross revenues volume of 3.4 Million units in Q3 2011-12, therefore registering a growing of 11 per centum YoY. When the economic system is slightly tamed by high rising prices and increasing fuel monetary values, two Wheeler industry has registered a growing of 15 per centum YoY, in 2011-12. The growing has been chiefly due to favourable demographic profile, moderate two Wheeler incursion degree and turning urbanisation.

Tendency in Gross saless Volume of the Indian Two Wheeler Industry:




Q1 2011-12

Q2 2011-12

Q3 2011-12







Water scooters












Entire Domestic









Q1 2011-12

Q2 2011-12

Q3 2011-12







Water scooters












Entire Exports






Market Share Trends

Indian two Wheelers industry continues to be dominated by Hero MotoCorp with a market portion at over 55 per centum in the domestic two Wheelers section. The other two large participants are Bajaj Auto and TVS. The top three history for over 89.5 per centum of the industry volumes.

Pest Analysis on Two Wheeler Industry:

Political, Economic, Social and Technology are the factors that affect the external Environment of an industry.

Political Aspects

The Political Analysis comprised of Political Influence, Tax Policies, Trade Regulations and ordinance of Government policies

Basic usage responsibility on bike with engine capacity of 800 milliliter or more being increased from 60 % to 75 %

Investing allowance of 15 % for investings above 100 chromium as revenue enhancement inducement

Outgo program to be 30 % higher

Tax tax write-offs on trim parts of environment free vehicles

The cost of imported bikes will increase. With the authorities intercession in the signifier of budget being presented by Finance Minister, it is clear that for two Wheeler industry the degree of localisation is surely traveling to lift.

Economic Aspects

The economic facets comprised of economic growing, involvement rate, exchange rate and the rate of rising prices.

The two primary factors that drive the economic scenario are

Abundant and low cost labour

Easy handiness of natural stuff steel, aluminium, natural gum elastic locally

The Dip in the involvement rate by RBI will hike gross revenues and growing in a much positive manner

Furthermore, India is holding an upper manus, due to copiousness of local labours and Raw stuffs.

Social Aspects

Social Aspects of two Wheeler industry are popularity, mobility, subculture and safety

Motorcycles primary agencies of motorised conveyance

Many Two Wheeler house raise money for charities by forming free drives

Two Wheelers are largely cost efficient and reduces urban congestion

Wearing helmet as compulsory while siting two Wheelers to do them safe from accidents is an act of safety

Technical Aspects

Technical Aspects in Two Wheeler industry includes building, fuel economic system, electric bikes, kineticss and accoutrements.

Two Wheelers building is a merger of technology, fabrication and assembly of constituents and systems which consequences in high public presentation and low costs

Use of engineerings normally tends to do two Wheelers a fuel efficient manner of conveyance, as most of the bikes are designed to accomplish 80 km milage per liter with low care costs.

Invention of electric bikes

Sufficient motorcycle accoutrements enables the rider to alter the wear and tear parts easy

( two ) Balance Scorecard

Community/Social Duty

Area of Aims

Measure or Target

Primary Duty

Raman Munjal Vidya Mandir

CBSE affiliated co-educational school for the hapless kids

Imparting instruction through progress acquisition methods

Raman Munjal Memorial Hospital

Rural population in and around Daruhera

Latest diagnostic and surgical engineering.

Vocational Training Centre

26 batches consisting of 625 adult females have been tarined

Imparting preparation in tailoring, embellishment and knitwork. Womans are self employed now.

Adult Literacy Mission

Village caputs and other outstanding villagers

To promote and actuate grownup literacy

Marriages of Underprivileged misss

Girls from the backward castes

Supplying fiscal and other supports to the households

Rural Health Care

Supplying wellness attention services to the local people

To guarantee good wellness these cantonments are held on a regular footing

Safe Ride Program

Every Individuals who rides two Wheeler

To guarantee safety safe drive plans are conducted


Area of Aims

Measure or Target

Primary Duty

Low Costss Motorcycles

Reduce monetary values to the Rs. 20000 – 30000 scope

To aim the lower income group clients who does non hold any manner of conveyance

Enhanced R & A ; D installations

Downsizing engines below 100 milliliter

88 % of its 4.53 million two Wheeler gross revenues came from up to 125 milliliter section

Sturdy and rugged clients

Customers who uses bikes as a bearer and burden form.

To make an advanced merchandise, aiming this section of consumers


Area of Aims

Measure or Target

Primary Duty


Hero MotoCorp ‘s Rs. 5983.6 Crore gross

Gross grew by 16.9 % YoY and 3.4 % QoQ

11.3 % YoY and 2.9 % QoQ growing in footings of gross revenues volume. To heighten exports the 4th fabrication works gets established

Operating Net income Margins ( OPM )

OPM at 15 % in Q3 2011-12

Making a new corporate trade name, debut of new theoretical accounts, edifice of R & A ; D capableness and researching abroad markets

Net Net incomes

Net income after Tax in Q3 2011-12 stood at 613 crore which is finally 42.9 % YoY and 1.6 % QoQ growing

Overall the company ‘s gross and net income after revenue enhancement touched a record high in Q3 2011-12


Area of Aims

Measure or Target

Primary Duty


Tracking stock list costs efficaciously and expeditiously

Cost leading is the company ‘s focal point country. Targeting dual figure growing in industry turnover.


