Significance of the Study Essay

To guarantee patient safety and minimise human mistakes. wellness attention scenes use multiple methods and tools to supervise the advancement and alterations of patients. The Patient Checklist is one of the commonly used tools in hospital scenes to supervise the wellness position of patients. Furthermore. the patient checklist besides helps standardise and better the dependability of the attention given to patients.

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Our survey seeks to find the truth and consistence of informations in the Lung Center of the Philippines Patient Care Checklist. Correct nursing diagnosings and nursing directions rely on the completeness and preciseness of the informations on the checklist. This is of import to find the possible hereafter jobs that patients may meet or develop thereby leting nurses to fit themselves on the necessary degree of attention needed by a specific patient.

Therefore. this survey aims to profit the followers:

Patient: The consequence of the survey will assist guarantee that patients will be provided with safe and competent attention by nurses.

Nurses: The consequence of the survey will assist nurses right identify the wellness attention demands of their patients and help them in explicating their program of attention.

Nursing Office: The consequence of the survey will function as a usher in the execution of their protocols and criterions.

Training Division: The consequence of the survey will assist the preparation section place countries of betterment and aid put new policies and criterions when it comes to the execution Patient Care Checklist.

Lung Center of the Philippines: The consequence of the survey will guarantee that first-class service is provided to the patients.


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