Aligning HR processes with the supply concatenation

Bettering hardiness of people procedures. Achieving operational excellence. Proving better quality merchandises to clients.


Puting new industry benchmarks in the country of energy preservation and sustainability

Vapor soaking up machines and heat recovery units were installed. Breakthrough engineering for gear peal, all right blanking, advanced Cam grinding was introduced to increase productiveness and gross revenues

IV ) Growth Options appraisal of Hero motors utilizing Ansoff Matrix

The Ansoff Matrix, designed by Igor Ansoff, classifies and explains different growing schemes for a company. This matrix is used by companies, which have a growing mark or a scheme of specialisation.

This tool, traversing merchandises and markets of a company, facilitates decision-making.

The Ansoff matrix offers four schemes to accomplish the aims:

Penetration of the market

Extension of the market

New merchandises


Hero Motors soon operates in the Indian and Srilanka markets. It is now lawfully allowed to run in several international markets after the terminal of JV with Honda.

The merchandise portfolio of hero motors chiefly includes 2 Wheeler motorcycles. It produces about 20 theoretical accounts including all discrepancies. A really bantam portion of its portfolio of athleticss gear i.e. , chiefly cricket ware. Its merchandise portfolio includes




Ambition 133, Ambition 135

CBZ, CBZ Star, A CBZ Xtreme

Cadmium 100, Cadmium 100 SS, Hero Honda Joy, CD Dawn, CD Deluxe, CD Deluxe ( Self Start )

Glamour, Glamour F.I


Karizma, Karizma R, Karizma ZMR FI

Passion, Passion Plus, Passion Pro


Splendor, Splendor+ , Splendor+ ( Limited Edition ) , Super Splendor, Splendor NXG, Splendor PRO

Hero Impulse launched in 2011 after the separation of hero and Honda. Its India ‘s first off-road and on route Bike.


Existing merchandises New Merchandises


Better pricing

Finance options

Better selling & A ; trades

Rural clients

Merchandise development:

Skate motorcycles, scooty motorcycles

Motorcycles for adult females

E-friendly motorcycles

Rushing motorcycles

Market development:

Geographic: Sri lanka ( SE Asia )


Latin America

Cleavage: Teens & A ; childs for bikes,

Niche rockerss for accoutrements


Concentric- 4 Wheelers

Horizontal – Accessories – Biking cogwheel

Expansion in bing athleticss cogwheel





Market Penetration:

For bing merchandises and markets, Hero can perforate into market with

Value presenting pricing & A ; Finance options

After-sales services

Increased visibleness & A ; selling

Value trades

Focus on rural section by driving through brand displacement salesroom etc. to derive visibleness

These schemes will assist hero perforate more into the market.

Merchandise Development:

To increase the top line and market portions etc. , new merchandises in bing merchandises can be introduced. Merchandise lines in the undermentioned classs are few illustrations:

Extensive merchandise line in motorcycles for adult females

Bicycles, skate motorcycles, scooty motorcycles for childs

Environmental friendly motorcycles with client friendly engineering can be pioneered

With rushing deriving popularity as a athletics in India, hero can develop rushing motorcycles in its merchandise portfolio

Market Development:

To increase the client base with bing merchandises, new markets should be developed. The purpose here is, once more, to increase the top line.

Geographic enlargement into markets like Latin America, Africa etc. as client demands in these markets are in synergism with hero ‘s offerings.

Customer cleavage into niche clients for high value merchandises, teens and kids for bikes, athleticss ware etc.

These attacks will increase the market for hero ‘s merchandises.


With new markets and new merchandises, variegation is the manner to attack.

Diversification is of 4 types: horizontal, perpendicular, homocentric, pudding stone.

Horizontal Diversification: The Company is developing a new merchandise or activity capable of fulfilling the same patronage, even if the new merchandises are technologically independent of the bing merchandises.

Vertical Diversification: The Company starts to do the work of its providers and/or clients.

Concentric Diversification: The Company develops new products/activities with a complementary engineering to bing products/activities. These merchandises may pull a new group of clients and there will be a transportation of cardinal accomplishments.

Diversification by pudding stone: The company has different products/activities for assorted markets. The house now settles on a market where it has neither old experience nor industry but it could pull new groups of clients.

Hero can turn in new markets with new merchandises by diversifying in the undermentioned manner:

Concentric: diversify into 4 Wheeler section

Horizontal: Biking accoutrements will see growing with rise in niche rockerss. Hero can leverage on this by diversifying into bicycling accoutrements. An extended Sports ware merchandise line will besides take to horizontal variegation.

Vertical and pudding stone variegation would non be profitable for hero ‘s growing.

These are several growing options for Hero motors that are assessed utilizing ansoff Matrix.


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